Think Gifts Under $25 Can't Be Amazing? These 50 Gifts On Amazon Will Prove You Wrong

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‘Tis the gift-giving season and whether you have a long list of friends and fam to buy for or you’re on a budget, we have the ultimate under $25 gift guide for you. Think gifts under $25 can’t be amazing? These 50 gifts on Amazon will prove you wrong. Yep, luxurious-looking self care, affordable entertaining favorites, whimsical stocking stuffers, and more. Trade the standard candle and bottle of wine for these amazing gifts.


A Snap-On Pot Strainer That Every Home Cook Needs

Any avid home cook on your holiday list needs one of these amazing snap-on pot strainers that’s a total game-changer when it comes to draining hot water. It snaps onto any sized cooking pot and has a built-in spout which makes it super easy to use, and unlike a regular colander, this clever contraption allows you to strain pasta one-handed, with ease. The snap-on strainer collapses for compact storage, and even if the person on your list is a “no gadget” person, they are bound to love this. More than 21,000 shoppers give it a perfect five stars.


A Clay Mask That Deep Cleans & Tones Skin — For Under $15

Good skincare can be seriously pricey, which is why this apple cider vinegar clay mask is a total steal and the perfect gift for the skincare lover in your life. Reviewers comment on how good it smells and one wrote, “This mask is amazing! My face is softer, smoother & pores are less visible after only a few uses!” It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin with kaolin clay that deep cleans skin and vitamins A, B, C, and E to nourish and hydrate.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker Every Self-Professed Coffee Snob Will Appreciate

Any coffee fan will appreciate this cold brew coffee maker with an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 9,000 shoppers. The sleek carafe is made from thick, durable borosilicate glass and has a built-in stainless steel precision-cut strainer to brew a nice strong cup. It also has markers to ensure you know how much water you’re pouring in, and a silicone cap for a tight seal that preserves freshness.


These Moscow Mule Copper Mugs To Make Every Happy Hour Special

Make everyone’s happy hour at home extra special with these Moscow mule copper mugs. The affordable set makes for a great gift and also includes a jigger, two copper straws, and a handy straw cleaner. Not only do the handcrafted mugs look great and keep your drinks (n)ice and cold, they’re an essential tool to serve the iconic cocktail. One shopper said, “These copper mugs are amazing, they keep your drink very cold and the style is top notch!!”


This Microfiber Hair Towel That Dries Hair Faster

If you’re looking for a great self care gift that’s cheaper than a day at the spa, this microfiber hair towel is it. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, yet highly absorbent to help hair dry faster and to reduce friction. The towel is also beautifully made, with an all-around stitched border and a hanging loop for convenient storage. It’s available in pink, gray, and white, and for less than $20. Go ahead and stock up.


A Mini Milk Frother For Barista-Level Lattes At Home

For a gift that’s practical yet wonderful, get this mini milk frother that thousands of reviewers say is the best one they’ve ever purchased. It’s electric and comes with its own stand for convenient storage, but best of all, it’ll give your cup of coffee (or hot chocolate!) the creamiest, fluffiest layer of foam in just 15 seconds.


This Hawaiian Sugar Lip Scrub That Exfoliates For Smoother Lips

Solve everyone’s chapped lips this winter by gifting them this incredible sugar lip scrub that exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to restore hydration. The scrub feels incredibly luxurious and is made with turbinado sugar crystals, kukui nut oil, and shea butter to soften and deeply moisturize lips. To use, rub a pea-sized amount of the scrub over your lips, then wipe it off with a clean towel.


An Acacia Wood Serving Board That Looks Way More Expensive Than It Actually Is

A fancy wooden board usually comes with a hefty price tag, which is why this beautiful acacia wood serving board is such a steal and you may just want to snag one for everyone on your list. It’s handcrafted and has an elegant design that creates the perfect backdrop for delicious charcuterie. Whether it’s used for serving or as a decorative accent leaning on a kitchen counter, it’s one of those pieces that looks way more expensive and is a great gift for pretty much anyone.


These Travel Packing Cubes With 15,000 Perfect Ratings

If you’re wondering what to get for that globe-trotting friend who’s never home, you can’t go wrong with this five-piece packing cube set that includes a handy laundry bag. It has a seriously impressive overall 4.8-star rating with over 18,000 reviews on Amazon. The four different sized packing cubes have breathable mesh tops and zippered closures to keep clothing in place. The sizes were specifically designed to accommodate enough items for a two-week trip.


