A Bobby Pin Is A Great Winged Liner Hack

If you haven't been able to score a Vamp Stamp, the device that "stamps" the cat eye flick or eyeliner wing onto your skin, there are plenty of hacks to assist you with the task. An even flick can be really difficult to achieve. But this Internet MUA used a Bobby pin as a guide for her eyeliner wing and it was a slaytastic hack. Even seasoned wing drawers such as myself end up with a bunk, mismatched flick every now and again. So I am always looking for hacks that serve as a guide to draw a better wing. I am thankful for vloggers for sharing their hacks!

Malia, who goes by the "beautynmalia" handle, painted the uneven tips of the hair accessory with black liquid liner, with the shorter of the two tips on top. She pressed the Bobby pin to the outer corner of her eyes, leaving a stencil as a guide. She then proceeded to connect and fill in the lines.

I’ve seen another equally talented and inventive vlogger do this, only she ripped off the coated tips of the Bobby pin and then used the same paint-and-press technique.

It really works. You get a totally even flick.

I feel compelled to say the obvious here — anytime you put any sort of object with sharp tips near your precious eyes, you need to be extra careful. Yes, this makeup hack is effective and efficient. Proceed with caution.

It's so easy. First you paint the tips.

Then press the Bobby pin, with the shorter side on top, into the skin.

You are left with a stenciled wing.

Fill in as needed with either a brush and a gel liner or with a felt tip pen.

Watch this brilliant hack. Once again, please be careful if you choose to try this at home.

UPDATE: Malia told Bustle that she came up with this hack since "a lot of people struggle with angle and symmetry of eyeliner. Almost everyone has Bobby pins, so this is the perfect hack. It costs nothing and gives you a perfect guideline every time." She also told us that she has gotten messages from followers, telling them this hack has changed their makeup life. Amen to that!