These Hidden Gems On Amazon Can Make Your Home Look 10x Better For Less Than $35

Your home will look bougie without breaking the bank.

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Making your home look good without spending a ton of money is the ultimate win-win. As this list of gems for under $35 shows, you don’t necessarily need to spend half of your monthly grocery bill to find cute decor, chic accessories and sleek organizational tools. A lot of these items look way more expensive than their budget price tag and most will arrive on your doorstep within two days — thanks, Amazon.

Our list includes everything from stylish drinkware — like these iridescent glass coupes or these Italian-made wine glasses — to dress up your dining table, to this woven jute basket and clear storage bins to keep your home neat and clutter-free.

And if you’re into the minimalist look, you’ll love this super sleek wall-mounted dispenser that’ll free up your counters and give your kitchen a modern vibe. Scroll down to see our top picks and give your home a makeover — without maxing out your credit card.


A Sponge Holder & Dish Soap Dispenser In One With Over 10,000 5-star reviews

Keep your kitchen sink area neat and tidy with this sponge holder and dish soap dispenser in one. You don’t need to store a large dish soap bottle next to or under the sink and just one quick push on the sponge dispenses the right amount. It’ll save you time and space, which is just one of the reasons why over 10,000 reviewers give it five stars.


These Corner Grippers To Keep Your Area Rugs In Place

Keep your area rugs from curling up and slipping with a set of these triangle corner grippers that work on any hard surface. Adhere the grippers to each of the rug corners and clean the floor with rubbing alcohol before sticking down the circular hooks. You can sweep or mop directly over the hooks and easily reposition them if you ever need to move the rug.


A Lightweight Comforter That Doubles As A Duvet Insert

Give your bedroom (and sleep quality) a makeover and get this lightweight down alternative comforter backed by 4,000 five-star ratings. It doubles as a duvet insert and you’ll love the fact that it’s machine-washable and dryer safe — no need to trek to the dry cleaner. This microfiber pick can work for all seasons.


A Cloud-Shaped Key Holder For Holding Your Keys

Hang your keys on this whimsical cloud-shaped magnetic key holder so you always know where they are. The holder has an adhesive backing for easy hanging and has three strong magnets for three sets of keys, so there are no actual hooks, which makes it even cooler. If you know someone who just moved into a new home, this would make a great little housewarming gift.


These LED TV Backlights That Look Cool & Help Relieve Eyestrain

Tired of getting headaches and straining your eyes while watching TV? These LED backlights help provide relief with 10 levels of brightness and 15 color options to choose from. They also look super cool and add a fun ambiance to your home whether you’re watching a movie or having karaoke night. The light strips easily attach to the back of your TV but are super versatile and would also totally work in a walk-in closet or behind a headboard in a bedroom.


These Textured Ceramic Vases For A Modern Decorative Accent

Decorate your mantle, window sill or coffee table with this set of textured ceramic vases. Their matte finish looks much more expensive than their price tag, and the set of three creates a stylish corner wherever you put them. Use them to hold single flower stems or small bundles of dried greenery such as fragrant eucalyptus.


This Stackable Tea Bag Organizer To Clear Up Cabinet Space

Use these stackable tea bag organizers to display your favorite teas and clear up space in your kitchen cabinet. Unlike tea boxes, the clear organizer allows you to see exactly what you have and the eight compartments provide plenty of room to store additional items such as sugar or honey packets.


A Sleek Smart Doorbell System With Customizable Chimes And Volume Settings

Update your front door with this sleek matte-black wireless doorbell system that has 52 unique chimes, four volume levels and a 500-foot wireless range. It’s weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about missing a delivery even when there’s a blizzard raging outside, and because it’s battery- operated, installation is simple and easy — just attach it to the wall using the provided adhesive and plug in the chime box, no drilling or wiring necessary.


This Set Of Mixing Bowls With Lids For Easy Food Prep & Storage

Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with this set of four nesting glass mixing bowls with lids. Much better than old plastic ones that absorb odors and stain easily, this glass set is durable and easy to clean and store — yay for space-saving stacking. Thanks to the airtight lids, the bowls double as storage containers, so you’re really getting two products in one.