A Nourishing Cream That Deeply Moisturizes With Snail Mucin Extract

This rejuvenating cream with snail mucin extract checks all the boxes: it has over 10,000 five-star reviews, it’s a K-beauty fave skincare lovers rave about, and it’s a great deal. It’s highly effective in restoring firmness and deeply hydrating skin thanks to its high concentration of snail extract. The cream also contains shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to brighten and restore skin, too.


These Makeup Brushes For The Perfect Starter Set

This 14-piece makeup brush set would make the perfect starter set for anyone building their collection or getting into makeup. For under $20, it includes no-shed synthetic brushes and a cleaning solution to keep them in good shape. From kabuki brushes for applying foundation to an eyebrow brush to keep brows groomed, this set is a great deal and one reviewer wrote, “I LOVE these brushes, my gosh, these are the BEST I've ever bought!”


A Stainless Steel Travel Mug With A Leakproof Lid

Get this travel coffee mug with a leakproof lid for that person always on the go, so they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee anytime they want. Unlike a regular travel mug, this one comes with a fine mesh strainer so you can make your coffee directly in it, and its heat-retaining copper lining will keep it steaming hot for at least six hours. The mug has a non-slip coated finish and fits in most standard cup holders.


A Cult Fave Nesting Cookset Perfect For Anyone Outdoorsy

If you’re stuck on what to get for your adventurous and outdoorsy friend, get this Stanley nesting cookset that includes two insulated cups yet lightweight enough to carry in a backpack. It can be used to cook meals, boil water, and brew coffee, and its vented lid means it can be used on camp stoves and grills. For under $15, it’s a great deal and a fan fave with an impressive overall 4.8-star rating after more than 23,000 reviews.


This Adorable Ladle That’s Practical & Cute

This standing ladle is the perfect pick for a white elephant gift exchange, or for someone who loves to cook. With more than 6,500 perfect ratings, people love this clever utensil not just for its cuteness, but for how durable and functional it is. It’s made from heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe plastic for convenience and has an easy-to-hold grip.


A Foot Peel Mask That Has More Than 48,000 5-Star Reviews

This super popular foot peel mask takes care of cracked heels, callouses, and dead skin cells, and it does it well as it has over 48,000 perfect ratings. Get it for anyone who could use some relaxing self-care that actually works. To use it, simply slip feet in the foot mask socks and leave them on for an hour, then watch dead skin peel off for the next six to 11 days. The treatment leaves feet softer and rejuvenated.


These Foam Yoga Blocks That Deepen Yoga Stretches

Get this two-pack of yoga blocks for that friend that’s been trying to convince you to join their workout class all year. They’re the ultimate yoga accessory and can be used to prop up your back, hand, or wrist, and they’re moisture-resistant and non-slip to accommodate even the most high intensity sweat during a hot Bikram yoga class. The blocks have beveled edges for comfort and a secure grip, and you can count on their foam construction to hold up as you work out. Plus, this set comes with a yoga strap for more ways to move.


These Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Are Sleek & Shatterproof

Sleek, high quality, and shatterproof, this set of four stainless steel wine glasses is an amazing gift for anyone who loves to entertain. The set includes four stemless tumblers that are dent-proof and keep beverages colder for longer. Thousands of reviewers say they’ve given them as a housewarming gift or packaged them in a gift basket with wine, and one wrote, “Oh, did I say that I bought them for a gift and then my friend turned around and bought them for me for a gift! We love them that much!”


A Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set — For Less Than $15

Any cocktail enthusiast will appreciate this cocktail shaker set complete with seven pieces. It includes a double jigger, a muddler, an opener, six bottle pourers and a Hawthorne strainer all made from premium stainless steel. The brushed finish set will look great displayed on a bar cart and also comes with a set of recipes to make delish holiday cocktails.


These Plating Tools Any Entertainer or Foodie Will Appreciate

We all know that person who belongs in all the Food Network competitions, and what could be a better gift than this eight-piece plating tool set. It has everything that a chef needs — oversized tweezers, an offset spatula, saucier spoon, straight, offset, and curved tong, a solid and slotted spoon, and a roll pouch to hold it all. How fancy does that sound? The affordable set is made from durable stainless steel and is built to last, so it’s the gift that keeps giving with every delicious meal that’s prepared.


