40 Things You're Accidentally Neglecting Around Your Home That'll Cost You Later

Prevention wins again.

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You probably know the feeling — you’ve (kind of) accidentally neglected your regular dishwasher maintenance and now you have to splash out the money on a brand new appliance... not fun. To prevent that and a bunch of other things you may be neglecting around your home that'll cost you later, we’re here to tell you about 40 genius hacks you and your wallet will seriously appreciate. And your plumber may even think you moved out of town once you get this TubShroom (keep reading because you need this) that works like magic.


A Cluttered Fridge Where All That Fresh Produce Gets Lost

Fix: These clear organizing bins to keep food visible and accessible

Keep all that fresh produce you just bought easily accessible inside these clear storage bins, so it doesn’t end up in the back of the fridge only to be thrown out in two weeks. This six-piece organizer set will save you so much money in the long run, plus it’ll help you keep the contents of your fridge neat and tidy at all times. The shatterproof bins are stackable to save space and also have handles so you can move them around as needed.


The Expensive Mattresses You Invested In That You Definitely Don’t Want To Replace Anytime Soon

Fix: A mattress protector to protect your mattress from all the elements

A new mattress can be a serious investment, which is why you definitely do not want to accidentally neglect it because it’ll absolutely cost you later. Get a mattress protector that’ll keep stains, dust and dirt from damaging it without disturbing your sleep. The protector is made from thermoregulating terry cotton that’ll keep you cool and comfy all year long and keep your mattress in good shape for years to come.


Lint Build-Up In Your Dryer That Slows Down Drying Time

Fix: A vent cleaner that’s way cheaper than hiring a professional or replacing your dryer

If you’re sick and tired of waiting forever for your clothes to dry, it may be time to get a dryer vent cleaner. Not only will it speed up drying time, it’ll reduce the risk of a fire hazard that lint build-up causes. You can easily clean your dryer yourself using this flexible 40-foot nylon rod and brush tool that’s way cheaper than having to hire a professional or even worse, buying a brand new appliance.


The Dry Charcuterie Board You Spent A Small Fortune On

Fix: This food-grade wood conditioner to restore and protect wood surfaces

If you splurged on a beautiful wooden charcuterie board to take your entertaining game up a notch, make sure you take good care of it using a food-grade wood conditioner. If you see cracks and its surface is all dried and faded, instead of throwing out the board, get this mineral oil that you can apply after each use or at least every other week. It also works well on a butcher block, stainless steel knives and marble surfaces.


Those Laundry Piles On The Floor That End Up Damaging Your Clothes

Fix: A double laundry hamper with a lid to keep clothes off the floor

Protect your clothes, keep your bedroom clean, and make laundry day easier with the help of this one thing: a lidded double laundry hamper. Its sleek gray design is way more chic than a pile in the corner of the room, and the fabric interior keeps all your favorite garments safe from tears and snags, saving you money in the long run. The hamper has a magnetic closure and handles on either side for easy carrying, and your lights and darks will already be sorted come laundry day.


Your Tight Muscles & Reduced Motion Range

Fix: This stretching strap to improve flexibility and speed up recovery

Our health tends to be something we can easily neglect, despite how costly that can become in the future. Whether you want to work on improving your flexibility or are dealing with muscle tension, this stretching strap is a cheap but significant investment you can make into your overall well being. It’s made from woven nylon and has 10 individual loops to make it super versatile and allow for a number of exercises. It also comes with more than 22,000 positive reviews, including several from shoppers who say it’s easy to use and really does help.


The Hard-To-Clean Reusable Bottles That Could Be Collecting Bacteria

Fix: These bottle brushes that make cleaning hard-to-reach places so much easier

Reusable water bottles can be a pain to clean, which often results in them not being cleaned properly and bacteria forming on the bottom. Avoid that and the cost of replacing them by using these microfiber bottle brushes. The set includes five different sized brushes so you can clean everything from long bottle necks to narrow drinking straws. And to keep the brushes themselves clean, just toss them in the dishwasher to sanitize them for the next use.


