Weird Beauty Products That Actually Work So Freaking Well

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Some beauty products are straightforward. Moisturizer hydrates your skin, lipstick gives your pout a romantic red hue, and eyebrow pencils give your brows definition. But there are other beauty products that are a little weirder but do amazing things.

Just how do the weird beauty products on this list work better than most of the everyday products we all love? Don’t worry — we’ll go through all the secrets behind these quirky beauty products. And if you don’t really care about ingredients, you just want to grab products that work super freaking well — this list is still the place to be.

There’s a handmade thermal nail polish that’s full of metallic shimmer. This small-batch polish changes colors depending on the temperature, which is honestly way more genius than it is weird. This list also has a gently exfoliating lip tint with the best formula and a handy keychain.

Sometimes TikTok doesn’t lie, and that trendy bubbling face mask actually exfoliates your skin. I also finally get to the bottom of the gold face mask trend. I’ll give you hint: the 24K nano gold mask on this list is super soothing.

It’s true: sometimes those weird beauty products you see on Amazon actually work. So, let’s get into these quirky products so we can all replace a few of our boring ones.


A Peel-Off Mask With Skin Softening Diamond Power

This seriously illuminating peel-off mask is formulated with diamond powder. This extra-luxe ingredient gives you replenished, super soft skin. It’s also complete with soothing white water lily extract and illuminating turnip leaf extract. This 20-minute mask also has a creamy formula that easily peels off like a sheet mask.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That Gives You A Gentler, Quicker Drying Routine

These twist-up hair towels are way easier than dealing with an oversized bath towel on your head. The elastic loop at the back keeps the microfiber-blend towel super secure while your hair dries. Plus, soft material will actually absorb water to make your drying routine quicker while being gentler on your hair, which helps to protect your locks from frizz and damage.


The Waterproof Eyeliner Stamps That’ll Give You Flawless Wings

No more making each wing slightly larger to match the other (which quickly gets out of hand) with these waterproof eyeliner stamps. This pack comes with two stamps designed for each eye so your wings are guaranteed to match with almost zero effort. These dual-sided eyeliner pens also have a regular eyeliner tip to finish off each eye for a smudge-free look.


The Makeup-Removing Towel That Only Needs Water To Work

Instead of testing out a bunch of cleansing balms and oils, grab this polyester makeup-erasing cloth. It just requires a little water to remove makeup, even waterproof products. You can throw it in the washing machine, so it’s always ready to wipe away tomorrow’s makeup look. Plus, this long-lasting cloth will be the only makeup remover you need to buy for three to five years, making this a budget-friendly buy.


A 2-Pack Of Tweezers To Take On Any Task

Struggling with your existing tweezers? That’s because different types of tweezers are designed for different tasks. This tweezer set includes a pointed-tip pair that easily removes ingrown hairs, along with a slanted-tip pair that’s perfect for plucking hairs eyebrows and other-above-the-surface hairs. Both are made with premium-grade stainless steel with a matte finish in your choice of black, teal, or pink.


A Buildable Liquid Eyeshadow That’s Packed With Glitter

Most glitter eyeshadows are super disappointing, but this tube of liquid eyeshadow is highly pigmented and packed with so much shimmery glitter that it will last for a long time. Plus, it’s buildable so you can layer it over a powder shadow for an extra-shimmery moment. It’s also easy to apply with the non-sticky gel-like formula and lipgloss-like brush that prevents fallout.


A Scalp-Soothing Shampoo With Tea Tree, Ginger & Caffeine

If you have an itchy, irritated scalp, this soothing shampoo is for you. It’s formulated with calming tea tree, along with peppermint and menthol to create a tingling feeling that’s totally energizing. Along with that, caffeine and ginger work to decongest your hair follicles for a squeaky clean feeling. One reviewer raved, “This is the best shampoo you can get for itchy scalp! Omg I can't believe how this made my scalp feel!”


A Pack Of Soy-Based Polish Removing Wipes That Moisturize Your Nails

This travel-ready pack of five polish remover wipes has a vegan, soy-based formula that will moisturize and nourish your nails with vitamins. The wipes are free of drying acetate and alcohol for extra-happy nails and cuticles. The pads leave no nail polish behind — just a pleasant lavender scent.