A Facial Ice Roller To Refresh Skin & Soothe Aches

For skincare enthusiasts or anyone who could use an easy way to relax, this facial ice roller does the trick. It’s designed to be placed in the freezer for two hours, then used on the face to stimulate blood flow in order to reduce inflammation and soothe any muscle tension. The roller is calming yet also rejuvenating, available in eight colors, and at this price, you should get yourself one, too.


This Black-To-Red Chrome Nail Polish For The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Instead of a one-time manicure gift card, give your BFF this cool black-to-red nail polish that shifts colors for an eye-catching effect. This chrome nail polish delivers a smooth and glossy finish that’s chip-resistant. The dark color makes a statement and it’s obviously a huge shopper fave since it has garnered more than 70,000 five-star reviews. Seriously, you can’t go wrong.


An Under-$20 Electric Kettle That Boils Water In Minutes

Anyone who loves a nice cuppa and doesn’t have an electric kettle needs this one, asap. This electric kettle costs less than $20, but has all the features — it shuts off automatically, has a little window to monitor water level, and it’s designed for easy pouring. Get this kettle, add a couple cute mugs, and a box of Earl Gray tea, and you have the perfect gift basket any tea lover will enjoy.


These Satin Scrunchies That Look Cute & Are Gentler On Hair

Get a set of these satin scruchies and they’ll be everyone’s favorite stocking stuffer this year. The set includes six different colored scrunchies for just $7, and unlike regular hair ties or scrunchies, they don’t pull or snag hair. Thousands of happy customers rave about their quality and one wrote, “I use these EVERYDAY. I have thick curly hair and these are amazing because they have never got tangled or ripped my hair like normal ponytails.”


This Cheeky Planter That’s A Cult Fave

If you’re looking for a unique gift that looks like it came from a cool boutique, you just found it. This butt planter doubles as a sculptural piece of home decor that’s a great conversation starter. The ceramic planter has a drainage hole in its base if you’re using it with a live plant, but it also comes with a plug so it can be used as a vase that would look great on a shelf or coffee table.


A Nonstick Sandwich Maker That’s Easy To Clean

This sandwich maker is the ultimate gift for the friend who has vowed to eat out less — it doesn’t involve any cooking but makes delicious homemade sandwiches. It has a non-stick surface to make cleaning a breeze, and heats up quickly to deliver dinner in less than five minutes. Make a classic grilled cheese or get creative with fancy fillings, this amazing under-$25 appliance is a total game-changer for busy weeknights.


A Popular Tea Bag Storage Shelf That Makes Organization Easy

This tea bag storage shelf is a great way to organize favorite tea bags and keep kitchen cabinets free from half empty boxes of chamomile tea. It costs less than $20, but it’ll make anyone feel like a professional organizer just stopped by their home. The organizer is made from thick, durable plastic and features nine generously sized compartments for tea bags, sugar packets, and other hot beverage accessories. Each container is conveniently removable, so it’s easy to pick out a fave tea.


This Insulated Lunch Thermos That’s Leakproof

Buy this insulated stainless steel lunch thermos for that person who’s back to commuting to the office again or a kiddo on the go. The leakproof container is large enough to fit an entire meal, and it can keep food hot for up to five hours and cold for up to 10. The word “amazing” comes up in one review after another, and one customer wrote, “This thermos is amazing! Whenever I pack something, the food is always really hot when I open it back up hours later.


This Perfect Starter Knife Set With Stainless Steel Blades

High-quality knives can cost a pretty penny, which is why this set is such a deal. The three-piece stainless steel set includes a chef’s knife, paring knife, and a utility knife to make slicing, dicing, and chopping quick and easy. Each of the knives has an ergonomic handle that’s integrated with the blade, making it comfortable to hold and use. Get it for anyone who loves to cook or the person setting up their first kitchen.


These Reusable Mesh Produce Bags That Are Washable

Basically anyone would welcome this practical gift: reusable mesh produce bags. The set includes 15 bags of three different sizes; each one has a drawstring top with a closure bead, so all your lemons don’t go flying. The mesh material is lightweight so it doesn’t add weight to produce when you’re shopping, and it’s clear enough to allow for scanning its contents at the store. Plus, they’re machine-washable.


A Heat-Resistant Travel Pouch For Any Hair Styling Tools

This silicone heat resistant travel pouch is one of those cheap, genius products you’ll want to buy for every single person you know. It’s useful as a pouch to hold heat styling tools while you travel, it doubles as a resting surface to protect surfaces from heat damage. The wavy textured pouch is available in 23 colors and also in a pack of two — one for you, one for a friend.


