Weird Beauty Products So Many People Are Obsessed With

From snail mucin to coffee scrubs, shoppers are all in.

by Madison Barber
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Weird Beauty Products So Many People Are Obsessed With
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It’s no secret that Amazon is an amazing one-stop shop for all sorts of products, including those you want to add to your beauty routines. There’s everything from makeup brushes, to face masks, to ice rollers. And with reviews that shoppers leave, you’ll never be in the dark about whether or not a product is worth the hype.

I took it upon myself to comb throuh the best of the best right now, all with rave reviews from real people who’ve successfully added these products to their daily beauty routines. Check out the 40 I found right here:


These Deodorant Wipes To Help You Freshen Up Quickly Throughout The Day

If you’re constantly on-the-go throughout the day, it’s a nice reset to smell just as good as you did prior to your sweaty commute. These underarm wipes are made with coconut milk and a mix of essential oils to help neutralize any less-than-delightful armpit odors and help you feel fresh all day. Plus, they’re even gentle on the most sensitive skin types.

One reviewer raves: “I have always suffered from bad odor on my underarms since I have very delicate skin, so I can't use strongly scented deodorants. I'm always trying out cream deodorant or gels, but it either irritates my skin or it doesn't stop my bad odor. THIS IS THE BEST INVENTION EVER. I LOVE IT! I can't believe that something finally works! My armpits don't smell bad; I can finally move my arms freely. The scent is wonderful, I love the smell and [it’s] not harsh on my skin. Even after a long day, my underarms are still smelling like coconut.”


These Glycolic Acid-Soaked Pads That Give You A Newly-Bright Complexion

Having a glowy complexion is all the rage these days, and these glycolic acid cleansing pads are one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve it. Formulated with resurfacing glycolic acid, blue daisy (which calms the skin), and hyaluronic acid (which hydrates), a few swipes of these cleansing pads will give you an undoubtedly bright and smooth complexion.

One reviewer raves: “I have huge pores, acne scars, discoloration and poor skin texture. I'm sad I didn't hear about glycolic acid sooner!! Started off using these pads 1x per day then moved up to 2x as soon as my skin was used to it. I've been using them for about 1.5 months and the progress my skin has made is astonishing. I will continue to buy these for many months to come!”


This Microneedle Derma Roller That Helps Serums Soak In

The thought of 540 baby needles rolling over your skin may sound a little scary, but these don’t hurt and have tons of amazing skin-care benefits. This derma roller not only saves you a trip to a pricey esthetician, but also gently exfoliates your skin to help refresh a dull-looking complexion. It can even help your serums better absorb into your skin, making this an easy go-to.

One reviewer raves: “In ONE night, I had seen more progress than I had in THREE years. This is a miracle. I can’t believe it. My skin was smoother than it had ever been, the texture was so even. I’m so happy. People with indentations and atrophic scars, THIS IS YOUR HOLY GRAIL.”


These Reusable Cotton Rounds That Are Oh-So-Soft

Cotton rounds are a must-have in the bathroom cabinet for those with set skin-care routines, but the disposable ones create so much unnecessary waste. Luckily, these bamboo cotton pads are totally reusable, giving you the softness and effectiveness of the disposable drugstore versions but without the waste — just throw them in the wash when you’re done with them!

One reviewer raves: “This is my first time using any form of reusable cotton rounds, I’ve been wanting to try them out since I go through many cotton rounds in a week. I’ve been using these rounds for about 5 days now and so far they work as they should! I like how thick each round is because it allows me to use each side separately. I usually use 1 side to take of my makeup and the other side to wipe off any excess toner from my face. So far, I’d recommended these to anyone.”


This Snail Mucin That Gives Skin An Unbeatable Glow

While the idea of putting snail mucin on your face may make you want to run for the hills, I promise the skin-care benefits of said task make it all worth it. This skin essence is a must-have for anyone struggling with super-dry skin, given it works to deeply hydrate and nourish without feeling heavy or greasy on your skin at all. There’s a reason it’s such a fan-favorite in the beauty world today.

