20 Trends That Look Dated & What You Should Wear Instead, According To Stylists
Written by Allison Bolt
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You know that moment when you pull on a top or pair of shoes that you haven’t worn for a season or three, and for a second, you wonder if it’s still on-trend? Every time this happens to me, I wish I had a stylist to tell me which trends are actually worth reaching for when I’m getting dressed.

That’s why I found a bunch of stylists to tell me 20 fashion trends that are so yesterday. Then, they even let me in on what kinds of things you should wear instead, and I chose pieces inspired by their advice. That way, you can all rock some trendy pieces with a ton of confidence.

Dated Trend: Logos All Over All Of Your Pieces

Swap: A Slightly Oversized Button-Up That Comes In Over 20 Elevated Patterns

Fashion stylist and creative consultant Carly Landig says, “a minimalist, capsule style wardrobe is one of the biggest shifts we are seeing on the trend spectrum. Pieces rooted in timeless ease, with a touch of understated elegance define this aesthetic. Your quiet luxury starter pack includes a nonchalant trouser, cinched blazer, oversized button up, long skirt, and elevated basics.”

This button-up is the perfect swap for tops covered in logos because the houndstooth pattern feels so elevated, though it also comes in 25 other patterns and colors that range from neutral to bright and bold. It also fits right into Landig’s starter pack with its oversized design. The viscose fabric makes this easy-to-wash top feel like an expensive and silky closet upgrade.

  • Available colors: 26
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large

Swap: These Pleated Wide Leg Trousers With A Secret Stretchy Waistband

As for the nonchalant trousers Landig recommends, this pair has a super wide-leg fit and anti-static fabric that is everywhere right now and looks absolutely effortless. They have pleated details and a hidden elastic built into the back of the waistband, so these chic pants are secretly seriously comfy.

  • Available colors: 32
  • Available sizes: X-Small Short — 2X

Dated Trend: Too Many Midi Skirts

Swap: This Structured Maxi Skirt That’s Made From On-Trend Denim

“Replace your midi skirt with a maxi for an updated look this season,” says Landig. “Look for a piece in either rigid denim or structured twill with a strong split in the front or back.” So, grab this denim maxi skirt that has all of the structured details she recommends. It comes with five real pockets and a slit on the back, so it’s easy to walk in this machine-washable denim skirt. Plus, the classic zipper and button on the waistband make it easy to pull on.

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: 2 — 20

Swap: This Midi Skirt That Has A Y2K-Inspired Cargo Vibe

To stay on this structured skirt trend, Landig says you get “bonus points for a utilitarian take with cargo pockets — my personal favorite. And this cotton-blend midi skirt has plenty of oversized pockets, which is combined with utility-style stitching to make the piece feel even more structured. There’s also a slit at the back and some spandex in this skirt to make it super cool and easy to wear.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

Dated Trend: Those Extra-Tiny Bags

Swap: This Oversized Vegan Leather Bag With Elevated Quilted Fabric

“I like big bags and I cannot lie. Alas, fashion meets function,” Landig says. “Gone are the days where the it bag could only hold a floating credit card and maybe a car key. Now, we have gone to the other end of the extreme: the bigger-the-better bag.”

So, reach for an oversized option like this seriously chic faux-leather purse. It comes with a quilted texture that adds some structure and amps up just how expensive and elegant it looks. Of course, with its on-trend large size, you get a bunch of room, built-in pockets, and a zipper on top to keep everything secure.

  • Available colors: 13

Swap: This Large Bag With A Summery Straw Design

If you love for your oversized bags to have a little more structure, reach for this straw bag that will definitely keep its shape. This adorable basket-like bag comes with leather straps on top and a matching tassel to contrast with the rope. It also has a zipper on top (a must) and a sand-proof design in case you take this woven bag to the beach.

  • Available colors: 2

Dated Trend: Too Many Skintight Skinny Jeans

Swap: These ‘90s-Inspired Baggy Jeans With A Classic Mid-Rise Fit

“This season, it is all about the baggy blue jean baby. Long and loose are the most sought after styles with the controversial farewell of skinny and cropped denim,” Landig explains. This pair of Levi’s is actually called the baggy jean, so you know they will fit right in with the trend. These pants have a comfy mid-rise waistband to make this cotton denim even more on-trend. Plus, this adorable pair comes with real pockets, adding function to fashion.