A Snazzy Looking Cocktail Kit With Recipe Cards & All The Necessary Tools

Serve up happy hour in style and create delicious drinks with this 14-piece mixology kit. It includes a 24-ounce shaker with a built-in strainer, a double-sided jigger, a muddler, pourers, picks, ice tongs, a mixing spoon, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. If you don’t know what half of those things are, the kit comes with instructions and recipe cards to teach you all you need to know.


A Sleek Garment Rack To Hang Clothing

If you don’t have quite enough room in your closet or dresser for all of your clothes, this garment rack can greatly increase your available storage space — and it looks sleek and modern to boot. Made from heavy-duty metal, the clothing rack can extend from 30.5 inches to 47.5 inches depending on the amount of items you need to hang up. Another plus? This pick is on wheels, so it can be relocated throughout your home as needed.


These Airtight Storage Containers With Chalkboard Labels To Organize Your Pantry

Declutter and organize your kitchen and pantry with these airtight containers that come with reusable chalkboard sticker labels and a chalk pen. The leakproof seals keep moisture out so your pantry staples are always fresh and the square shape makes them easily stackable on shelves or a countertop to save space. No more half-empty pasta boxes or bags of flour taking up half of your pantry.


A Set Of Italian White Wine Glasses For $25

Add a touch of elegance to your dining table with a set of these Italian-made white wine glasses. The 14.75-ounce glasses are crystal clear and feature laser-cut thin rims to let the nuances of your wine shine. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe.


This Stylish Charging Station That Eliminates Cables All Over Your Home

Charge up to six devices in one place with this minimalist charging station. The smart ports will charge your devices up to 58% faster, and the dividers are adjustable and tall enough to hold larger tablet models. It’ll also keep your home neat and tidy, without countless cables all over the place.


A Set Of Decorative Storage Boxes That Come In 10 Colors

Organize keepsakes and collections in these sturdy, decorative boxes that are easy to stack. They’re available in 10 different colors, ranging from bright yellow to soothing purple. And since the insides are waterproof, sensitive documents — like passports or birth certificates — are protected from moisture.


This Protective Egg Drawer That Clips Onto Your Fridge Shelves

The cardboard box your eggs come in does an alright job at preventing cracks — but if you really want to keep your eggs safe, consider grabbing this drawer. It clips onto your fridge shelves without any tools necessary, and you can even adjust the depth in order to fit your fridge as needed. The best part? It can hold up to 18 eggs, and easily slides out whenever you need a few.


This Acrylic Serving Tray That’s Shatterproof & Totally Chic

Serve up breakfast in bed in style with this acrylic tray. Durable and see-through, it has rounded edge handles for easy carrying and fits in with pretty much any decors style. It would also make a stunning accent on a coffee table or console — style it with a stack of books, a vase of fresh flowers and your favorite candle.


A Faux Leather Tissue Box Cover That’ll Instantly Dress Up An Ordinary Box Of Tissues

Who said a box of tissues can’t look stylish? This premium faux leather tissue box cover will bring a classic touch to your home. And besides that, it’s also super practical — the belt piece at the bottom ensures the box won’t fall out of the holder, nor will it slide around. It’s easy to keep clean with a wipe down using a wet cloth.


This Glass Beverage Dispenser That You’ll Love For Entertaining

Whenever you entertain, you’ll be glad to have this beverage dispenser on hand. It can easily dispense up to 1 gallon of your favorite beverages. Plus, the spigot is easy to use, as well as drip-free to help your tables stay clean.


This Set Of Stylish Storage Cubes To Keep Clutter At Bay

For less than $20, this set of six storage bins is a steal — and Amazon reviewers confirm that they’re incredibly useful for organizing a wide variety of items, including clothing, toys, linens, and more. The structured cubes are made from a non-woven material, and the grommeted handles allow for easy access. When not in use, the bins fold down flat.


These Bamboo Boxes To Keep Salt And Spices Fresh

Store salt and spices in these round bamboo boxes to keep them fresh and always on hand. The small magnet on the base creates a tight seal and prevents salt from clumping, no matter how hot and humid it may be outside. The boxes are also a stylish accent for your countertops and a great way to add visual texture to your kitchen.


These Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes That’ll Help You Declutter Your Entryway

Give your entryway a makeover and protect your favorite heels and sneakers with these foldable plastic storage boxes. The boxes are stackable to save space and the clear design makes it easy to find the pair you’re looking for. Reviewers love how easy the boxes are to put together and the fact that they have ventilation holes to allow air in and prevent odors from forming.


A Coir Door Mat To Decorate Your Entryway & Keep Dirt Out

Add a decorative touch to your front door and keep your home a bit cleaner with this coir door mat that scrapes dirt off the bottoms of shoes. It features a nonslip backing to keep it in place and and coarse bristles trap dirt and moisture. Choose from 13 designs and use the mat inside or outside — it’s totally weatherproof.


These Floating Shelves To Add Stylish Storage

For a barely-there storage solution, you can’t go wrong with these L-shaped floating shelves. They’re made from super strong steel (with a white finish), so each one can support up to 15 pounds worth of items — reviewers particularly love them for displaying books, plants, and other knick knacks. All of the hardware required for installation is included.


A Mini Trash Can That’s Sleek Enough To Keep On Your Countertop

Place this mini trash can on your desk, kitchen counter, or bathroom vanity to conveniently dispose of smaller items like teabags, tissues, or candy wrappers. This pick is made from brushed stainless steel that’s fingerprint resistant, so you can rest assured it’ll always look sleek and stylish.


A Faucet Drip Catcher That’s Easy To Clean

Tired of having to wipe off your kitchen faucet after every use? Consider adding this drip catcher around the base. It’s made from flexible silicone, making it easy to fit faucets of nearly any size — and you can easily wipe it clean with a damp rag when dirty. Plus, it also doubles as a storage platform for sponges, soaps, and more.


This Eucalyptus Bunch For A Pop Of Greenery That Never Dries Out

Add a touch of greenery and save on your weekly flower run with these faux eucalyptus branches. They have silk leaves and metal stems that are easily bendable so you can adjust their shape and height. They come highly rated with 2,000 five-star ratings, and one reviewer even said, “these are the most quality stems I've ever received through online ordering.”


This Under-Cabinet Coffee Pod Holder That Clears The Counter

Instead of storing your coffee pods on the counter, you can install this coffee pod holder underneath your cabinet and help decrease clutter. It can hold 24 coffee pods and is designed so that you can swing the unit down whenever you’re making coffee (and then place it back up afterward). It’s simple to install, too.


A Vintage-Style Mirror Tray That’s A Luxe Catchall

Use this elegant gold mirror tray for decorative, storage, or serving purposes. Corral personal items like jewelry and perfume bottles or serve up an extra glamorous happy hour with this affordable piece that also comes in a silver finish. The mirrored surface gives it a touch of sophistication while the nonslip velvet-lined bottom will protect your surfaces from getting scratched.


This Woven Basket To Store Extra Pillows & Blankets In Style

Form meets function in this woven storage basket that’s a perfect spot to store extra blankets or pillows. It’s made from jute rope that’ll add a nice textural element to your space and has cloth lining to prevent any snagging. The sturdy handles make it easy to move around, and if you’re not using it for storage, it would also make a great planter cover.


A Velvet Ottoman With Hidden Storage Space Inside

Books, coasters, magazines — the hidden storage space inside of this ottoman is perfect for all sorts of items. The outside is made from soft polyester-velvet, making it a stylish addition to any room. And with a weight limit of up to 300 pounds, you can also use it as a seat for guests in a pinch.


This Handy Lifter So You Can Easily Make The Bed

Making your bed is about to become so much faster and easier thanks to this handy lifting and tucking tool. Use it to lift your mattress up by five inches and hold it in place while you put on a bed skirt and tuck in fitted sheets. The handle is made from sturdy plastic and is easy to grip with one hand while you make the bed with the other, saving you time and back strain.


These Two-Tone Woven Baskets For Chic Storage

Hold fruit, small toys or keys in these stylish baskets made from cotton and jute rope. They’ll seamlessly blend in with the rest of your decor while keeping your home organized and surfaces uncluttered. The five baskets are shipped stacked together and secured in a box so they won’t arrive floppy and misshapen.