A Detangling Brush That’s *Actually* Gentle On Hair

This budget-friendly hairbrush actually does what we’re all looking for: it gently detangles wet or dry hair. The secret is the flexible, bead-free, scalp-massaging bristles and unique ergonomic design that get out knots without causing breakage or frizz. Use this shine-enhancing brush on all hair types and even on extensions or wigs.


These Exfoliating Foot Masks That Leave You With Super Soft Feet

This exfoliating foot mask uses the same salicylic acid that we all know and love from our facial skincare products. Wrap your feet in these sock-like masks, and the skin from your cracked heels, callouses, and more will shed away in two weeks, leaving you with baby soft feet that even the best pedicure can’t produce. Plus, they’re complete with botanical extracts and three scents to choose from.


A Soothing, Hydrating Essence Made With Snail Secretion Filtrate

The star of this repairing essence is 96% snail secretion filtrate. The unique ingredient moisturizes, soothes, and illuminates dry, damaged skin. It’s also complete with ultra-hydrating sodium hyaluronate. Simply apply this lightweight essence after your go-to toner and see firmer, brighter skin. And don’t worry: zero snails are harmed in the making of this product.


This Quick-Working Brush Cleaner That Comes With Cleaning Solution

Makeup brush cleaners always seem too good to be true, but this brush cleaning kit really works. Insert your brush into one of the eight rubber holders, attach that to the brush spinner and watch the USB-powered machine clean and dry each brush quickly. The bubble shape of the brush bowl will prevent spills and splattered makeup. This set even comes with the cleaning solution you’ll need.


A Trendy Exfoliating Face Mask That Foams & Bubbles

Be prepared for some serious bubbles with this exfoliating carbonated face mask. The clay formula applies like any other creamy mask, but it foams up and bubbles after five minutes. The bubbles are obviously TikTok worthy, but it doesn’t just look cool — this mask actually works. It exfoliates and cleans your pores with charcoal, green tea, and lavender extract.


These Stretchy Spiral Hair Ties That Won’t Pull or Damage Your Hair

These waterproof plastic hair ties have a unique spiral design lets them stretch to put your hair in a stylish, chic ponytail while also preventing hair breakage, weird bumps in your hair, and headaches. These last way longer than traditional hair ties, too. If you stretch one a little too far, these budget-friendly hair ties are easy to shrink and re-shape with warm water or a hairdryer.


A Flower-Filled Lip Balm That Gives You Your Own Unique Pink Tint

Apply this crystal clear lip balm and watch it change into a pink shade that’s totally unique to you. This color-changing magic happens when the glossy balm reacts with the pH levels in your lips and gives you the perfect hint of color. Possibly the best part is the real chrysanthemum flower that looks like it’s floating inside this moisturizing lip tint, making this a gorgeous thing to keep in your bag.


This Brow Soap That Gives You Perfectly Fluffed, Thick Brows

This budget-friendly brow styling cream is the perfect place to start your trendy soap brow journey. The clear pomade comes in easy-to-store tins, and you even get bonus brow brushes. It creates perfectly-fluffed, full, and textured brows with a natural matte finish. Don’t let the word soap scare you away — this pomade is fragrance-free.


A Nourishing Purple Hair Mask That Keeps Blonde Or Gray Protected

This hydrating purple hair mask gets rid of brassy and yellow tones if you really love that frosty blonde look. This paraben- and sulfate-free mask also protects your cool-toned blonde, platinum, or gray from UV rays. This tub of moisturizing toner is also packed with nourishing ingredients like soy protein and vitamin B5.


This Adorable Peach-Shaped Hand Cream That’s Actually Nourishing

Don’t let the adorable peach-shaped and fruit scent container fool you — this rich shea butter hand cream will deeply moisturize your hands. It’s formulated with apricot extract and peach extract, which nourishes your skin with vitamins A, B, C, and E. This peach-themed lotion also hydrates and repairs your cuticles.


This Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush With 5 Speed Settings

This five-speed vibrating facial cleansing brush is made with waterproof silicone, allowing you to exfoliate and deeply cleanse your face in the shower. The scrubby silicone bristles are easy to keep clean. Best of all, this comfortable-to-use device comes with a portable charging base, so it’s charging anytime you’re not using it.