As for styling them, she suggests, “If this slouchy style is a touch out of your comfort zone, pair it back with elevated essentials like a crisp button-up, kitten heels, or a minimalist tank. Good genes (jeans) will take on a whole new meaning.”

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: 24 — 46

Swap: These Wide-Leg Jeans That Are So Structured

If wide-leg is more your vibe, these jeans are the ones to grab because the extra-wide leg looks more structured than baggy denim, and the non-stretch fabric is surprisingly comfortable and retains its shape. The high-waisted design balances out this dramatic loose-fitting style, so they’re easy to wear. They’re also finished off with some distressed details to give them a carefree, worn-in look.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Dated Trend: Only Yellow Gold-Tone Pieces

Swap: These Sterling Silver Hoops With A Standout Twisted Texture

“Gold isn’t going anywhere, but see this as a sign to invest in your silver capsule collection: a great hoop earring, ring, and chain necklace,” says Landig, and these sterling silver hoops are such an easy place to start. Not only will they stand out from gold pieces, but they have a unique twisted design that makes them distinctiive from your other hoops. They also have a tarnish-free finish, so they’ll last a long time in your collection.

  • Available sizes: 15mm — 60mm

Swap: This Sterling Silver Ring With A Unique Criss-Cross Design

Why should you start grabbing some silver pieces? Landing says, “As I build my looks each morning, I find myself gravitating towards silver. It feels modern, clean, and now — in a way my gold jewelry just isn’t.”

This budget-friendly sterling silver ring is perfect for adding to your new silver jewelry collection. It has a criss-cross design that feels like an updated, easy-to-wear version of a bunch of stacked rings. This unique design is durable enough to keep its shape no matter how often you style this tarnish-free ring.

  • Available sizes: 4 — 12

Swap: A Stunning Silver Necklace With A Classic Paper Clip Chain Style

This sterling silver necklace has the trendy paperclip chain style, so it will be so easy to work into your outfits and is an easy swap for yellow gold. It’s also slightly oversized, so it’s easy to layer this anti-tarnish necklace with your other on-trend silver pieces.

  • Available sizes: 18-inches — 36-inches

Dated Trend: Styling Leggings

Swap: These Cotton Cargo Pants With A Ton Of Comfy Features

“Whether it be the influence of nostalgic dressing or the refusal to return to ‘hard pants’ [...], cargo pants are back with some legitimate staying power,” explains Landig. This pair features a stretchy elastic waistband with a drawstring, so you’ll definitely reach them over denim. They also have buttons on the bottom that match the cargo pockets, so you can roll up the hem for a breezy capri length.

  • Available styles: 17
  • Available sizes: 12 Plus — 44 Plus

Swap: These Stretchy Cargo Pants With An Adjustable Hem

These machine-washable cargo pants do such a good job at hiding all of their secretly comfy details, like the elastic waist and stretchy fabric, because they look so structured. They also come with six deep pockets and built-in drawstrings to adjust the length so you can bunch up these soft cotton-blend cargo pants above sneakers.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

Dated Trend: Printed, Peasant-Style, Or Babydoll-Fit Dresses

Swap: A Square-Neck Midi Dress With A Subtle Rib Knit Texture

“When scrolling for your next summer frock, think French girl style: classic, effortless, and chic. Push your prints, baby-doll, or peasant dresses aside this season, and opt for a sleek silhouette instead,” Landig proclaims. “Slinky silks or ribbed knits give textural interest to a simple look and transition well from day to night. It’s a one and done look.”

This rib knit midi dress will definitely give you that sleek moment because it has such a straight cut with slits on each side to make it feel more breathable. The square neck design gives it the feel of a tank top with the look of an expensive piece that pairs with everything from sneakers to sandals.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X

Swap: This Glossy Satin Dress With Such A Sleek Silhouette

To add a silky option to your sleek dress collection, grab this satin midi dress. It has a draped cowl neckline that feels elevated and a flowy and slightly flared hem to balance it out. Even with its expensive-looking glossy fabric, this event-worthy spaghetti strap dress is completely machine-washable.

  • Available colors: 23
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Dated Trend: Dark Wash Denim

Swap: These Best-Selling White Suit Pants With Stretchy Accents

“White jeans and trousers are giving all other colorways a run for their money this season. Its lighter hue, in ecru, ivory, or cream, will instantly refresh your warm-weather closet and deliver an updated feel to a tried-and-true outfit,” says Landig.

