Think You Need To Wear Skimpy Clothes To Look Sexy? These Things Will Prove You Wrong

Turn heads while feeling comfy AF.

by Christina X. Wood
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When you go out into the world — on a date, to go shopping, or to meet friends for drinks or brunch — it’s an added bonus to turn heads (in a good way). But showing up for brunch in a dress that’s so short you can’t sit down comfortably is usually a challenge.

However, it’s totally possible to have all the allure along with comfort — and if you think you need to wear skimpy clothes to achieve that, these things will prove you wrong.


This Cozy Wrap Sweater With A Deep V-Neckline

There is no reason you can’t be both adorable and cozy. In fact, the two are almost synonymous if you pull on this soft, drapey, wrap-front sweater with a plunging V-neck. The sleeves are long and cozy, and the neckline invites your lacy camisole to peak out. Or wear the opening in the back to show off your strappy-backed bra. The length is perfect with leggings or a short skirt, and the neutral colors make it a piece you can wear every day.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 6


A Delicate Drop Necklace That Pops With A Low-Cut Top

When you are wearing a button-down or low V-neck, let this long necklace drop into it to give your neckline some shiny bling. The delicate chain and minimalist, square stick pendant create a subtle effect that catches the eye. The length is adjustable, and you can choose the color you prefer. Pick up a matching pair of earrings to complete the look.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 27


The Jeans With Give & An Edgy Fit

When it comes to looking cute and on-trend, jeans have been winners for decades. And these lightly ripped jeans put a new twist on the fit to make them both lightly form-hugging and comfortable to wear. The stretchy fabric is paired with a crossover waistline and a straight leg.

“They fit like a glove and hug ... in all the right ways,” said one reviewer. “They’re super stylish, cute and SO soft!”

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 5


This Chic Satin Bodysuit With A Plunging Neckline

With a wrapped V-neck, a delicious fabric, and a stretchy, thong-effect bottom section, you don’t have to struggle to keep this elegant wrap bodysuit tucked in. The high-waisted bottom pairs beautifully with high-waisted jeans and skirts. And the neckline offers plenty of exposure to show off jewelry and lacy touches.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 10


This Satin Nightshirt That’s A Silky Version Of A Boyfriend Shirt

Skip the lingerie and embrace the elevated stole-his-shirt vibe of this satin button-down that’s oversize, comfortable, and so evocative of just rolled out of bed that you will be irresistible in it. The short sleeves are long enough to drape, and the fabric is so slinky and soft that it feels as awesome as it looks.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 27


A Delicate Lace Cardi That’s The Perfect Warm Layer

With delicate lace and an open front, this cardigan makes the perfect top layer over an evening dress or strappy top. The fabric is soft against your skin and provides a layer of warmth. Leave it open or cinch it closed, depending on what you are wearing with it. This is a versatile top and it comes in so many gorgeous colors.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 11


This Bralette With All The Sporty Vibes

Sometimes lacy and frilly is not the cutest thing in the drawer. This adorable wireless bralette is there for those times when the mood is sporty, comfy, frisky, and totally wearable. Pull it on and wear it to sleep in, lounge in, and for working your casual days.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 19


These Classic CK Panties With A Wide Waistband

When the look you’re after is tried-and-true — with endless allure — pull on a pair of these cotton stretch bikini panties. With a wide elastic band in a contrasting color, a high cut, and a low rise, these are both adorable and comfortable.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Plus Large
  • Available colors: 22


A Wrap Top With So Much Flowy Elegance

Embrace some Renaissance flourishes in this peplum wrap blouse with a plunging neckline, flutter sleeves, and a tie-belted waist over a flowy and elegant wrap front. There are several sleeve options and lots of cute patterns and colors to choose from. It’s perfect with jeans or leggings for work or play, and it dresses up nicely with a skirt.