One reviewer raves: “It absorbs quickly and my skin is more radiant, evenly toned, and it has GREATLY decreased the appearance of pores on my nose, as well as the furrow between my eyebrows [...] I am VERY happy and eager to see more noticeable changes!”


This Caffeine-Infused Eye Cream

This is not just any eye cream! It’s a shea-butter-based eye cream that’s rich in vitamins E, B, and C that minimizes fine lines, and helps de-puff the under-eye area while it works its magic. Infused with rejuvenating ingredients like caffeine, this eye cream leaves your tired-looking under-eye area looking refreshed and less puffy, even if you only got a couple of hours of sleep the night before.

One reviewer raves: “The eye cream has a nice texture and a clean smell. It took only about 2 weeks to see the results.”


A Cleansing Balm That’s The Perfect First Step For Your Nightly Skin-Care Routine

If you’re not double cleansing at night to remove sunscreen and makeup from the day, you’re missing out on a crucial skincare step. This cleansing balm has just 10 ingredients (so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin), and works to effectively remove anything that’s been sitting on your face all day, without leaving an icky residue in its wake. Follow with a gentle, water-based cleanser and your skin will feel as clean as can be!

One reviewer raves: “I honestly have not a single complaint for this product [...] I have some pretty awful eczema and I have very sensitive skin so finding a good makeup remover that was also affordable was almost impossible. Then I found this and I am in love! I use this all the time and a little goes a long way! [...] The Juno and Co cleansing balm is very smooth, melts easy, actually gets all the makeup off, and doesn’t leave my skin greasy like almost everything else. If you’re on the fence... BUY IT!”


This Icy-Cold Facial Roller That De-Puffs & Rejuvenates Tired Skin

As an owner of this ice roller myself, I can personally tell you how much this saves me on mornings after too much to drink or too little sleep. Keep this roller in your freezer overnight and gently maneuver it across your face in the a.m. to de-puff and soothe — this is a holy grail especially if you frequently get headaches.

One reviewer raves: “Extremely affordable and feels great on my face right when [I] wake up in the morning!! I can feel the difference after a couple of rolls along my puffy eyes and face. It soothes my puffiness with the cold but [b]earable feeling. And it does stay cool for a good amount of time.”


This Glowy, Lightly-Scented Serum That Looks Amazing Under Makeup

If you’re a fan of watermelon and dewy skin (who isn’t, really?), you’ll be obsessed with this serum from cult-favorite beauty brand Glow Recipe. Beloved by beauty influencers and makeup artists alike, this glowy niacinamide serum helps to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation and strengthen the skin barrier, all while looking gorgeous as a primer under makeup. And the watermelon scent is divine!

One reviewer raves: “Oh my gosh! No, really, oh my flippin gosh! Good golly twice! After using this, my skin feels so soft and the light hits it just right, but, like, every light everywhere hits me just right. I’ve sworn off matte products because this made me fall in love with a dewy, fresh face. Don’t be afraid of the scent, its gentle, pleasant, and briefly lived. Great under makeup.”


These Foot Peel Masks That Give You Baby-Soft Feet Within 14 Days

If you’re struggling with the thought of sandal season exposing your ultra-dry and cracked heels and feet, don’t fret. This foot peel mask will give you baby-soft, supple feet in just two weeks. Leave the plastic booties on your feet for an hour, and they’ll start to peel and reveal just-went-for-a-pedicure feet after seven to 14 days.

One reviewer raves: “I can't decide if I'm grossed out or amused but this product is worth more than any pedicure you can receive if you're wanting to rid of dead skin. [...] Buy it people!”


This Marshmallow Root-Based Face Mask That Provides A Boost Of Hydration

Marshmallow root extract will be your new favorite ingredient if you struggle with dry, flaky, and sensitive skin — and it’s found in this luscious face mask from bliss. With a delicious whipped appearance and a paraben-, phthalate-, SLS- and cruelty-free formula, this mask will deliver the hydration your tired skin wants.