These wide-leg pants are the easiest white pant go-to because the suit-like fabric will instantly make your outfit look structured and chic. They have 5% spandex and a ton of stretch with the elastic detail on the back of the waistband, so you’ll honestly reach for these pleated pants all the time.

  • Available colors: 34
  • Available sizes: X-Small Short — X-Large Long

Swap: These Comfy White Denim Jeans With A Funky Flare Cut

These cotton flare jeans are also a perfect white pants choice because they follow Landig’s advice to “choose relaxed silhouettes in a wide or straight leg and pair back to a tonal or monochrome palette for the most elevated of looks.”

The trendy flared shape also comes with four real pockets, so these jeans will be way more functional than jeggings. They’re also finished off with a bit of distressing on the pockets and a touch of stretchy spandex in the fabric to give them the perfect amount of movement.

  • Available colors: 15
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

Dated Trend: Over-The-Top Shirts & Blouses

Swap: A Minimalist Ribbed Tank With A Scoop Neckline

“A chic, minimalist tank is the top du jour this season,” says Landig. “Its fitted yet comfortable silhouette is the perfect topper to the voluminous bottoms that are trending hard.”

Not only does this tank have all of the minimalist vibes, but the neckline also has a cute scoop neck cut that is breathable yet elevated looking. The rib-knit fabric gives this machine-washable tank some structure and extra comfiness. It’s also light and stretchy, so you can wear this tank on the hottest days of the year without issue.

  • Available colors: 36
  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large

Swap: This Square Neck Rib Knit Tank With Easy-To-Style Straps

If square necklines are your go-to, this soft rib-knit tank is the minimalist top to reach for. It comes with thick straps that are easy (and comfy) to wear. Plus, it has a hip-length fit makes layering this machine-washable and super stretchy tank top a breeze.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X

Dated Trend: High-Waisted Pants

Swap: These Low-Rise Levi’s Jeans That Are Surprisingly Easy To Style

Personal stylist Allie McKenna says high-waisted pants and jeans aren’t “on the way out” — they’re just “pushed to the side.” Basically, it’s time to add a pair of low-rise jeans to your collection, and this pair is so easy to wear. They have a loose fit that feels comfier than any constricting high-waisted moment. They’re also made of structured cotton denim that won’t stretch out.

For a little encouragement, McKenna says, “low-rise jeans and pants these days are not Britney 2001 low, they’re hitting just below the belly button-ish so it’s not so scary. I always tell my clients that low rise is an OPTION. It’s not the end all be all for denim, but it’s a style you should add to your closet. Preferably in a wide leg or baggy silhouette.”

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: 24 — 32

Swap: These Soft Denim Capris With A Comfy Low Rise

These capris prove that low-rise can be so comfy because they’re made of a stretchy cotton-blend denim fabric. The rolled-up hemline makes this trendy denim feel breathable and look classic — even with the low rise. Plus, the on-trend waistband won’t gap, so it might just be comfier than your high-waisted pants anyway.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 12 Plus — 24 Plus

Dated Trend: Cold Shoulder Cutouts On Tops

Swap: This Stretchy Square Neck Tee That Looks Super Sleek

McKenna also recommends tossing those cold shoulder tops. “Truthfully these tops haven’t been a trend for a bit, but they were still around in a few different styles (one shoulder etc),” she explains. She prefers swapping them for a square neck top like this chic T-shirt. The thick and stretchy rayon and spandex blend fabric means this sleek tee can totally pass as a fitted blouse. Plus, this pull-on tee is way easier to style than a blouse with a ton of cutouts.

  • Available colors: 18
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

Swap: A Tie-Shoulder Blouse With An Updated Square Neck

If you want more of a blouse moment, this striped peplum tank fits like a blouse and gives you the square neckline that McKenna recommends. You also get adjustable tie straps with adorable bows, just in case you still want a shoulder detail when you swap out your cold shoulder tops.

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: Large Plus — 4X-Large Plus

Dated Trend: Cardigans With A Waterfall Fit

Swap: A Cropped Cardigan With An Cute Tie-Up Front Detail

TV style expert Michelle Washington suggests changing out any waterfall cardigans in your closet. “Waterfall cardigans have fallen out of fashion. If you really love the knit look, opt for a flattering cropped cardigan or a cable knit duster,” she notes. And this cropped cardigan is a such a versatile option. It has adorable little tie tassels on the front for multiple styling options, and the thick rib knit fabric makes this sweater feel of-the-moment. Even when it’s tied, this V-neck cardigan stays open to show off your top.

