This Woman-Owned Brand Is Pioneering Luxe Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Sensitive skin? Go ahead, wear it all day.

by Andrea Gale
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Tini Lux
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There are so many reasons to check out the chic, women-owned jewelry brand Tini Lux, but for those with sensitive skin, it all comes down to knowing the entire collection of modern jewelry is skin-safe and nickel-free. The brand got its start when founder Jackie Burke got fed up with her inability to find earrings that wouldn’t trigger an allergic reaction — even so-called “hypoallergenic” jewelry caused problems because, as it turns out, the term itself is actually unregulated.

With the belief that “everyone should be able to accessorize without pain,” Burke set out on a mission to create timeless jewelry that anyone can wear with comfort and confidence. Tini Lux mainly uses unalloyed medical-grade titanium as a base metal, which is biocompatible, nonreactive, and incredible durable — making it perfect for all-day wear, day in and day out.

The Tini Lux Collection

The female-led company offers bracelets, rings, and necklaces that are ideal for everything from special occasions to daily wear. Whether it’s dangling cubic zirconia earrings (perfect for accessorizing a bridesmaid dress) or a chain necklace to layer with pendants, you’re sure to find something you can’t do without. Scroll on for a selection of the most gorgeous hypoallergenic favorites from Tini Lux.

These Low-Profile Textured Huggie Earrings That Draw The Eye

A pair of huggie earrings has become a jewelry collection staple, and the Main Sail huggies feature the coolest beaded texture. Should you have multiple piercings, the small, lobe-hugging hoop will easily blend with your other earrings, and the hypoallergenic titanium and titanium nitride PVD coating ensure an irritation-free wearing experience.

Glowing review: “I hadn't worn earrings in almost 10 years due to pain from any material... or so I thought. A coworker suggested medical grade titanium, and so I gave it a try and now I have these ADORABLE hoops that I can wear all the time and not even know they're there. I am thrilled!” - Hadara Kohn

  • Available colors: 2

A Paperclip Chain Bracelet For A Little Edge

If your outfit could use a little subtle polish, try out the Jasmine bracelet; the paperclip chain style is the definition of It-girl cool. The titanium base is plated with a gold-toned titanium nitride coating for a look that’s both hypoallergenic and hyper-stylish. For even more edge, layer it with other bracelets of varying widths.

Glowing review: “This is seriously so perfect. You can wear it with anything/everything ! And the fact that it’s water proof makes it even better. [...]” - Lydia Gudz

  • Available colors: 2

This Timeless Pair Of Gold Infinity Hoops

An essential component of any jewelry collection, this pair of hoop earrings is made of non-irritating medical-grade titanium that’s been treated with a hypoallergenic gold-toned coating for an earring that’s water-resistant and non-tarnishing. Not only can you wear these earrings without fear of allergic reaction, you can also wear them with basically everything in your wardrobe. The medium-sized hoop will look great with everything from casual tees to cocktail dresses.

On top of that, all earrings are lab-tested for purity.

Glowing review: “They are the perfect peekaboo size (big enough to notice, not enough to bog you down), not too heavy, and do not irritate my ears at all. I'm sold.” - Victoria Arnold

  • Available colors: 2

A Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet That Screams “Quiet Luxury”

Is there a situation that this sparkly cubic zirconia tennis bracelet wouldn’t improve? Doubtful — pop it on with casual tees for a little extra zing, or accessorize a cocktail dress and let the CZ stones work their sparkly magic. Set in a metal base of titanium nitride PVD over titanium, this hypoallergenic bracelet is sure to win you over.

Glowing review: “LOVE this brand! It looks just like the pictures and is so cute! Doesn’t leave green marks on your body, like other jewelry.” - Hayley Mckinney

  • Available colors: 5

A Pair Of Chunky Modern Hoops

Big things can come in little packages. To wit: This pair of sculptural hoops, which still make a major statement in spite of their small size. Made of titanium plated with a hypoallergenic gold-toned titanium nitride coating, these earrings will effortlessly blend with your other earrings — and pretty much everything else in your wardrobe, too. Consider these an everyday essential.

A glowing review: “These little hoops are perfect. This is first time I’ve been able to wear earrings in about 6 years. I’ve had them in for almost 2 weeks with no pain, redness or swelling. I’m really happy with them and will definitely be ordering more.” - Karyn G.

  • Available colors: 2

The Dainty Pearl Studs You’ll Want To Wear With Everything

Elegant yet minimal, you’ll want to wear the Charlotte studs with everything. The large freshwater pearl studs are affixed to a hypoallergenic titanium base, free of any embellishment so the gleaming pearls can take center stage. Use them to dress up a simple T-shirt, as part of your office attire, or to accessorize a cocktail outfit; you’ll want to wear them all day, every day. (And you actually can.)

Glowing review: “I had real pearl earrings but was sad because I could never wear them. I would put them in and within two minutes, I would have to take them out. My ear loves would get so inflamed. Finding this company has allowed me to wear earrings again! I am so happy and I love the selections. These pearls have worked well so far and I highly suggest them if you have sensitive ears.” - Eliza

  • Available colors: 1

The Minimalist Snake Necklace You’ll Never Want To Take Off (And Won’t Have To)

Layer the Lilou necklace with other chains of varying lengths, or wear it all by itself — this is a necklace with no wrong answers and loads of possibilities. The wide snake chain is made from titanium that’s been plated with a gold-toned titanium nitride PVD for a piece that’ll be just as comfy with your casual attire as it will be with your dressier looks. For a little edge, contrast the glamorous finish by pairing it with a ripped band T-shirt and denim.