This Facial Set That Seriously Upgrades Any DIY Masks

This facial mask set is a cheap but beautiful gift that includes a mixing bowl and two spatulas, a bamboo spoon, one brush to apply a clay mask and another a silicone mask, and a super soft headband for an at-home spa feel. It all makes for a luxe upgrade to anyone’s at-home facials. All the wood tools are easily cleaned with water, and the nylon and silicone brushes are incredibly soft and pliable to make application smooth and easy.


These Adorable Beanie Wine Stoppers That Keep Open Bottles Fresher

Take the standard gift of a bottle of wine up a notch and add a set of these beanie wine stoppers. The ornately knit little hats have adorable pompoms and are made from silicone to secure a tight seal once placed on a wine bottle. The stoppers have tons of rave reviews thanks to how well they work and how clever their design is, and one shopper wrote, “These are so darn cute I cannot get over it!! I’ve gotten so many compliments.”


A Nourishing SPF45 Sunblock That Also Hydrates & Brightens Skin

Give this SPF45 sunblock to anyone who could use a lightweight formula that’s water- and sweat-resistant, and has a double layer UV-blocking system to provide long-lasting protection. It contains a botanical blend of various plant extracts to help hydrate, nourish, and brighten skin. Oh, and did we mention the sunblock is under $10?


These Reusable Silicone Baking Mats Every Baker Will Appreciate

These nonstick silicone baking mats are one of those inexpensive kitchen tools that are a total game-changer. Over 8,000 shoppers give them five stars, so you know your friend who never misses an episode of The Great British Baking Show will appreciate them — and you might even get an endless supply of perfectly-baked cookies in return. Not only do they allow for even heat distribution, they eliminate the need for additional oil or butter and best of all, there’s no need to scrub dirty pans with burnt-on messes; these can go right in the dishwasher.


This Holographic Glitter Gel That Moisturizes Skin With Aloe Vera

This little pot of holographic body glitter gel is made with peppermint essential oil and aloe vera extract, so besides the festive glitter, it also helps soothe, brighten, and nourish sensitive skin. Reviewers love the glow it adds and one wrote, “This is the best body glitter I’ve ever used, it doesn’t feel sticky or anything, pure amazing shimmer!”


This TV Backlight That Makes The Screen Pop — For Less Than $15

If a brand new TV is not in the budget for anyone on your gift list, this USB TV backlight is the next best thing. It can be cut down to size to fit any TV, it’s easy to attach, and makes a huge difference — the backlight makes the screen pop, creating more dramatic contrast and richer colors. It also helps reduce eye strain, and for convenience, it comes with a remote that provides 10 brightness and 15 color options.


This Rechargeable Book Light For The Person Always Saying “Just One More Chapter”

Give this clip-on book light to the avid reader in your life — they’ll love the three light settings and its compact, portable size. The light is USB-rechargeable and each full charge lasts for up to 80 hours, which your favorite reader will greatly appreciate. The flexible neck is adjustable, and besides attaching it to a book, the light can also be clipped onto a desk, headboard, or laptop. This light comes in seven colors, so you can pick one in a favorite hue.


An LED Mirror With A Touch Screen & Three Magnification Settings

You can’t find a better gift for the friend that never misses their morning and evening skincare routine than this three-fold LED mirror. It provides three levels of magnification and is backlit, so you can actually see what you’re doing when you’re applying foundation. The mirror is also light and easy to pack for travel, and even has a little storage compartment for small makeup items or jewelry.


This Slim Portable Charger For That One Friend With A Phone That’s Always Running Low

Every friend group has that one person who’s phone is always at 2%, whether it’s midnight or 10 a.m. Get them this slim portable charger and they (and everyone they know will be relieved). It’s compatible with most smart phones and holds enough power for multiple charges for your devices, and allows you to charge more than one at the same time. The lightweight charger is also super cheap, works up to 78% faster than similar models, and has a cute paw print to show how much of a charge is left. With over 42,000 five-star ratings, this is a no-brainer.


A Money Clip Wallet With A Security Feature That Protects Against Data Theft

This compact money clip wallet does a lot for just $20 — it looks sleek and minimalist, provides five card pockets and a secure money clip, and even features a security system that prevents people from reading and stealing data from your credit cards and ID. It comes with an elegant gift box that makes it look much more pricey than it really is and you won’t have to spend extra time wrapping it. Best and easiest gift ever.