One reviewer raves: “This is by FAR my FAVE mask EVER!!!!!! I have tried many face masks and this one is PERFECT!!!! It is SO light just like a marshmallow! It goes on so light and fluffy and then once I wash it off, my face feels extremely clean and looks brighter!!!! I do this mask a couple times a week and love it! I can’t wait to try other products by this company!!!!!”


An Exfoliating Brush For The First Step In Your Pre-Shave Routine

If you’re struggling with tons of angry red bumps and ingrown hairs on your skin after you shave, exfoliating with this exfoliating brush beforehand can make those things a distant memory. Use on wet or dry skin (in the shower is probably the most convenient) in gentle, circular motions to get rid of dead skin cells and bring hairs to the surface for easier shaving.

One reviewer raves: “ [...] This little brush works wonders [...] I noticed that my hair is finally growing outwards and my pores are easy to open so I can get the infected hair out. I definitely recommend this, I use it on wet skin when [I] shower and [in the] mornings before moisturizing.”


This Remedy Balm That Soothes Angry Skin

If your skin is inflamed, cracked, itchy, and irritated, this remedy balm will make it feel better. It is the non-chemical answer to everything from razor burn to saddle sores to chapped lips and dry hands. It is infused with tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender as well as vitamins E and C to repair the damage the world has done to your skin.

One reviewer raves: “I am still in disbelief with how fast this worked for me… cleared up in one day. I highly recommend [it and wish] I could give it more stars. This product is absolutely amazing.”


This Milky Hand Cream Literally Made With Oat Milk

One skin problem I’m constantly trying to soothe? Dry, cracked hands. A hand cream like this is surely something I’d reach for to remedy this issue, given its milky formula that includes lush ingredients like oat milk, marshmallow root extract, and shea butter, which provide the utmost moisture for your mitts. It’s even compact enough to throw into your purse when you’re out and about.

One reviewer raves: “ [...] Great product and really helps my hands during wintertime chafing. My job also required me to wash my hands many times an hour and this helps [soothe] the irritated skin.”


A Hair Scrunchie Made From Gentle & Quick-Drying Microfiber

It’s no beauty secret that microfiber hair towels are gentler on your locks than traditional cotton, especially when they’re wet. This microfiber hair scrunchie provides your wet or dry hair with the same gentle softness, but allows you to throw it in a cute up-do if you want to without any damage. Grab this two-pack in any of the eight colors or patterns available.

One reviewer raves: “I ordered this because I was sick of keeping a towel on my head for so long while my hair dried, and if I didn't have a towel, my shirt was soaking wet from my hair after a shower. For reference, I had very long, thick hair and it takes a while to air dry - and [I]'m so happy I found this [scrunchie]! It's a lot bigger in person than it looks in the image, which is great because it covers more of your hair to help dry it. No more heavy towels on my head or tight towel wraps.”


These Disposable, Biodegradable Face Towels That Don’t Carry Icky Bacteria

Did you know that using your shower towel that sits in the bathroom all day long can actually be super gross? These extra-large towels from the Clean Skin Club are free of any icky bacteria (including E. coli — yuck!) that your shower towels can harbor, giving you the cleanest surface possible to dry your face off. Each in this 50 count is also 100% biodegradable!

One reviewer raves: “When I put in the effort to wash my face with a good cleanser, and I’m about to apply my skincare products, the last thing I want is to be putting a load of bacteria onto my skin. Sadly, that’s what so many people do by using a regular towel for their face. [...] Enter Clean Towels! Ever since I used them at a friend’s place I’m hooked. They are super clean and have no bad smells at all. They make me feel way better than the other one-use towels because they are biodegradable and made more [sustainably].”


This Exfoliating Egg White Face Mask That’s A K-Beauty Fave

Did you know egg whites have exfoliating properties that can work wonders on your skin? This egg white face mask from beloved K-beauty brand SKINFOOD can help to minimize the appearance of exaggerated pores and reduce sebum production for super glowy, smooth skin. Keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes after a gentle cleanse for best results.