  • Available colors: 18
  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

Swap: A Long Duster Cardigan That’s Made From A Cozy Cable-Knit Fabric

If longer cardigans are more your thing, this cardigan has that adorable and snuggly duster length, just like McKenna suggests. The machine-washable fabric also has the cable-knit texture she mentioned to add some extra comfiness, which is great for chillier weather. This lightweight duster is also topped off with huge pockets (always a plus).

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

Dated Trend: Tie-Dye On Your Tops

Swap: An Oversized Tee With Quirky Yet Aesthetic Color-Blocking

“Tie-Dye shirts have been an on-and-off trend for decades, but this me, let this trend go,” says Washington. “There are other ways to enjoy color in your wardrobe! Opt for color blocking or accessories with bold colors.”

This adorable cropped T-shirt is the way to swap out those tired tie-dye pieces. The color-block detail goes all the way up onto the sleeves and even onto the slightly askew pocket to make this oversized tee stand out from your other color-blocking pieces.

  • Available colors: 25
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-large

Swap: A Soft & Textured Shirt With A Bunch Of Fun Color Options

This color-block button-up is made from a lightweight textured cotton fabric, so it’s perfect when you want a bunch of color and you want to be comfy. The extra-long fit has an oversized pocket on the front, and this pocket also adds to all of the color-blocking details (of course).

  • Available colors: 21
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Dated Trend: A Bunch Of Oversized Pieces

Swap: This Fitted Blazer That Looks Really Expensive

“Oversized clothing had its moment, but wearing more tailored looks will take your wardrobe a long way such as a tailored blazer or well fitted trousers,” says Washington.

This machine-washable blazer with pockets is more of a fitted moment than all of the oversized ones in your closet, and the chic linen-lined fabric gives it plenty of structure. It also comes with small shoulder pads and a sleek angled design at the front instead of bulky buttons, which makes it easy to wear with anything in your closet without looking too formal.

  • Available colors: 35
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

Swap: These Timeless Trousers With A Straight-Leg Fit

These straight-leg trousers from Lee are perfect to balance out all of the wide-leg trousers in your closet, and they have that a classic mid-rise fit. They’re topped off with a non-constricting waistband to make them just as comfy as flowy pants or leggings are.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 0 — 18

Dated Trend: Cut-Outs All Over Tops & Dresses

Swap: This Sleek & Stretchy Dress With A Long, Flowy Skirt

“Cut-out tops and dresses are a thing of the past, instead sleek, polished silhouettes are taking center stage,” says Grace Thomas, a Portland-based stylist and founder of Built Gracefully. Instead or wearing cut-out clothing, she recommends looking for “a simple column or halter silhouette that shows off just the right amount of skin.”

This sleek maxi dress is the perfect swap because it has that long, straight fit that she recommends and a loose, deep V neckline on the front and the back. Paired with the stretchy and flowy fabric, this neckline adds a slouchy touch that honestly feels so sweet yet chic.

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 4X-Large

Swap: A Mini Dress With An Adorable Tie-Up Halter

For a mini dress moment that feels updated and on-trend, grab this cutout-free dress. It has the chic Sophia Richie-inspired halter neck style that Thomas recommends and a flared skirt that’s not too flowy, so it will fit into the sleek dress trend. This stretchy cotton dress also has an adorable tie detail on the back of the halter neck.

  • Available styles: 46
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Dated Trend: Chunky Basketball Sneakers (AKA, Nike Air Force 1s)

Swap: These Leather & Suede Sneakers With A Slim Platform

“Basketball inspired shoes had their moment over the past few years with Nike AF1's and Dunks taking over the trend,” Thomas says. “However, we've started to see slimmer, retro styles take the place of these styles with Adidas Sambas and Gazelles jumping to the forefront.”

