44 Things Under $30 That Instantly Revamp Your Home With Almost No Effort

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When I moved into my first apartment, I had no idea what I was looking for in terms of furniture and decor. Most of the big items, like my bed and dresser, were second-hand, but one thing I knew I needed for sure was a desk. I spent $80 on the first desk at Target that I saw, which felt like way too much on my college student budget. It was ultimately too bulky for the room, and the dark wood didn’t match the rest of my light-colored furniture. I sold it, basically unused, after less than a year.

All of this goes to say that what seem like small decisions can make a big impact on your space. There’s no reason to overspend or settle for things you don’t like when there are so many affordable items out there. If you’re looking to make a change to your living space, don’t give yourself a headache over difficult-to-assemble furniture that doesn’t even suit you. Start with the small stuff, like these colorful seat covers. They’re a perfect example of a simple addition that gives your space more personality. Here, we’ve gathered up 44 under-$30 items that make a big splash. Keep scrolling for some home inspo you can achieve on even the tightest budget.

These Vanity Lights Turn Your Bathroom Into A Salon

Transform your bathroom into a professional vanity with these LED mirror lights. Ten dimmable bulbs stick onto your existing mirror with adhesive and can be adjusted as needed. They’re 4000K light bulbs, the setting recommended by makeup artists for proper application. They take just a few minutes to set up for years of good lighting.

A Fancy Wine Aerator Helps You Unlock New Flavors

When friends come over for dinner, it’s okay to show off a little with this wine aerator pourer, a small attachment that helps you pour from the bottle smoothly and unlocks the full flavor profile of your favorite wines. The aerating chamber and air intake system infuses your wine with the perfect amount of oxygen, and all you have to do is pour yourself a glass. The aerator fits wine bottles of all sizes and prevents stains before they start, protecting your clothes and tablecloth from becoming tragic victims of a spill.

These Pendant Lights Illuminate Your Home With Personality & Flair

If your home suffers from a lack of natural light, installing these pendant lights will add a little boost. Each of the modern glass lights has a 15-foot hanging cord that allows you to adjust the height to suit your home, and casts a warm, romantic light. Try it next to your bed, in your living room, or in your entryway.

This Makeup Organizer Keeps Everything You Need At Arm’s Reach

When you’re a makeup collector as I am, keeping everything you need visible and organized is a struggle. A clear, acrylic rotating makeup organizer could be just the storage method you need for everything from foundation to lipstick. With seven layers of adjustable trays, it fits neatly on your vanity or bathroom counter, and rotates in a circle so you can easily access all your favorite products.

This Bamboo Charcuterie Board Has Everything You Need For A Great Spread

There are few things I love more than a nice charcuterie board. Yours will be the talk of the town if you’re using this bamboo cheese board. It’s massive (16.5 by 11 inches), with two slots on either side for crackers, cookies, and nuts, plus a slide-out slot with four cheese knives. It makes a great centerpiece for a summer table — all you need is a bottle of wine.

A Handy Rack For Wet Kitchen Towels

Those wet towels that you drape over the center of your sink? It’s time to take care of them, and this nifty dishcloth hanger is here to help. The steel rack sits next to your kitchen sink and provides a handy spot to store and lay out dishcloths to dry off. It measures just under 12 inches long, and can be placed vertically or on its side to fit your towels.

This Handy Bathroom Accessory Keeps Extra Toilet Paper In Reach

Never get caught with your pants down ever again: This adorable toilet paper canister holds three extra rolls of TP. It’s made of a durable blush pink plastic, and it’s perfect for small spaces because of its compact size. Tuck it next to or behind your toilet so you and your guests can easily find extra toilet paper when it’s most needed.

A Set Of Chic Ceramic Coasters

These terrazzo print coasters look as good as they are effective. You’ll get a set of six ceramic coasters, to protect your tables and other surfaces from dreaded water rings. And they come with a convenient storage container. They make a great housewarming gift or a treat for yourself if you feel so inclined.

A Stylish, Absorbent Towel Perfect For Beach Outings

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or just taking a shower at home, you’ll love the look and feel of the Smyrna Turkish towel. It rolls up small enough to fit in a carry on, so you can take it anywhere, and there are nearly 30 colors to choose from. One happy reviewer wrote: “This is a great towel to have at the beach or pool. It is not thirsty or plush, but it's not meant to...The thing about this towel is that it looks fantastic, so much so you won't want to use it as a towel. I like draping it over the back of a chair or sofa.”