One reviewer raves: “Love this product!! You do have to use it a few times to see real results but definitely does work. Most of my [blackhead] issues are on my nose and on the very sides of it. This mask (along with other [SKINFOOD] products) have really helped the blackheads issue AND made my skin feel amazing and is now less oily! It has a nice scent and is [thick] so a little goes a long way.”


This Foot Callus File For Spa-Level Pedicures At Home

Stubborns calluses on your feet are the worst, especially when you want to show off your cute new summer sandals. This callus-removing file will give you pedi-ready feet in no time, even if nothing has worked in the past to de-crack your feet and heels. Made from durable stainless steel, this file will give you the baby-soft feet of your dreams — just make sure to use gently to avoid nicking yourself.

One reviewer raves: “[I]f you, like me, basically have hooves for heels, then this may be [your] new holy grail of extraneous foot skin removal. [...] Scaly, nasty hobbit-feet? This is the cheese grater for you. It'll change your life. Or just your feet. Or both!”


A Face Mask Gel That Hydrates

This face mask taps the power of seaweed and hyaluronic acid to deeply nourish, plump, and moisturize your skin in 20 minutes, leaving you with a dewy complexion and softer skin with fewer fine lines. It’s loaded with antioxidants, like rosehip and jojoba, to undo the damage done by the environment. It won’t dry like a clay mask but instead feels moist until you remove it.

One reviewer raves: “This is one of the best masks I have ever used. It leaves my skin young looking and moisturized.”


This Eyelid & Lash Cleaning Spray That Helps Eliminate Bacteria Fast

If you wear contacts, have eyelash extensions, or struggle with conditions like blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), you’re going to want this cleaning solution spray in your beauty stash. This is made with 0.01% pure hypochlorous acid that disinfects your eyelids and eyelashes with just a spritz or two. Use it once in the a.m. and once again before bed for reduced irritation and bacteria buildup.

One reviewer raves: “I have suffered from Blepharitis and dry eyes for many years. This is the first product that has ever helped me. [...] This is the real deal. Try it. A wonder cleaner for your eyes! [Also] effective for contact lens intolerance. [...] I can now wear eye makeup after many years. I am thrilled.”


This pH-Balancing Cleanser That Cleans Without Stripping

It can be tricky to find a daily cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin, which is why I’m thrilled that this COSRX gel cleanser exists. This inexpensive yet extremely effective cleanser helps balance the pH level of your skin, restore your skin barrier, and cleanse without your face feeling super tight after.

One reviewer raves: “I was really hesitant to try this product at first. [...] I caved and got it for myself when I ran out of my usual morning cleanser and I have never made a wiser decision in my life! [...] It's an incredibly gentle cleanser that I like to use in the morning (or at night, when I spent the day at home). It foams up [quite] nicely and doesn't irritate my really sensitive skin. I've already gone through 1.5 bottles of this and I've already ordered a backup. Would highly recommend to anyone who is on-the-fence about ordering it!”


A Foaming Cleanser That’s Ultra-Effective For Oily Skin Types

Is your skin type on the oilier side? This face wash from beloved skincare brand Farmacy might be a great cleanser option for you. Formulated with purifying moringa seed and green clay, as well as papaya enzyme for light exfoliation, this face wash is perfect for removing any buildup of oil and pollution generated throughout the day.

One reviewer raves: “Just a dab goes a long way! Nice sudsing when warm water added. It just glides on as it lifts dirt off. So very gentle, yet very effective. My skin feels great! [...] I will purchase again. The perfect cleanser!”


This Rice Water-Based Cleanser That Leaves Skin Super Supple

While on the topic of great cleansers, I definitely don’t want to fail to mention this super-moisturizing foam cleanser made with rice water, moringa oil, and soap wort. This is the perfect second step in a double cleanse routine, as it cleans and leaves your skin feeling perfectly moisturized and bright after removing any makeup or sunscreen buildup from the day.

One reviewer raves: “Let me start off by saying that I don't usually write reviews unless I absolutely love the product. [...] I wasn't really paying any attention to my face afterwards because I usually wash it at night before I go to bed. Well yesterday I used this in the shower in the morning. After going through my normal routine, I look in the mirror to start my makeup. I actually surprised myself! I was quite shocked when I saw how nice my skin looked! I didn't even really need foundation! My skin looked bright, even, and soft. I will continue using this product for years to come now that I've noticed the difference.”