  • Available sizes: X-Large Plus — 4X-Large
  • Available colors: 11


This Eye Shadow Palette With All The Nudes & Metallics You Need

This eye shadow palette has everything required to go from everyday neutrals to night-on-the-town flash with 20 colors in a selection of nudes and metallics. It’s all packaged into a slick container that’s easy to toss in a bag for dolling up on the go.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 3


A Faux Leather Skirt For Edgy Appeal

No skimpy outfit will give you more rockstar appeal than leather. And this faux leather skirt is an easy-to-wear, almost knee-length number in a fabric that’s comfortable and so much easier to clean than actual leather. The color options go from biker black to sassy red, stopping at snakeskin along the way, so you can channel whatever leather look appeals to you today.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 10


This Dress That Has Pretty Drape & Movement

There is an understated elegance to a dress that flows and moves as you walk and this A-line midi dress capitalizes on that. The 3/4 sleeves will show off your bracelets. The neckline is perfect for layered chains and pendants. Or wear it with sneakers for a walk on the beach. You will look amazing and sacrifice no comfort for it. The color choices are beautiful as well as interesting.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 31


A Lacy Romper For Racy Fun

The long sleeves and plunging neckline paired with shorty-shorts in this romper are a study in contrasts — and they make for an alluring ensemble for those times when lingerie vibes are called for. The lace trim on the neckline, the sleeves, and the shorts pull it all together and it’s easy to get on, and off.

  • Available sizes: X-Large Plus — 5X-Large Plus
  • Available colors: 2


This Shaggy Faux Fur Cardigan That’s Soft & Glam

When you are wearing this open-front faux fur cardigan you will be as cute as a fox, as soft as a rabbit, and completely on point. Wear it with jeans and a tee. Or pull it on over a strappy dress. It’s versatile and feels amazing to the touch.

“This jacket was so beautiful with my wedding dress,” said one reviewer. “It kept me warm and made me feel glamorous.”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 9


A Wireless Bra That Looks & Feels Fab

Even if you prefer lots of support, you will love the carefree feeling of this cotton wireless bra. It has just the right amount of lift and snugness to keep you comfortable and contained, with a wide band and hook-and-eye closure in the back for the perfect fit.

“Very comfortable. Good support. Nice natural shape,” said one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: 38C — 46DD
  • Available colors: 5


This Tee With Daring, Shoulder-Baring Sleeves

With cutaway sleeves to show off your shoulders and strategic tears to match your jeans, this long-sleeved cold shoulder top manages to be casual, sultry, and ready for a night out all at the same time. There are lots of colors and some super cute graphics if you are looking for a new everyday look.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 27


This Lacy Belt That Gives Pretty Shape To Dresses & Tops

Cinch in a blouse or dress with this lace waist belt to give a simple outfit some glam appeal. Evoking the style of an obi belt, it is functional and pretty, giving a cinched waist to tops that are shapeless or boxy and holding a sweater or jacket closed with style.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 14


The Yoga Pants People Say Are Perfect

With a fit that’s somewhere between leggings and sweatpants, a fabric that’s butter soft, pockets, and a gathered high waist, many reviewers are calling these yoga sweatpants perfect and buying them in every color. They look terrific on, work with almost any tops and shoes, and are supremely comfortable.

“They are so unbelievably comfy I refuse to wear normal pants now,” said one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: Small — 4X-Large
  • Available colors: 27


This Casual Jumpsuit With All The Right Stuff

Ready to rock a jumpsuit? This cute and casual long sleeve jumpsuit has it all. The wide crewneck will almost slide off your shoulder to bare some skin. The elastic cuff ankles evoke your comfy joggers. And there are pockets! It’s comfortable, cute, easy, and unique.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 17


A Nightgown That Brings A Vintage Mood To A Wardrobe Staple

A comfortable nightgown can also make you look divine. And this sleeveless nightgown is proof. A plunging back, asymmetrical hem, and V-neck all combine to transform a wardrobe staple into a garment that feels ready to go to a black-tie event — if snuggling into bed wasn’t so much more appealing.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 26