A glowing review: “The perfect length, a beautiful shiny gold, and NO IRRITATION! Literally a godsend. Elevates every outfit, every day!” - Lindsey Asis

  • Available colors: 2

These Wedding-Ready Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Earrings

Part of the Tini Lux bridal collection, the Nadia earrings feature stunning teardrop-shaped cubic zirconia that dangle from a round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia stud. They’d be a dazzling addition to a wedding dress, but anyone who adores bold style statements will appreciate these chic earrings. And they’re set in non-irritating medical-grade titanium plated with gold-toned titanium nitride PVD, adding comfort to style.

A glowing review: “So I’m super lazy when it comes to accessories, I hate taking them on and off but because Tinilux is water safe it makes my life soo much easier [...] 11/10 recommend purchasing!” - Hitomi Matoba

  • Available colors: 2

Modern Statement Earrings That Combine Geometric Cuts Of Crystal

Cocktail and bridesmaid dresses, meet your new earring BFF: the Zoe drop earrings feature dangling cubic zirconia cut in different shapes for a subtle sparkle that will match the tone of dressy occasions without overwhelming. Set in a base metal of titanium that’s been plated with gold-toned titanium nitride PVD, you’ll keep these earrings on-hand for any occasion that requires subtle sophistication.

Glowing review: “[...] These are absolutely beautiful and cause no sensitivity issues at all. I did a test wear for a whole day, and caused no reaction. Usually, my ears will start itching and turning red in 5-10mins of wear, so I was super happy. I will definitely be looking at their everyday earrings for future purchases! Highly recommend this company for super-sensitive ears! Please never stop making jewelry!” - L.W.

  • Available colors: 4

This It-Girl Chunky Chain Bracelet

Get in on the influencer-approved chunky chain trend with the Silas bracelet, which features thick links of titanium nitride PVD-coated stainless steel. Layer with other chains (or wear it in multiples) for even more It-girl style; this is the casual-yet-chic accessory you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Glowing review: “So pretty [...] Nice quality and perfect weight.” - Lindsay

  • Available colors: 2

A Pair Of Simple Yet Stunning Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

The understated design of the Meghan drop earrings only amplifies their impact. Featuring freshwater pearl studs and a dangling gold-toned titanium nitride PVD-coated chain, you’ll wear these simple yet stunning earrings with office attire, cocktail dresses, even as a part of a wedding guest ensemble — in short, they’ll improve your entire wardrobe.

Glowing review: “These earrings make me feel so fancy, they’re so elegant. The best part of these is that my ears don’t get irritated by the weight, and you get 2 for the price of one!” - Jade Beaver

  • Available colors: 2

This Chic Box Chain Necklace With A Mariner Charm

For a minimalist take on the charm jewelry trend, try out the Mariner charm necklace; the box chain and its accompanying mariner link charm add sculptural, un-fussy style to your outfit whether you wear it solo or layered with other necklaces. Featuring a hypoallergenic stainless steel base that’s coated with a thick layer of gold-toned titanium nitride PVD, you’ll find that this chic, sleek necklace is bound to become a daily essential.

Glowing review: “My new fav! I can slip it on right over my head to easily stack with other necklaces to get the new trendy look.” - Lindsay

  • Available colors: 2

These Megawatt Statement Earrings That Demand Attention

The Sophia earrings feature dazzling clusters of cubic zirconia anchoring a single suspended teardrop crystal; you’ll use the eye-catching sparkle to accessorize bridesmaid dresses or cocktail ensembles (or any outfit calling for some serious zhuzh). Set in a base of pure titanium coated with gold-toned titanium nitride PVD, these earrings will be as easy on your skin as they will be on the eyes.

Glowing review: “These earrings look and feel amazing! My ears are super sensitive, I thought I could only wear solid gold! But these don't bother my ears at all! And of course, they look gorgeous!” - Madelaine Grace

  • Available colors: 2

This Essential Herringbone Chain Bracelet

Whether you’re wearing it as a simple, singular addition to your outfit, or to create a layered look with other cuffs, the Lilou bracelet understands the assignment. Featuring a wide, flat herringbone chain made of nickel-free stainless steel plated with titanium nitride PVD, this bracelet can blend in or stand out — whatever the situation (or your outfit) requires. Pair it with the Lilou necklace also featured on this list for a little matching magic.

Glowing review: “oh love this bracelet. it has very beautiful color and high quality as always. also fits perfectly! I highly recommend.” - khatia turashvili

  • Available colors: 2

This Androgynous Gold Chain For The Perfect Layered Stack

Create the perfect layered-necklace look with the Billie necklace. It’ll add chunky texture to more slender chains, and the thick eight-millimeter width can make an impact when worn singly as well. The hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel base metal is coated with a gold-toned titanium nitride PVD for plenty of non-irritating gleam.

  • Available colors: 2

Members-Only Discounts

If hypoallergenic jewelry is the only kind you can wear, it definitely pays to save. Sign up for the Tini Lux loyalty program to score 15% off your first purchase and discover all the ways you can earn points towards future orders — because skin-safe jewelry should be nothing if not accessible.

Try Them On

Hypoallergenic jewelry may be especially important for those with multiple piercings. From tragus to helix — plus, the ability to customize everything from skin tone to earlobe shape — the Tini Lux virtual ear stack tool lets you curate your stack so you can try before you buy.

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