A Set Of Spot Patches For Reducing Pimple Inflammation

Everyone needs a stash of hydrocolloid patches in their possession, and these from Rael come in a big pack of 96. These patches have an invisible design, blending perfectly into the skin while helping heal and reduce the size of any pimples on the surface (especially whiteheads!). Plus, they come in two sizes (10 and 12 millimeter), so you can apply the appropriate size patch to your blemishes.

One reviewer raves: “I have never had this happen in my life until recently, but there’s a spot on my chin where I’ve had recurring acne. I had heard about this product before and was so excited to try them. I was very skeptical, but after one try I LOVE these!! When I removed the patch from my problem area, I could see on the spot itself [...]The swelling had gone down significantly, and there was no longer a visible head on my zit. I was seriously shocked.”


This Foam-Maker That Turns Your Cleanser Lush & Bubbly

If you’re not a fan of the consistency of your cleanser, try making it into a foamy, whipped consistency instead. This foam maker transforms your water-based cleansers into this marshmallow-like foam in a flash, helping to better cleanse your skin and reduce the overproduction of oil. Plain and simple, it’s also super fun to play with.

One reviewer raves: “SO AMAZING! So surprised this isn't a ‘must-have’ tool. It only requires a dime-sized drop of face-wash for a full container of foam. The foam feels very luxurious, and by the end of the wash, your skin will feel very soft and taken care of.”


An Exfoliating Coffee Scrub That Reveals Glowing, Smooth Skin All Over

A body scrub is a must-have self care item to keep in your stash, and this coffee-based scrub is one of the best out there. This acts as a great exfoliator for all over, helping to reduce a buildup of dead skin cells, prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, and just make every square inch of your body feel baby-smooth.

One reviewer raves: “ [...] I have been using this exfoliant on my face, hands, elbows/knees, legs and feet [...] The smell is amazing and I have found it to be super [moisturizing] to my skin and rough spots. Overall I am so far satisfied with this product and the price point is nice as well compared to others on the market.”


This Hair Wrap To Throw On Before Your Skin-Care Routine Or Makeup Application

If you have a skin-care regimen or apply makeup often, you’re going to want a pack of these microfiber hair wraps to keep your locks out of your face during your routine. You get a set of four of them and they make it easy to wrap your hair up so it stays out of the way. They are also great for wrapping up wet hair after a shower because they are so thirsty.

One reviewer raves: “These towels are amazing. Soft and easy to use. They wick away a lot more water than I thought. They're comfy and so much lighter than wrapping a bath towel in my hair.”


A Hair Spray That Touches Up Your Root Color In A Flash

You don’t need to make an appointment at the hair salon when your roots need a quick touch-up — this root spray exists. This spray comes in eight different shades that mimic traditional hair hues and acts as a temporary color corrector for any different-colored roots that come through your tresses. Plus it dries in only three minutes!

One reviewer raves: “I have brunette hair. This product matches my color to conceal my roots between coloring. It adheres well, doesn't smear, is precise and not messy to apply. I use it frequently (my hair grows rapidly) and continue to order it. I've ordered other concealers that did not have these benefits.”


This Tea Tree & Peppermint Body Wash That Heals Your Skin

If your skin itches, gets rashes, you’ve been attacked by bugs, or your skin emits a smell you can’t seem to shake, this tea tree oil body wash will fix it. Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and odor eliminator. Paired with mint, a rich assortment of vitamins, aloe, and other healing essential oils it becomes a powerful tool in your all-over skincare routine.

One reviewer raves: “I have been buying this for myself and the whole family [...] after a long search for a body soap that would help my psoriasis. It is an absolute godsend for my skin and ended up helping my boyfriend’s foot fungal issues from wearing steel-toed boots at work all day long. You feel so clean after using and doesn’t leave any residue and the smell is great. Won’t use anything else at this point!”