A Sweet-Smelling Aromatherapy Fabric Spray

To refresh tired fabrics, try a spritz of this natural lavender spray. It contains lavender, chamomile, jojoba seed, and witch hazel. Spray a little on your pillow before bed for a relaxing sleep aid or use it to freshen up furniture or wrinkled clothing. It boasts a cruelty-free rating and contains no sulfates, parabens, or alcohol.

These Wall Decals Add A Pop Of Greenery To Your Walls

Houseplants add greenery and dimension to your home, but they also require the ability to keep a living thing alive. These peel-and-stick string of pearl wall decals have the look of plants without the responsibility, and they’re super easy to hang too. Each decal measures 34.8 by 8 by 35 inches, and they stick easily to any smooth, clean surface. Try them on either side of your bed or couch to frame your furniture.

A Set Of Cup Holders To Show Off Your Mug Collection

There’s a fine line between appreciation and obsession when it comes to coffee, and you can neatly show off your mug collection with these under-cabinet cup holders. They hook solidly over the shelf of any standard cabinet. Each rack holds up to six mugs, and they’re made of a heavy-duty iron that won’t bend or rust. Tuck it inside your cabinet to keep mugs out of sight or hook it over the bottom rack to put them on display.

This High-Pressure Shower Head For Blissful Bathing

Taking your shower from a trickle to a downpour is super affordable with this high pressure shower head. Ninety ultra-thin silicone nozzles douse you with powerful streams of water, even in low pressure areas. It takes just a few minutes to install, and at $20 it’s an absolute steal.

This Classy Marble Stove Cover Gives You Extra Counter Space & Elevates Your Kitchen

Use this glass burner cover to give yourself a little more room to work in the kitchen. Use it anywhere as a cutting board or place it over your stove top for some additional counter space. Four silicone feet keep it elevated over bulky burners, and the marbled effect gives it a sleek look. It measures just over 20 by 12 inches, and comes in black or white to suit your kitchen decor.

These Acrylic Shelf Dividers For A Tidier Closet

Keep your sweaters, handbags, and favorite tees organized with these chic shelf dividers. They’re acrylic, so they’re practically invisible in your closet, but the barriers make sure your items remain neatly folded and organized.

A Universal Knife Block You Can Use With Any Of The Knives In Your Kitchen

This universal knife block allows you to store any and all of your knives in one place. Instead of a block with pre-cut slots, you can combine your entire mixed and matched collection into this block. It’s composed of light oak on the outside and food-grade, patented flex rods on the interior. The flex rods are removable and dishwasher-safe, and the two tiers of the block fit any knife with a blade up to five inches long (bottom tier) or eight inches long (top tier.)

A Light Therapy Lamp That Treats The Winter Blues

People in the northern parts of the world know what a lack of vitamin D can do to your body and brain. The Miroco light therapy lamp uses LED light to mimic the full spectrum of light found in daylight, delivering the recommended 10,000 lux. Using it for half an hour a day can improve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, and this light has a built-in 30 minute timer and adjustable brightness settings to customize it for your environment. Set it on your desk and use it while working or set aside 30 minutes of your day for some light therapy that’s almost as good as the real deal.

This Bamboo Bath Mat Looks Great & Performs Better Than Fabric

Take advantage of the non-slip properties of this bamboo bath mat inside or outside of your shower. It looks sleeker and is easier to maintain than most fabric bath mats and prevents accidents before they start. One reviewer wrote “It’s beautiful and the water just beads right off...Wish I’d stumbled across this bamboo mat sooner.”

This Marble Spoon Rest Will Be Your Smallest, Most Stylish Kitchen Accessory

This marble spoon rest looks chic resting next to your stovetop and keeps dirty utensils from dripping onto your counters while cooking. It’s the perfect size for a stirring spoon, spatula, or ladle, and it’s easy to clean too. Just make sure to wash it promptly after using, so food doesn’t stain the gorgeous marble.

This Marble Wallpaper That’s Great For Rentals

What can we say, we love marble over here. Use this peel-and-stick marble wallpaper to cover a plain or unsightly wall, table, countertop, or really any smooth surface. The self-adhesive wallpaper comes in several different sizes, so make sure to measure accurately for best results. It’s also easy to peel off, so it’s perfect for renters wanting to make some temporary changes to their space.

A Barbecue Accessory For Rich Flavors

Salt fiends and grill masters alike will love this Himalayan salt plate, which imparts a lightly salty flavor on whatever food you cook or serve on it. Preheat it for 30 to 45 minutes on a grill or gas range, and start cooking meats, seafood, veggies, and more. Your food will take on the rich flavors of the salt as it cooks: One reviewer reported, “It really adds a nice salty flavor and crust to your meats.”