This Satin Robe With Boudoir Style

This satin robe is far from skimpy. But the silky fabric, lace sleeves and hem, and boudoir style give it all the come-hither vibes. And that’s not the only reason to own it. It’s delicious to wear, easy to pull on over whatever you climbed out of bed in, fits into a suitcase easily so you can have a robe when you travel, and turns every morning into a breakfast at Tiffany's.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 9


A 5-Pack Of Panties For Comfy, Everyday Cuteness

With a lace-trimmed, high-cut leg, these cotton briefs are super cute. They are also breathable, comfortable, stretchy, and disappear under clothing so you can stock up with this five-pack and wear them daily, eliminating the underwear-drawer hunt for something that ticks all the boxes. They are available in breathable bamboo fabric, too.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 2


This Lace-Trimmed Tank Blouse That Looks Good For Any Occasion

This simple, dainty tank top will quickly become your go-to solution for wearing under a jacket or sweater in the colder months or all on its own when it’s warm out. The eyelash lace trim at the neckline and sleeves elevates it to date-night fodder and the low V-neck leaves lots of opportunities to flash some jewelry.

“I got this to go under blazers for work and it is perfect,” said one of nearly 6,000 five-star reviewers. “It is double-lined so no cami is needed. It is such nice quality and is SO pretty!”

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 16


A Delicate Anklet With Different Charm Options

Nothing spices up a beach outfit or pair of cute shoes faster than a delicate anklet. And this beaded gold charm anklet gives you so many options for adding this bit of bling. Choose from Evil Eye beads, bits of turquoise, a selection of cute charms, many chain types, and so many more options.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available styles: 37


This Draped Skirt With A Front Slit That’s Pretty & Practical

When a skirt is in order, this exotic wrap-styled draped skirt brings all the style. Pair it with anklets and strappy shoes and there will be nothing dull, frumpy, or ordinary about your outfit. But the clever part is that the alluring slit in the front makes this skirt super comfortable to walk in.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 39


This Staple Bodysuit You Will Want In Every Color

This crewneck bodysuit hugs close, stretches with you, and stays put. The snap-crotch makes it easy to deal with and it is long enough — and stretchy enough — to never dig in or pull. There are so many options when it comes to patterns, colors, and even sleeve length that you might want to fill your closet with these.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 30


A Satin Pajama Set So Silky It Slips Between The Sheets

This three-piece, satin pajama set solves so many things about pajamas. Instead of sleeping in long sleeves, you can pull the covers over this cute cami and be comfortable. But when you are lounging, there is a matching jacket for covering up and staying warm. The silky fabric slides between the sheets and feels marvelous against your skin.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 10


The Draped Cardigan That Goes Easily From Open To Belted

An open-front cardigan is always a winner, but sometimes you want it to stay closed, right? This cleverly draped cardigan does both. An attached belt can be tied in the back or the front so you get an open front or a belted-closed cardigan. The belt adds a bit more silhouette than the average open cardi — wherever you tie it. The lightweight fabric has a beautiful drape and a cozy amount of warmth.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 16


This Pretty, Lace-Sleeved Sweater In A Seriously Soft Fabric

With see-through lace arms and deliciously soft fabric, this lightweight sweater will quickly become your favorite for any event that requires you to dress up even a little. It’s easy to wear and comfortable with a deep V-neck and a cinched waistline.

“This shirt is so sassy!” said one reviewer. “Fits perfectly, you can dress it up or down.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 14


This Matte Lipstick That Lasts Through Basically Anything

After you paint your lips with this SuperStay matte lipstick you won’t have to reapply every time you have a sip of water. It stays put! And the vast range of colors goes from innocent to vamp with every imaginable shade in between.

“Holy smokes!” said one reviewer. “Seven hours and two meals later and it's still on there! I've never had a lipstick or gloss that stayed on as well as this has.”