This Hanging Purse Organizer That Saves Space & Keeps Precious Bags Off The Floor

You may already have someone in mind for this hanging purse organizer — anyone with an ever-growing bag collection will be thrilled to receive this handy eight-pocket organizer and you’ll be equally thrilled by the low price. It has generously sized clear pockets that are easy to access, and a hook at the top that can be hung over a door or closet rail. The organizer has an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 8,000 customers, so you know it’s a must-buy.


A Marble Ring Holder To Keep Rings Safe & Secure

Not only does this marble ring holder keep jewelry safe and secure, they are also a sleek and sophisticated decorative accent. It’s a steal for under $10 and makes a great gift for someone who just got engaged or just loves rings. One shopper wrote, “Really great to hold your rings around the house. I have one next to my kitchen sink and bathroom sink for when I’m doing dishes or makeup.”


A Reusable Shopping Bag That Holds As Much As Three Plastic Bags

This reusable shopping bag is the gift for just about anyone. It’s cute and comes in 28 different patterns, it can be worn over the shoulder to make a heavy grocery load easier to carry, and it reduces single-use plastic bag waste. The lightweight, ripstop bag folds down into a little pouch you can keep in your purse, and if you’re wondering how much you can actually fit inside, you’ll be happy to know it can hold up to three regular bags’ worth of stuff.


These Quirky Oven Mitts That Prevent Burns & Look Adorable At The Same Time

These heat-resistant oven mitts put an adorable spin on a practical kitchen item, which totally makes it gift-worthy. The cat-themed mitts have a quilted exterior and soft cotton lining for heat protection and flexibility of use. They’re safe to handle items up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and are machine-washable for easy maintenance.


A Cult Fave Hair Dryer That Nearly 50,000 Shoppers Give 5 Stars

Give the gift of a good hair day with this Revlon hair dryer that’s lightweight, compact, and an absolute fan fave with nearly 50,000 five-star ratings. It has two heat and speed settings, and it’s the perfect travel tool because of its size. As one shopper said, “This little thing has a kick to it, and it gets the job done!!”


This Nifty Pancake Batter Dispenser Bottle For Better Weekends

Every breakfast lover will be excited about this pancake batter dispenser and mixer that delivers fluffy pancakes faster and with fewer dishes to clean up. All the ingredients can be tossed in the “mixer” to blend up the smoothest batter you’ve ever seen, and then that same tool turns into a dispenser that makes regulating the batter amount and shape on the griddle so much easier. The heat-resistant spout will survive a brush with a hot griddle. With more than 11,000 five-star ratings, this kitchen gadget is a pancake lover’s dream.


These Exfoliating Shower Towels For A Deeper Clean & Smoother Skin

Winter is here — and if you live in a cold climate — dry skin may come with it, so give a pack of these exfoliating shower towels to everybody on your list. The under-$20 set consists of two washcloths that are gentle enough to use multiple times a week to remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation, and restore glowing skin. They can be used with liquid or bar soap and tossed in the washer, ready to be used again.


A Candle Accessory Set To Switch Up The Annual Candle Gift

Sure, a candle is a nice gift, but switch things up a little this year and gift someone this stylish candle accessory set. It comes with a trimmer that promotes a cleaner burn and extends the candle’s life, a snuffer so you don’t have to blow out the candle and spread smoke all over the room, and a dipper to dig out a drowning wick. The set is available in black, copper, and silver and is such an elegant gift for under $20. It has a nearly unheard-of overall 4.8-star rating with nearly 5,000 reviews.


A Hexagonal Wine Rack That’s As Nice Looking As It Is Useful

If you want to do something a little different than the obligatory bottle of wine for a party gift this year, go with this freestanding wine rack. Its sturdy construction prevents any risk of toppling and also makes the useful accessory into a fun sculptural piece for the home. You can’t beat the price and reviewers say it looks great, takes up minimal space, and holds bottles securely.


This Whimsical Koala Bear Tea Infuser For A Fun Way To Steep Loose Leaf Tea

What could be cuter than a smiling koala bear chilling in a cozy cup of tea? This animal-shaped tea infuser is made from silicone and comes apart so you can fill the koala’s belly with loose leaf tea, the lean it over the rim of the teacup. As cute as the koala is, it’s also available in 10 other designs, including a hedgehog and a sloth.