These Wooden Organizers Keep Your Desk Sorted

Desks with no built-in storage are the bane of my existence, which is why I love these desktop organizers. Easily sort your office supplies, notebooks, and tchotchkes on these multi-level wood organizers. They measure 16 by 15.8 by 6.8 inches and come in four shades of wood stain to complement your desk.

This Automatic Soap Dispenser Means Fewer Bathroom Germs

This hands-free automatic soap dispenser means germ-free hand washing in your home, business, or restaurant. The battery operated dispenser detects hands from up to 2.75 inches away and can be placed on your counter or mounted on the wall. Powered by four AA batteries, the clear soap chamber makes it easy to see when you’re running low.

A Multi-Tier Jewelry Stand As Pretty As It Is Functional

If you or someone you love is big on accessorizing, then they absolutely need this four-tier jewelry stand. It has specially-designed hooks for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with a tray at the bottom for rings, glasses, and other odds and ends. The combination wood and metal tray looks great displayed on a vanity with a soft cushion on the bottom to prevent scratching.

These Garage Door Accents Add Visual Interest To Your Home

These decorative garage door accents add some old-fashioned curb appeal to your home. Two magnetic carriage door accents and four hinges are included, and they install in seconds: Just choose where you want them, and stick them on with the firm magnets. They’re sure to last through even inclement weather, and the UV-resistant plastic means they won’t rust or become discolored over time.

A Set Of Colorful Light Bulbs You Can Control With Your Voice

Color-changing smart bulbs add a little flair to your living space, allowing you to set the mood for any situation. Connect them to your Alexa or Google Home device, and control the color and brightness with just your voice. You can even set schedules that automatically run on their own and create mood settings for things like dinner parties or bedtime.

This Is A Simple Solution For Keeping Your Curtains Open

Easily secure your curtains and let the light in with these magnetic curtain tiebacks. They loop around most styles of curtains and stay closed with the extra-strong magnet, looking sleek and simple. Each 16-inch tether is available in packs of two, four, or six, and comes in 11 colors so you can choose what best suits your decor.

A Repair Kit That Works On Anything & Everything Leather

If you’ve accidentally scratched or ripped your leather couch, car upholstery, or your favorite jacket, you’re not doomed to replace it. This vinyl and leather repair kit helps you fix imperfections in your furniture, clothing, handbags, shoes, and more for much less than the cost of replacing or re-upholstering. The entire kit costs less than $20 and comes with 10 colors of paint, a mixing jar, backing fabric, spatula, applicator brush, and access to personalized advice for color matching and repairs.

An Acrylic Tray You Can Put To Use Almost Anywhere

This simple acrylic tray can be put to use anywhere in your home: Try it in an entryway to hold your keys, wallet, and other accessories; in your bedroom for jewelry and hair accessories, or in the kitchen as a catch-all spot for bottles of oil and sauce. It measures 10.5 by 6 inches and is made of a durable clear acrylic that resists scratching. Self-adhesive rubber grips cushion it from the bottom to prevent damage to the surface it sits on, and it’s easy to clean with a damp cloth.

These Velvet Hangers Make Your Closet Look Super Streamlined

A 50-pack of sleek, velvet hangers will get your closet situated for life. Made with non-slip materials, these hangers look good and keep your clothes on the rod, not on the floor. Plus, it’ll make your wardrobe look so sleek when all your clothes hang on matching hangers, and you absolutely can’t beat the price.

A Fold-Up Breakfast Tray You Can Take Anywhere

Breakfast in bed or by the beach? Either is possible with this bamboo tray, complete with raised edges, handles on either side, and legs that fold up for optimal storage. When unfolded, the tray measures about 6 inches tall and can be used for meals, working on a laptop, or writing without sitting at a table.

A Cushioned Mat Made For Tired Feet

Take a load off for a moment when you stand on this anti-fatigue mat. The cushioned memory foam mat gives your feet a little respite while cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or using a standing desk. It’s extra thick and ergonomically designed to support your circulation and posture. Even better, it’s water-repellent and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

This Product Is A Home Repair Essential

This little bottle of drywall repair putty will make sure you get your deposit back. Use it to fill small holes and cracks in your drywall, plaster, or wood walls — no need to fuss around with spackle. It’s so easy to use that even the most inexperienced renters and homeowners will be able to use it, and it dries in minutes so you can move on to more exciting home upgrades.

