Watch This Beauty Guru Create A Look Inspired By Her Favorite Snack

Inspiration can pop out from anywhere, right?

For hair and makeup guru Joyjah Estrada, the latest jolt of inspo came from somewhere totally unexpected — her favorite LAY'S® Poppables™ Honey BBQ Flavored Potato Snacks. These light, airy puffs are seasoned with sweet honey barbecue on the inside and out, and for Estrada they made for the perfect jumping off point for a fall makeup look full of warm yellows and eye-popping orange.

To start off, Estrada picked a single feature — in this case, her eyes — to focus on. With this look, she turned to orange shadow with a yellow gradient, plus white graphic liner that refuses to be ignored. One of her go-to tips is to pick one focal point to highlight, like eyes or lips; if you try to make everything stand out, it's easy to get overwhelmed and your look won't pack the same punch.

The Belize-born influencer anchors her technique in the enhance-don't-change rule. For some, this may mean letting that beautiful pale complexion shine through, or no longer over-lining your lips to give the illusion of a bigger pout.

“My beauty style consists of very natural makeup that embraces my skin: tinted moisturizer, lots of bronzer, rosy and blushed-out cheeks, lip gloss and sometimes lipstick, brows that are groomed like sisters and not twins...and of course my big, curly hair," she tells Bustle. “I want to enhance how I look, not completely change myself!”

Estrada encourages her fans to remember that creating a new makeup look should not only be a means to an end, but it should actually be enjoyable, too!

"I’m always honest that practice makes perfect," Estrada notes. "A graphic liner look like this one may require a couple attempts before it’s ready to take out on the town.”

Oh, and her biggest beauty secret of them all? One word: Confidence.

“I am always celebrating women, whether it’s in my personal life or via my platforms,” Estrada said. “I want to spread positivity, lift others up, and promote confidence, no matter who you are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and I really want my followers to not just know that, but to exude self-love in the real world!”

OK, count us in. Check out the tutorial below, and maybe even try out this eye-popping look yourself.

Watch Here!

This article is sponsored by LAY'S® Poppables™.