Opened Bags & Boxes Of Stale Pantry Goods

Fix: Airtight storage containers that keep food fresher for longer

Huge amounts of food (and therefore money) go to waste every year just because they’re not stored properly to maintain freshness, but what if we told you there’s an easy solution: this seven-piece airtight food storage container set. Not only does it keep pantry staples such as flour and pasta fresh, the square-shaped containers are stackable to save shelf and counter space. They also come with cute chalkboard sticker labels for a neat and uniform look, and so every household member knows what’s what.


Those Poor Plants You Keep Forgetting To Water

Fix: Self-watering stakes that do the watering for you

If you’re on an unstoppable streak of losing one plant after another, you need these self-watering stakes that’ll keep your plant babies alive and well. If you’re always forgetting to water them and keep wasting money on new plants you swear you’ll remember to water, do yourself a favor and place these terracotta stakes in the soil and let them do the work for you. Their self-irrigating system knows exactly when and how much water the plant needs to grow, taking out all the guesswork.


Hidden Bills That Get Lost In A Sea Of Papers

Fix: A tiered letter tray that’ll help you stay on top of things

If there’s something you definitely do not want to neglect because it could seriously cost you later, it’s important bills and paperwork. Use this three-tiered tray to sort and organize them on your desk, so you never have to rummage through messy piles of paper to find what you need. The mesh organizer will keep your worktop neat and clean, and its sleek design won’t take up too much desk space or create visual clutter.


A Constantly Cold & Drafty Room

Fix: This foam draft stopper that seals the gap under the door

Besides causing you to always be cold, drafts in your home make your energy bills go up and result in tons of wasted money. This foam draft stopper is a genius way to put a stop to both. It fits under the door to seal the gap and stop cold air from coming in, providing insulation and also a way to reduce noise by up to 50%. And don’t worry, there’s no complicated installation needed here, just cut the foam stopper down to size using a pair of scissors, slide it under the door and say hello to lower energy bills.


New & Set-In Stains On Clothing, Carpet & More

Fix: An on-the-go stain remover spray that works quickly

Instead of having to replace clothes, linens — or even worse — carpeting, due to pesky stains that just won’t go away, get this powerful stain remover spray that works quickly to lift new as well as old, set-in stains. It comes in a small spray bottle that’s easy enough to slip in your bag for on-the-go stain removal, whether it’s a wine spill or a pasta sauce stain. The spray comes with over 26,000 five-star ratings and one reviewer even wrote, “I have tried a multitude of different products and this by far works the best!”


A Grimey, Foul-Smelling Washing Machine

Fix: Washing machine cleaning tablets that remove dirt and odors

Did you know that your washing machine needs a good clean every so often in order to keep that foul smell and built-up grime out? If you’ve never given it a good clean, it may be time and these easy-to-use tablets are here to help. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to dish out a bunch of money to replace it because it keeps leaving residue on your freshly washed clothes. Just place one tablet in an empty washing machine, run a regular cycle, and you’ll have a clean, fresh-smelling appliance again. These tablets are a fave with a whopping 146,000 perfect five-star ratings.


Using The Dryer For Delicates That Should Actually Be Air Dried

Fix: An over-the-door drying rack to make air drying convenient

If you just bought a cute new top that sadly doesn’t have the convenient “tumble dry low” phrase, don’t immediately ruin it in the dryer and instead hang it up to air dry on this clever over-the-door rack. It won’t take up any extra space in your home, it’s a great way to protect delicates so you don’t have to spend the money to replace them, and your energy bills will go down when you’re not constantly running the dryer for every little thing.


Appliances & Lights Wasting Energy Unnecessarily

Fix: Smart plugs that allow you to schedule and control home electronics remotely

Constantly running electronics cause serious energy drainage and end up costing way more than they should. Use these smart plugs in your home to tackle that problem and to add a voice control feature to any regular outlet at the same time. The plugs allow you to schedule a timer to turn an appliance or light off at a certain time, and you can also control your home electronics remotely through an app on your phone for extra convenience.