These black and white Sambas are perfect because she recommends looking for “black suede or leather,” and this pair is made of 100% leather with suede details. They have a sleek fit with a super small platform to stand out from all of your chunky sneakers.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: 6.5 — 14 (Men’s sizes)

Swap: This Gazelle Sneaker With The Chicest Suede Finish

Thomas also recommends these Gazelle sneakers because they have that same low-profile shape that’s so on-trend. They’re covered in chic suede fabric with 100% leather accents to give them that classic contrasting moment. You also get a flexible and comfy sole with these highly-recommended sneakers.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 4 — 14 (Men’s sizes)

Dated Trend: Uncomfortable Micro Mini Skirts

Swap: This Elastic Waist Skirt With A Trendy Sheath Cut

“The micro mini had a really good run, but this fall we are seeing column skirts as well as romantic tea length. You can pair them with a fitted top (and yes, crop tops still seem to be going strong) or throw on an oversized blazer to bring power dressing to a new level,” says Ashley Full, the co-founder of online luxury plus size fashion destination AMOUR781.

This tea-length pencil skirt is a great option because it has a simple yet structured fit that’s easy to pair with anything. It’s made of a super soft rib-knit fabric, so the longer length won’t feel constricting. It also has a high-waisted elastic waistband to ensure that it’s comfier than a micro mini, because you can simply pull it on.

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: Large Plus — 5X-Large Plus

Swap: This Tea-Length Skirt With A Ton Of Romantic Pleating

This A-line skirt has the en vogue length that Full recommends, and it’s covered in sweet pleats to make it even more flowy and romantic. It has an elastic waistband at the top of all of those lightweight pleats that will blend right in with the chic fabric while making this chic piece easy to wear.

  • Available styles: 37
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

Dated Trend: Head-To-Toe Black Outfits

Swap: This Colorful 2-Piece Set That’s Great For Mixing & Matching

“Head to toe black is something I personally love, but it is time to embrace more color,” says Full. “There are lots of wonderful pattern options in matching outfits to make styling easy with a cute two piece set.”

This floral two-piece set is the easiest option for adding a bunch of color because the base of the pattern is still neutral, so it won’t be too bold. Both pieces of this adorable and colorful set comes with trendy shorts and an open-front shirt that’s so easy to style with other pieces — even black tees.

  • Available colors: 20
  • Available sizes: Large Plus — 4X-Large Plus

Swap: This Glittery Blazer To Refresh You Black Blazer Collection

Don’t worry too much over giving up all-black outfits because Full says, “If you aren’t ready to totally give up an all black look, be ready to see lots of embellishments that bring these plain items to life — blazers adorned with chains, sequins, and grommets will be trending.”

So, be prepared with this glittery sequined blazer for a seriously elevated black outfit. These shiny details are backed with a soft and breathable fabric, so this sparkling look will be surprisingly comfy to throw over your usual all-black outfits. It also comes with buttons to make this glam jacket super easy to style.

  • Available colors: 7
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Dated Trend: Cowboy Boots *All* The Time

Swap: These Vegan Leather Moto Boots With Chunky Zippers & Buckles

Full also recommends changing out any cowgirl boots for a pair of moto boots, like this comfy pair. “The moto boot is making its great return,” she says. “It has been a few years since I have seen anyone rocking a great moto boot and I am happy to see them back in style since they can be paired with so many looks.”

Not only is this pair comfy, but it comes with all of the rock ‘n’ roll cool details that a good moto boot needs, including chunky straps, buckles, and zippers. No one will be able to tell that the inside of these structured faux-leather boots is lined with seriously soft fleece fabric and memory foam insoles.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 6 — 11

Dated Trend: Sweat Sets, Platforms & Beaded Jewelry

Swap: This Glossy Satin Blouse That’s Secretly Stretchy

Designer and founder of Abel Honor New York Kate Wasserbach Moore says, “As far as clothing, the sweat sets are on their way out. Footwear, I would say any platform shoe. Accessory: those youthful color beaded necklaces and those phone leash/bracelet things are also out!” Instead, she says, “I’d start with a nice blazer and crispy sateen button-down.”

This satin blouse will give you that expensive-looking base she recommends, and it’s actually super budget-friendly if you aren’t ready to invest in a $500 top. Not only does it have a luxurious glossy finish, but it’s also secretly stretchy to make this chic button-up surprisingly comfy. It’s also just as easy to take care of as those sweat sets because it’s machine-washable.

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

Swap: This Easy-To-Wash Blazer That Keeps Its Structure

As for the blazer that Wasserbach Moore recommends over your satin blouse, this long blazer is the perfect option because it has all of the chic and structured details you’ll need, with a classic collar, buttons, and even pocket details. It also has 8% spandex, so this structured swap will still feel comfy. Plus, she says, “You can wear your blazer over anything, at any time, for any occasion.”

  • Available colors: 10
  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X