This Viral TikTok Bra Hack Works With Everything — From Wedding Gowns To Swimsuits

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

by Andrea Gale
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There are myriad reasons you might be looking for bra-like coverage that’s not a bra. Whether you love outfits with plunging necklines (but not that lack of support), want a little help filling the bodice of a top or dress (without expensive alterations), or are just looking for a little extra nipple coverage (the kind that actually stays put), you’d do well to put the social media sensation Nueboo on your radar — and a selection of the brand’s best-selling products are nicely discounted right now, making it an ideal time to stock up for any events on the horizon that call for a special outfit.

One of Nueboo’s flagship products, the Instant Volume Sticky Inserts, took over TikTok, with everyone from Nicole DeLosReyes to Lauren Raymond raving about its supernatural ability to help fill out cup gaps all while clinging to both your skin and your dress thanks to a double-sided adhesive. Influencers aren’t the only fans: Shoppers of all shapes and sizes praise the “amazing results,” noting how “quick and easy to use” they are, not to mention “super comfortable.”

The Wardrobe Hack That Changed Everything

The Instant Volume Sticky Inserts will help you save money on alterations and they can be reused up to 40 times, making them a practical choice not only for your finances but also for the environment. They couldn’t be easier to apply: Remove the protective film and position each insert inside your top so the padding is positioned like a push-up bra, then scoop your breasts up and in to position yourself correctly. Washable and waterproof to last through the most intense wedding reception dance party imaginable, they even come with a zippered case for dedicated, travel-ready storage.

Sizes: A — D | Colors: 2

Shop Neuboo’s Full Collection

Nueboo has since gone positively viral for creating similarly brilliant products that address any and all bra-related coverage issues. From single-use nipple covers to body tape that can provide secure lift for an inclusive range of cup sizes, scroll on for a selection of the brand’s most iconic products that are sure to become wardrobe essentials.

1. The Body Tape That Does It All

Whether your cup size runneth over or under, Nueboo body tape is prepared for the outfit. The waterproof tape adheres to your skin, allowing you to create as much lift as you like, so even shoppers with larger cup sizes can wear a plunging neckline with unshakeable confidence. And it’ll stay in place for up to 8 hours, so you can securely dance the night away. If you’ve got a feeling this will become one of your hero products, buy it in bulk — you’ll get a discount if you purchase multiple rolls.

Sizes: 1 — 3 rolls | Colors: 5

2. Reusable Nipple Covers With A Second-Skin Finish

If you prefer to conceal your nipples when wearing a sheer top or thin knit dress, the aptly-named Nipple Ninjas are about to become your latest wardrobe staple. Engineered for major stealth, they’re crafted from medical-grade silicone with a matte finish that’s undetectable in flash photography and taper to a paper-thin edge to ensure they’ll be virtually invisible once they’re in place — and they’re washable and reusable, too.

Sizes: 1 | Colors: 4

3. Plus, These Travel-Friendly Single-Use Nipple Covers

These single-use nipple covers come in a pack of five — pairs, that is — making it easy to be prepared for a sudden wardrobe emergency. They take up next to no room, so you could even stash a set in your clutch. Shoppers say that they’re invisible underneath clothing — even thin shirts — as well as ultra-sticky and secure enough that you can wear them for hours on end. Dance the night away and get as sweaty as you like, because these covers can handle it.

Sizes: One size | Colors: 2

4. A Trio Of Swimsuit-Friendly Adhesive Bras

Get the secure lift of body tape in an easy, no-measure, no-cut design. They’ll work for all bust sizes, from small to large, and are completely waterproof for a good 8 hours of wear. All you need to do to use the Nueboo Easy Lift adhesive bra is peel off the adhesive backing, position each pad appropriately, and press for coverage that can withstand hours of dancing, sweating, and swimming.

Sizes: Small — Large | Colors: 3

5. A Wardrobe Kit With The Best Of Nueboo

The greatest hits of Nueboo, this handy adhesive bra and tape kit includes everything you need for support and coverage. You’ll get one roll of body tape, five pairs of single-use nipple covers, and three pairs of adhesive bras to handle virtually any wardrobe challenge that comes your way. Their medical-grade adhesive is backed with a soft cotton blend for all-night breathability. Shoppers rave that all of these products are simple to use and reliably effective, and this kit puts every single one of them right at your fingertips.

Sizes: Small — Large | Colors: 3

6. This Money-Saving Bundle Of Nip Covers And Body Tape

If you know you love Nueboo nip covers and body tape — or if you’ve read the reviews and know you’re going to be obsessed just like their other shoppers — the Regular Refills bundle is the one for you. You’ll get two rolls of body tape and two sets of nip covers, so you can fully stock your underwear drawer and pull that low-cut dress out of your closet at the last minute, fully prepared, while saving money at the same time. The bundle even comes in two-toned options for a perfect skin match, whether that’s for you or to share with a friend.

Sizes: One size | Colors: 5

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