These Silicone Brushes That Help Keep Face Mask Containers Bacteria-Free

Considering how often face masks come in tubs, it’s important to prevent the spread of bacteria from your fingertips by using these silicone brushes to scoop out product. This pack of two brushes will always come in handy when it comes to self-care, and they even make it easier to spread your go-to mask across your skin without getting your hands all messy.

One reviewer raves: “I love these! I no longer dread putting on my face products. I was using my fingers to apply the product to my face, it was so messy and got in my nails too. When I came across these silicone brushes I knew I had to have them. They are amazing and the low price is a steal. These brushes really changed my routine. I use my facial products more often because I'm no longer worried about the annoying mess. The silicone brush is very flexible and spreads the product on my face nicely. Cleaning the brush is a simple task, just rinse and pat dry. Highly recommended!”


A Portable Face Roller That Helps Eliminate The Appearance Of Oil

Steamy summer weather means shine tends to come through on your skin more often, a problem that this oil-absorbing face roller aims to fix. This highly-rated Revlon product is made from volcanic stone that absorbs oil in an instant, leaving behind a mattified complexion. Plus, this tool is small enough to throw in your bag and bring with you on-the-go.

One reviewer raves: “First off, if you have extremely oily skin, this. [I]s. [I]t. I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face. I saw this on [TikTok] and NEEDED it. [...] Not only is it affordable, but it's washable which helps you save money and be less wasteful. The packaging wasn't over the top exciting, but it provided you all the info you needed. (It felt like the holy grail had been delivered to my front doorstep.) After my first use, I was in love. [...] I am so excited this product exists and I already feel more confident.”


A Set Of Makeup Sponges That Work Just As Well As Their Pricey Competitors

Anyone who uses any sort of coverage product needs this fantastic set of blending sponges, which come in a pack of five for just 10 bucks. Not only is this whole pack cheaper than just one Beauty Blender, but they’re super soft and bouncy, and remain that way once you get them damp. Plus, the tip of the egg-shaped sponge helps you get into the nooks and crannies of your face with ease.

One reviewer raves: “I'm so excited about these. [...] These blend out beautifully. They are soft like the expensive sponges. Usually when you order cheap sponges they are rock hard even when you wet them. These aren't like that at all. These are a [Beauty Blender] dupe (possibly even better) for a fraction of the price. I won't be wasting my money on sponges [...] anymore.”


This Rich Body Cream That’s A Cult-Favorite For A Reason

If you have dry, chapped, sensitive, scaly, or any other adjective that describes skin in need of moisture, you need this body cream from Weleda Skin Food. This brand is a fan-favorite for a reason — it offers an ultra-rich layer of moisture from its pansy, chamomile, and calendula-based formula. It even adds a nice glow to your skin that looks fabulous under makeup when you use it as a moisturizer or primer.

One reviewer raves: “ [...] I have been using this for less than a week and it is a wonder product. [I use] a tiny amount, warmed up in my hands first, across my cheekbones and forehead and then patted into the skin. I feel there has almost been a ‘blurring’ effect on my skin. Like a real life filter! This is such a reasonable price and I would recommend at least giving it a go. I don’t know why I waited so long!”


This Leave-In Conditioner Spray That Gives Locks A Smooth & Shiny Upgrade

Leave-in conditioner is a must-have in the hair-care routine, especially if your strands are on the dry side. This leave-in conditioning and detangling spray helps even brittle locks stay hydrated, soft, and silky, and works to promote faster hair growth that reviewers can testify to. Plus, it’s sulfate- and paraben-free and is made with delicious ingredients like caffeine, ginseng, and vitamin E (which promotes a healthy scalp!).

One reviewer raves: “I have been using this [...] for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed thickening of my hair and growth [...] My hair normally takes forever to grow. So seeing any kind of growth at all in 2 weeks to me is a miracle. It also smells wonderful and makes my hair feel amazingly soft!!”


A Scalp Massager That Removes Dead Skin & Product Buildup While You Shampoo

If you’re often spraying products and dry shampoo on your scalp, chances are there’s buildup forming up there that your fingers can’t always remove while shampooing. This scalp massaging brush can help to eliminate that buildup on your scalp thanks to its silicone bristles that really get in there — it also can increase circulation, which can even help hair grow faster.

