Cleo Wade Stars In Ugg's First Ready-To-Wear Campaign

Featuring your favorite '80s loungewear trend.

Cleo Wade Stars in Ugg's Ready To Wear Campaign

If you’re a human person with an Instagram account, you’ve probably stumbled across the work of Cleo Wade at one point or another. The writer and activist has been an IG mainstay for years, drawing in audiences with her raw poetry and insightful take on everything from motherhood to social justice.

Most recently, Wade teamed up with Ugg for the launch of the brand’s new ready-to-wear collection, which features a wide range of everyday essentials, including cropped hoodies, cashmere pants, and relaxed joggers.

The collaboration ended up being a personal affair for Wade as she recruited her best friend — who also happens to be a filmmaker — to bring the project to life.

“I feel lucky that UGG chose to center my community in this launch,” Wade tells Bustle. “They just asked that we all be ourselves. My best friend Liza Voloshin shot the collection at my house, which made me feel really comfortable. Not just because the clothes are so cozy, but because it felt nice and safe during quarantine to work with people I know.”

It probably also helps that Wade has been a longtime fan of the brand, which first rose to fashion fame in the early 2000s with its ultra cozy, sheepskin-lined boots. “I saved and saved to own a pair of UGG shoes in the New Orleans summer,” she shares. “Do you know how hot it was in Louisiana in the summer?”

These days, Wade’s still sporting her UGG boots, as well as some newfound favorites. Ahead, she walks Bustle through some must-haves from the collection.


Wade especially loves the cropped hoodie which brings back a beloved '80s loungewear staple. “I pretty much always have to have at least one really comfortable piece of clothing on,” she says.


As for her daily uniform, she's partial to sets. “I just love the sweatsuit. I wear it every day. I love wide-leg sweatpants.” She even wore the look for the official campaign photos.


Alongside choosing comfortable pieces, like these cozy shorts, Wade is choosing to use this time as a chance to relax and recharge. “If I’m being honest, this hasn’t been a particularly creative period for me," she admits. "That said, I don’t believe in writer's block. When new ideas or the writing isn’t coming to me, I usually take that as a sign that it’s time for me to listen instead. That it’s time for me to be open to learning and hearing others.”


“[Self-care] is a little all over the place," explains Wade, who also loves to lounge in the oversize hoodie. "Finding my way through motherhood and working to make sure my employees and family members are OK during this time has made every day feel so different and require different types of self-care routines.”


When she goes out on walks, she might choose a functional piece that works for outdoors, like these relaxed joggers. “Some days I need a heavier investment in sleep, some days I need a heavier investment in family time, some days it’s a long walk alone or a podcast in the tub," she explains. "And, of course, my favorite self-care act, which is always free — taking a deep breath.”