A Set Of Clear Storage Bins To Organize Your Fridge, Freezer Or Pantry

Organize your fridge, freezer or pantry like a pro with a set of these clear storage bins. The bins will keep items visible and accessible to save you time and provide a way to store bulky or awkwardly shaped items more easily. Reviewers rave about this affordable set and over 6,000 of them give the set five stars for its quality, ease of use and sleek look.


These Practical Storage Jars For Smaller Items

Utilize these apothecary jars to organize those small odds and ends that always seem to end up everywhere, including bobby pins, cotton rounds, candy, hair ties, and the like. The jars are made from glass with black metal lids. And the set comes with convenient label stickers for even better organization.


A Tiered Storage Cart For Narrow Spaces

Use this narrow but deep rolling cart to add valuable storage space in even the tiniest room. The shelves are fully adjustable and the cart is easy to move around thanks to the easy-glide wheels. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from cleaning products in the bathroom to office supplies for WFH days.


These Under-Shelf Baskets That’ll Give You Additional Storage Space

Add storage space to shelves and cabinets with a set of these metal baskets. They’re easy to install and move — just slide them onto a shelf, no tools necessary, which makes them perfect for a rental. With over 8,000 five-star ratings, shoppers love these for how much extra storage they provide to what would have been an otherwise unused space.


A Metal Lint Bin To Add A Little Farmhouse Charm To Your Laundry Room

Add a touch of modern farmhouse charm to your laundry room with this metal lint bin. Mount it on the wall or attach it to your washer with the included magnet, and use it to dispose of lint or dryer sheets or to store detergent pods or dryer balls. It’s available in four cute colors and is definitely way more charming than a bulky trash can.


This Outlet Concealer To Minimize Cord Clutter

If you’re tired of looking at cord chaos in your home, this outlet concealer can certainly help. The product is compatible with most outlets (so long as the outlet’s pins face down) and all you have to do is plug it in to totally cover the entire outlet. This particular pick features a three-foot long cord and three charging outlets (double sided strips and adhesive clips are included to help you secure the cord to the wall), but there are a variety of options available depending on your specific set up.


This Shoe Rack That Fits Into Tall, Narrow Spaces

Don’t have enough floor space for a traditional shoe rack? This tall one has a narrow footprint that allows it to fit into tight spaces, as well as space to hold up to 10 pairs of shoes. It’s made from tough metal — not plastic — and at less than 4 pounds, you can easily move it around the house if you decide it’s better suited somewhere else.


The Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf

Not only does this toilet paper holder feature a built-in shelf, but it’s also made from sleek, rust-resistant stainless steel that shouldn’t have any trouble holding up in humid bathrooms. And if you’re wary about drilling into your walls? Each order includes a strong tube of glue you can use to stick it right into place.


A Modern LED Digital Alarm Clock That’s Also A Nightlight

Not only will this LED alarm clock help you wake up on time, but its cool design will add a modern vibe to your bedroom. It has three brightness settings to choose from, also works as a nightlight, and can either sit on your nightstand or be hung on the wall. And for anyone needing a little extra time in the morning, no need to worry — it comes with a snooze button.


The Closet Shelf That’s *So* Easy To Install

Want to add storage space to your closet without drilling into your walls? This tension shelf goes up without any tools necessary, as it expands from 15 out to 23 inches for a tight fit. Plus, the nonslip pads at the end of each rod help keep it securely in place.


This 2-Tier Serving Bowl Set For Chips & Dip

This two-tiered bowl set is literally the *perfect* design for serving your favorite chip and dip pairing. But the uses don’t end there — reviewers found this pick to helpful for serving a variety of other foods, too, including fruit, vegetables, and more. The porcelain bowls are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe for your convenience.


A Chic Knife Storage Stand To Safely Hold Knives

Take loose knives out of your silverware drawer and safely store them in this super chic resin storage stand. The unique cylindrical barrel design allows you to place multiple knives in the wavy slots and the three drain holes on the bottom ensure the stand stays sanitary. If you remove the notch plate, it can also be used to hold other utensils or even serve as a flower vase.

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