Burnt-On Messes Sticking To The Bottom Of Your Oven

Fix: A heat-resistant mat that protects your oven

Prolong the life of your oven and protect the bottom from burnt-on messes that are impossible to scrub off with this heat-resistant mat that catches any accidental drips. The heavy-duty liner is double-sided and non-stick which makes cleaning it a breeze, and it’s safe to use in a gas, electric and convection oven as well as a microwave. It comes highly recommended by thousands of thrilled shoppers and one reviewer actually said, “It’s saved my oven, and that’s an understatement!”


Food & Grease That Keeps Falling In The Gap Between The Stove & The Counter

Fix: This silicone gap cover to seal the gap

Stop food falling and grease dripping in that annoying gap between the stove and the countertop by sealing it with this handy silicone gap cover. Neglecting all the collected dirt can lead to a bug infestation, which is not only gross, but can be pretty pricey to eradicate. This flexible non-slip cover comes in three colors so you can choose what best fits with your kitchen decor and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. You can also easily cut it down to your desired size for a “custom” fit.


Discomfort & Back Pain From Sitting At Your Desk All Day

Fix: A supportive seat cushion that provides comfort and supports better posture

Whether you work from home or you commute to the office, if you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk, chances are you could use a little extra comfort. Perhaps you’ve wasted money on several new chairs, but nothing has helped — yet. This memory foam seat cushion is designed to help improve your posture as you sit, minimizing back pain and reducing discomfort. It has a non-skid bottom to keep it in place and a machine-washable cover for quick and easy care.


Wrist Pain Caused By Long Hours Of Working On Your Computer

Fix: This wrist rest and mouse pad set that supports your hands as you type

For anyone who spends long hours typing on their computer, wrist and hand health may be a concern. Prevent costly issues down the road by using this wrist rest and mouse pad set that provide extra comfort and help maintain proper wrist alignment to protect against hand health problems. The ergonomic design and memory foam cushioning allow for more comfortable typing and the non-slip backing keeps both the wrist rest and the mouse pad securely in place so they don’t shift around as you work.


Tarnished Jewelry You Haven’t Worn In A While

Fix: This gentle jewelry cleaner that’s suitable for fashion and fine jewelry

Jewelry is an investment, so take good care of it by keeping it clean with this gentle but powerful jewelry cleaner that restores shine and sparkle to even the most tarnished pieces. The ammonia-free cleaner works on gold, silver, diamonds, you name it, and it comes with a cleaning brush for those hard-to-reach spots. It’s also super easy to use: just dip your jewelry into the solution inside the provided tray, let it sit for three minutes, then use the brush on it as needed.


Couch Stains On Your Sofa Left Behind By The Furry Resident In Your Home

Fix: A waterproof pet blanket to protect your couch from spills and stains

Avoid having to buy an expensive new sofa and protect your sofa from unsightly stains by covering it with this waterproof pet blanket. Your furry friend will love lounging around on this ultra-soft fleece blanket and you’ll love the fact that it repels liquids and nothing will seep through into your couch upholstery. The reversible blanket is washer and dryer safe for easy maintenance and comes in three sizes and six cute designs.


Pet Hair Coating Your Furniture

Fix: This reusable pet hair and lint remover

Stop wasting money on buying a disposable lint roller every time you go to the store and save yourself a ton in the long run by purchasing this reusable pet hair remover that works like a charm — and has more than 100,000 five-star ratings to prove it. Just slide the roller back and forth and watch it trap all the loose hair, then simply press a button to release the collected hair, lint and dirt. It picks up hair without snagging the fabric; it’s an investment that’ll pay for itself in no time.


Salad Greens That Haven’t Been Properly Washed

Fix: A large salad spinner that doubles as a serving bowl

Prevent getting sick after eating poorly washed greens by getting this salad spinner that does all the cleaning for you with the push of a button, literally. It washes greens and other fruits and veggies quickly and thoroughly, leaving them nice and crisp instead of soggy and wilted. It’s never been easier to make a delicious homemade salad, so if you’re trying to cut back on eating out, this is a great way to do it.