A Set of LED Under-Cabinet Lights Add Subtle Brightness To Your Kitchen

A set of LED lights that stick neatly under your cabinet make it easy to see every corner of your kitchen. The six-piece set includes pre-cut, self-adhesive LED strip lights totaling 9.8 feet long and a wireless remote to control power and brightness. They install in minutes and light up your kitchen from up to 60 feet away with built-in timers so they automatically shut off after three to 60 minutes.

These Seat Covers Give Your Dining Room A New Look Instantly

Give your dining room a very quick and easy upgrade with these patterned seat covers. Simply select your color or pattern of choice, and slide each of the stretchy covers over your chairs. Each seat cover fits a cushion measuring 14 to 19 inches wide and is made of a flexible polyester fabric. Available in a set of two, four, or six, you’ll definitely want these for a DIY project that’s done in minutes.

This Sexy Satin Robe You’ll Never Want To Take Off

Okay, so this sophisticated satin robe isn’t strictly a home item, but does it count if you won’t want to wear anything else? It features three-quarter length sleeves with tiny lace detailing on the sleeves and hem. You’ll look and feel luxurious, even if you’re just watching TV or cleaning the kitchen.

- Available Colors: 23

- Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large

These Voice-Activated Outlets Are A Smart Home Necessity

Control every electronic in your home using these Kasa smart outlets, which pair with your Alexa or Google Home device. Now, instead of getting up from your comfy seat on the couch, you can just ask: “Alexa, turn off the kitchen lights,” or “Hey Google, turn on the fan.” They install in minutes, and you can even control your devices from afar using the Kasa app.

An Affordable, Memory Foam Pillow For Anyone

If you can’t remember the last time you bought new pillows, it’s time for an upgrade. Try this gel memory foam pillow, which is made with ventilated, temperature-regulating gel that support you in any position. It’s a bit more firm than your average down or down alternative pillow, so it’s perfect for sleepers that require a little extra support.

A Set Of Budget-Friendly, Quality Salad Servers

A set of sleek, acacia wood salad servers are the upgrade your utensils deserve. They’re lightweight, sturdy, and look just as good as their more expensive counterparts from traditional kitchen stores. Make sure to hand wash them to prevent damage to the wood and keep them lasting forever.

A Wood Repair Kit That Makes Imperfections Invisible

Scratches and imperfections in your wood floors or furniture will hardly be noticeable once you’ve used this wood repair kit to fill them in. The 17-piece kit has eight shades of markers and crayons to match any and every shade of wood, from mahogany to maple. Simply color match and fill in the imperfection with the appropriate marker or crayon. The results last forever, and you won’t be able to tell the scratch ever happened.

An Innovative Drying Rack For Every Type of Dish

Traditional plastic dish racks can get moldy quickly, which is the last thing you want touching your clean dishes. However, this microfiber combination dish rack and drying mat allows your dishes to air dry onto a super absorbent material, and it fits easily in the dishwasher for periodic cleaning. It combines a silverware caddy, dish rack, stemware holder, and drying mat into one compact accessory, so you’ll never want to do dishes without it again.

An Affordable Sunrise Alarm Clock That Helps You Wake Up Slowly

This sunrise-simulating alarm clock helps you wake up gradually and gently, as opposed to traditional alarm clocks that startle you from slumber with loud noises. Thirty minutes before your alarm, the clock begins to light up, getting gradually brighter and brighter until it’s time to wake up. There are eight possible colors, so you can use it as a night light or for mood lighting at other times of day. Choose from nature sounds or FM radio for your alarm tone.

An Organizer That Holds Cutting Boards, Plates & More

Keep cutting boards, lids, plates, and other flat kitchen accessories organized in this cutting board rack. The heavy duty steel with rust-resistant coating keeps up to four items upright, and it’s small enough to tuck into even the smallest corner of your kitchen. There’s even a hook for spoons, ladles, and other rounded utensils on the front, and the entire thing cleans easily with a damp cloth.

This Color-Changing Toilet Night Light Keeps You From Stumbling In The Dark

If you’ve ever been startled awake by your overhead bathroom light in the middle of the night, then you need this toilet night light. The motion-activated, color-changing light hooks over the inside of your toilet bowl, and casts a gentle light when you enter the room. Once you finish doing your business, it automatically shuts off after two minutes. No more stumbling around in the dark, missing your target, or blinding yourself with harsh overhead lights during your midnight bathroom trip.