One reviewer raves: “This product is a must have for those who suffer from dandruff or build up! I suffer from sensitive scalp and a lot of build up no matter what I try! But this helps sooo much. I've tested on wet and dry hair and works amazing! When using this in the shower I KNOW my scalp is going to be CLEAN when I'm done.”


This Rosewater Face Mask That Soothes Irritated Skin

Rosewater is ideal for soothing skin, making this rosewater mask a super-product for your skin-care stash. This mask utilizes the power of rose stem cells for rejuvenating and calming dry and irritated skin, and even has aloe vera and hyaluronic acid included as well for extra hydration and moisture. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes for a transformed complexion.

One reviewer raves: “[...] I love this product. It makes my skin feel so soft and fresh and hydrated! I love the scent of roses, and it isn't a heavy overpowering perfume-y scent, just a nice natural rose, softly perfumed. My teenage daughter keeps stealing it and using it as a daily moisturizer, she loves it too, lol! It never makes her break out and I don't have any adverse skin or chemical reactions to it. Win, win!”


A Continuous Mist Spray Bottle That Makes Hair Styling Easier

Spray bottles are an ideal tool to incorporate into your hair-care routine, no matter how simple or complicated it is. This spray bottle has a continuous misting function, making spraying anything from water to leave-in conditioner the simplest task in your hair styling routine. It not only has a fine mist that last over a second, but it also has 360-degree spraying that can cover a large area of your locks.

One reviewer raves: “I love this product. It's literally a fancy spray bottle. I use it to spray my hair with water, leave -in conditioner, and coconut oil. It's got a fine mist so it won't soak your hair completely and it has a longer hold time so you can spray a spritz or have it come out just like when using an aerosol spray.”


These Nail Clips That Help Quickly Remove Gel Polish

Whether you anxiously peel your polish off yourself or use clunky foil to keep polish remover in place, the methods of removing gel polish are never easy or effective — until now. These soak off clips clamp right onto your nails to keep gel polish remover in place, dissolving anything on your nails in just a few minutes. They’re reusable, so you can save money anytime you want a new mani color.

One reviewer raves: “I love gel nail polish. But it is hard to remove. I have wrapped my nails in tin foil, but this is cumbersome and messy. These clips are essentially like clothes pins. They clip on your nails and hold a polish remover cotton ball in place. I do one hand at a time. Put on the clips and 5 minutes later, the polish is gone. I recommended this product to both of my sisters.”


This Flat-Top Brush That Efficiently Applies & Blends Foundation

You’ll never spend a ton on fancy foundation brushes again once you realize the magic of this 10 dollar Kabuki brush. This flat top brush has dense yet soft synthetic bristles that don’t absorb product like other brushes and sponges, making it ideal for blending and buffing out any coverage products (and making it easier to clean!).

One reviewer raves: “[...] This brush is amazing and it outshines my expensive Bare Minerals brand brushes to an extent that is almost comical! Not only is it super soft but it blends the makeup beautifully into my skin. It holds pigment so well that I have even noticed that I am going through my makeup less quickly than I was before. [...] I am now convinced that there is no better foundation brush than this one. [...] It's a complete steal for around $10 and I'm never buying a $50+ foundation brush ever again!”


This Detangling Hair Brush That Works On Every Hair Type

There’s a reason this detangling brush has over 60,000 stellar reviews — it works on both wet and dry hair, is suitable for all hair types, whether you have tight, coily hair or fine, straight strands, and has cone-shaped plastic bristles that are extremely gentle and won’t cause tugging or ripping. It detangles like a dream and actually feels good going through your locks, unlike other brushes that make haircare a daunting task.

One reviewer raves: “I'm a single dad of a 6 [year] old girl and combing her hair is the hardest part of taking care of her. She gets really bad knots in her hair. This brush is the only thing that has ever worked. Thank you so much. She even likes to comb her own hair now.”

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