Clogged Gutters That Lead To Extra Expenses

Fix: This cheap aluminum filter strainer for your gutters

Save yourself the hefty expenses that come with the consequences of clogged gutters by investing in these cheap aluminum filter strainers that block leaves and debris from filling your gutters. There’s no complicated installation necessary, just push the filter down in place and it’ll stay put no matter the weather conditions. Reviewers rave about how effective these guards really are and the fact that they are a fraction of the cost of gutter repairs.


Floor Scratches & Dents Caused By Sliding Furniture

Fix: These furniture gripper pads that have anti-slip rubber backing

If you don’t want to deal with the cost of replacing your floors due to furniture damage in a couple of years, get these furniture gripper pads now. They’re easy to cut down to size to accommodate various furniture legs, from dining chairs to heavy sofas and sectionals. The grippers are designed with a heavy-duty felt core and anti-slip rubber to ensure that furniture stays securely in place and there’s no shifting or sliding.


Poor Air Quality In Your Home

Fix: A smart air purifier you can control through an app on your phone

Save yourself the hassle, discomfort and cost of dealing with seasonal allergies and respiratory issues and filter the air in your home using this smart air purifier. It’s designed to remove 99.97% of air pollutants and it’s super quiet so it won’t bother you even if you’re running it during the night. The purifiers smart control feature allows you to operate it via an app on your phone where you can set timers, create a schedule and are notified when it’s time to replace the filter.


Leaving The Garage Door Open All Day

Fix: A smart garage control system you can access remotely

We’ve all had that moment of panic two hours after we’ve left home — “Did I close the garage door?” Save yourself the cost of stolen goods and give yourself the gift of peace of mind by installing this smart garage control system. It allows you to operate your garage door remotely through an app, as well as schedule the door to open and close at a specific time. It works with the majority of garage door openers and with more than 63,000 perfect reviews, it’s an inexpensive home update that can prevent serious costs down the road.


A Clogged Shower Drain Filled With Hair & Gunk

Fix: This clever hair catcher that prevents clogging

Take your plumber’s number off speed dial and avoid those pricey bills with one little shower accessory: this TubShroom that catches hair and other gunk to prevent clogging. Simply drop the hair catcher inside the shower drain and its clever design will allow maximum water flow while the center of the shroom will trap and wrap hair around itself. You can say goodbye to other costly clogged drain solutions because as one happy shopper wrote, “This beauty will catch everything that flows in your tub!” And over 82,000 shoppers give it five stars.


The Debris That Can Clog A Kitchen Sink

Fix: This Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer

Get yourself one of these stainless steel mesh strainers and protect your sink from gross clogs and your wallet from expensive fixes. The basket-shaped strainer allows water to flow freely while blocking food particles and other junk from coming in and clogging the drain. It’s made from durable stainless steel and once it starts looking like it could use a little bit of a clean, just toss it in the dishwasher and it’ll be like new again.


Leftover Wrapping Paper That Ends Up Not Looking Great

Fix: A wrapping paper storage container that fits up to 20 rolls

Leftover wrapping paper quickly turns into clutter or ends up ripping or wrinkling. Instead, store it in this easy-to-carry storage container specifically designed to hold up to 20 rolls. It can be stored upright or stashed away under the bed, and the tearproof material and double zipper will keep your favorite holiday wrapping paper safe from damage until the next festive season rolls around.


Holiday Decor That Isn’t Properly Stored & Runs The Risk Of Damage

Fix: A clear storage bag that protects holiday decor and makes its contents easily identifiable

Whether you’ve been collecting holiday decor for years and have treasured family heirloom ornaments, or you’ve just started building your collection, keep everything safe and neatly stored away in this storage bag so you don’t have to spend money replacing damaged pieces. The waterproof bag is made of durable Oxford fabric with a zipper at the top and a clear panel to see what’s inside. It also features a pair of handles to make carrying it nice and easy.


Clothes That Are Constantly Falling Off Their Hangers

Fix: These velvet hangers that look nice and have a non-slip grip

Give your closet a makeover and keep clothes from constantly falling off their hangers and getting snags and wrinkles by replacing mismatched hangers with a set of these non-slip velvet hangers. They look super chic and are a great way to streamline your closet, but they also have a sturdy grip that prevents garment slippage. The hangers’ slim design saves a ton of space but don’t be fooled, they’re durable enough to hold up to 10 pounds each.