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 30


These Comfy Pants That Look Like Leather

These genius pants look like leather but with none of the unforgiving, uncomfortable sweatiness. These are made mostly from soft, breathable, and silky viscose, which is a rayon made from wood pulp. They have a bit of stretch, a high waist, and pockets.

“I was skeptical about buying faux leather pants to begin with — let alone online. Guess what? They stretch! They sit correctly! They make my butt look good! I love them!” said one reviewer.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 6


A Darling Dress With A Flowing Wrap Skirt

Embrace the cottagecore vibes in you and wear this long sleeve wrap dress to a garden party, cocktail party, or even to work. The flowy ruffle hem, flouncy elasticized cuffs on the sleeves, tie waist, and wrap-look styling make for a pretty dress that is also versatile.

“Super cute dress!” said one reviewer. “Paired perfectly with boots and a jean jacket ... Received many compliments!”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 20


The Velvety Pajamas That Make Staying Warm Glam

When the weather is cold and you want to stay home, stay warm, and look glamorous doing it, these velvet pajamas are a perfect choice. A classic pajama style — with a long sleeve button-down top and elastic waist pants — are rendered in a soft velvet velour in a range of rich jewel tones.

  • Available sizes: 16 Plus — 24 Plus
  • Available colors: 5


A Unique Baseball Jacket Made From Lace

A baseball jacket made entirely from sheer lace? What a brilliant idea. It is, at once, casual and elegant so you can wear it to anything from a baseball game to a formal event. It’s the perfect layer of warmth over a dress and a terrific way to dress up jeans. And the vast choice of laces and colors makes it hard to choose a favorite.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 5X-Large Plus
  • Available colors: 17


The Striking Blouse That Bares One Shoulder

Get on the bare-shoulder trend with this one-shoulder top that is soft and stretchy. It exposes one shoulder entirely so you can show off your arm, a favorite tattoo, or just flash a bit of skin. The top is blousy and angular for an interesting silhouette whether you wear it long and flowy or tucked in.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 10


An Arm Cuff For A Different Take On Bling

This collection of upper armband cuffs is bringing back a ‘90s-era body jewelry look that has been gone for too long. Slide it up your arm, squeeze it to fit, and add shine to your look with flair. This is a set of six so you can try out everything from solids to leafy tendrils to curls.

  • Available sizes: 1
  • Available colors: 2


This High-Waisted Skirt With A Fun Side Slit

Pair this high-waisted skirt with heels and a blazer and you will be ready for that work event. Later, you can put on some sneakers and a hoodie and wear the outfit on a walk to a casual brunch. It’s stretchy enough to be super comfortable. The length is super versatile. And it will take you through most seasons, depending on what you wear it with.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X
  • Available colors: 5


The Chic Lounge Set That Can Do Tea Parties Or A Day On The Town

This two-piece ribbed lounge set is comfortable enough to call pajamas. But it’s so stylish, you could wear it to host a dinner party. The cropped top meets the high waist perfectly. The contrast between the close-fitting top and wide-leg, loose-fitting pants boosts the soft ribbed fabric and casual style straight into refined elegance.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 14


This Panty & Bra Pair That’s Made With Glamorous Lace

Embrace the ‘40s glam within you by slipping into this high-waisted panties and lace bra lingerie set. The panties are cheeky with a corset-styled lace back that will drop jaws. And the lacy bralette has cute double straps and a deep, plunging neckline.

  • Available sizes: Small — 4X-Large
  • Available colors: 14


The Boat-Neck Top That Becomes Daring With A Tug

This boat-neck top can go from racy to refined with a simple tug on your sleeve. Pull a sleeve to drop one shoulder and show a bit of skin. Or pull both shoulders up for an elegant wide neckline that could showcase a statement necklace. The lightweight fabric evokes the comfort of a sweatshirt without looking like you are headed to the gym.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 25