Out-Of-Season Clothes & Linens That Take Up Too Much Closet Space

Fix: These storage bags that have clear front panels for quick and easy access

Put away out of season clothes, accessories and linens instead of letting them clutter your closets and sustain damage from being shoved in over-stuffed drawers. These foldable fabric storage bags provide plenty of space and have a handy clear front panel so you can instantly see what’s inside each bag. They’re easily stackable to save space and have sturdy handles to help you pull them out as needed.


Poorly Cooked Eggs That Are Hard To Peel

Fix: This rapid egg cooker that makes the perfect eggs every time

Save money and never have to throw out an improperly cooked and impossible to peel egg again thanks to this DASH rapid egg cooker. It comes with an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 102,000 shoppers and allows you to cook eggs in pretty much any form, from hard and soft boiled, to omelettes and poached eggs. Get yourself this popular little appliance and you’ll never have to splurge on overpriced brunch again!


Dishwasher Build-Up That Shortens The Life Of The Appliance

Fix: These dishwasher tablets that prevent build-up and remove limescale

If you’ve noticed that your dishes aren’t coming out sparkling clean out of the dishwasher like they used to, it may be time to give your dishwasher a good clean. These monthly tablets are designed to be used in an empty dishwasher on a regular cycle to deep clean every part of the appliance and extend its life. It’s an inexpensive way to maintain your dishwasher’s working condition so you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.


Travel Mugs & Reusable Bottles That You’re Not Cleaning Every Day

Fix: These fizzy cleaning tablets that clean bottles without any scrubbing on your part

Instead of replacing hard-to-clean travel bottles and mugs, let these fizzy cleaning tablets do the work for you, no dish soap or scrubbing required. They remove even the most stubborn stains and odors and come individually packaged for convenience. To use the them, just fill the dirty bottle with warm water, drop in the tablet and let it stand for up to 30 minutes while the fizz and bubbles do the work. Rinse clean and it’s ready to be used again.


Pots & Pans That Get Scratched Being Thrown In A Cabinet

Fix: A pan organizer with multiple mounting options

Keep pots and pans from getting scratches and store them in this genius pan organizer that can either be mounted vertically or horizontally inside your cabinet. The metal rack can hold up to five pans and shoppers highly recommend this storage method. One reviewer wrote, “Saves space, keeps them organized, and also easy to get at. Plus it keeps them from getting scratched by sitting them inside one another if you use ceramic cooking pans or non stick pans.”


Knives That Get Dull From Being Thrown In A Drawer

Fix: A magnetic knife stripe that keeps knives in pristine condition

Besides the obvious safety reasons, throwing knives in a drawer and not storing them properly also dulls and damages them over time. Get this magnetic knife strip and keep them on hand while you cook, while maintaining their sharpness and pristine condition. If you’re worried about having to drill holes into your backsplash, there’s no need for that — the 10-inch strip comes with strong adhesive backing for quick installation.


Bottom-Of-The-Jar Food That Goes To Waste

Fix: A set of mini spatulas so you can scrape every last bit of the jar

Don’t leave a single drop of that ridiculously expensive organic almond butter in the jar, but get every last ounce using these mini spatulas. The set includes a six and 12-inch spatula whose thin design makes it easier to get to the bottom of any container, be it a condiment jar or a bottle of pricey foundation. It’s also a good tool for any tube, as one reviewer pointed out, writing, “I feel like so much product gets wasted when trying to squeeze it out of the tube. Now I just cut the bottom of the tube and use these little tools to get out every last bit.”


Old Doors & Windows That Let In Drafts

Fix: Weather stripping tape that insulates doors and windows cheaply

Replacing old windows is a massive investment, which is why this cheap weather stripping tape is such a game-changer. It keeps out drafts in the winter, hot air in the summer and dust and smog throughout the year, all without blocking your view thanks to its transparent design. Ultimately, the tape helps lower energy bills, leaving more money in your wallet.