A Collagen Face Mask That’s Made With 24K Nano Gold

Why is everyone obsessed with gold face masks? The 24K nano gold in this hydrating face mask stimulates collagen production, giving you a fresh, plump appearance. Plus, this sheet mask is made of extra-luxe hydrogel instead of thin cotton, so the serum will apply evenly and really soak into your skin. If all of that wasn’t enough to make this mask worth it, it’s also complete with aloe vera, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, oat peptide, and more buzzworthy ingredients.


A Tinted Lip Balm For A Pop Of Hydration & Color

Instead of using old school ingredients like greasy-feeling petroleum jelly, this tinted lip balm is formulated with agave, green tea seed oil, jojoba oil, and other natural moisturizers. Plus, it comes in 18 colors, ranging from a sunset orange to dusty rose to plum. It’s a great way to keep lips hydrated and happy, while also giving your pout a dewy kiss of color.


These Soft Foam Heatless Hair Curlers That Work Overnight

Heatless curls really are possible with these flexible hair rollers. This pack comes with six roller widths and a zip-up carrying case, making them travel-friendly. Unlike other rollers, these soft, lightweight foam rollers stay secure while you sleep, and they don’t damage your hair when you remove them. You can also use a hairdryer with these if you’re way too impatient (like me).


This High-Quality, Handmade Nail Polish That Changes Colors

This thermal nail polish is totally non-toxic, and changes color depending on the temperature, which can result in a seriously on-trend ombre look. Each of the eight shades of this vibey polish is vegan and free of 10 common toxins, and they’re handmade in small batches. Reviewers note this lasts for several days without chipping, even if you’re constantly using your hands.


A Luxe Silk Pillowcase That’s Gentle On Hair & Skin

This machine-washable silk pillowcase is an underrated beauty essential. The 100% pure mulberry silk is softer on sensitive skin and prevents hair damage as well as frizz. In addition to helping your skin and hair stay smooth, this pillowcase stays put and wrinkle-free with the hidden zipper. It comes in over 20 colors and a variety of sizes to perfectly match your pillows and bedsheets.


This Party-Ready Face Mask Set That Really Works

This ice cream-themed face mask kit may look like a party with a fluffy tiara headband that keeps your hair from getting stuck in your mask, but the products really work. Choose from hydrating, exfoliating, or soothing benefits with this three-pack of sugar-themed rinse-off masks. These masks are packed with star ingredients like green tea, raspberry extract, hyaluronic acid, and more.


This Hair Styling Tool That Makes Braiding Easier

Add these plastic hair tools into your routine to switch up your daily claw clip look. These plastic loops make braiding your hair so much easier, and you can even use them to elevate your ponytail. They’re flexible enough to bend and pull through your hair, but they also keep their shape after styling. Plus, you get a large and a small one in each pack to help you create different updos.


A Glittery Sunscreen That Moisturizes Your Skin

This shimmery sunscreen gives you all the nostalgic Y2K body glitter vibes while also protecting your skin. Don’t worry: the glitter is biodegradable and not scratchy on your skin. Beyond being fun, this product really works. The SPF 30 sunscreen has a moisturizing formula with aloe vera, tangerine leaf oils, and orange peel that lends it a pretty citrus scent.


A Set Of Glass Nail Files For Seriously Smooth Nails

Not only is this glass nail file way prettier than foam or stainless steel options, but it also gives you smoother nails. Available as a set of three, the files have a tempered glass design that stops your nails from chipping or peeling, and they’re extremely gentle. Plus, each file comes in a protective case to help them last you for years to come.


A Non-Sticky Hair Spray That Gives You Serious Volume

Instead of grabbing dry shampoo mid-afternoon, use this lightweight thickening spray in the morning. Spritz it into your damp hair on your hair wash day and go on with your normal drying routine. You’ll be left with texture, up to three times more volume, and a matte finish.


This Huge Eyeshadow Palette With A Rainbow Of Iridescent Colors

This oversized, budget-friendly eyeshadow palette gives you 40 rainbow-themed colors to play with, so you can get real weird with your looks. They’re hyper-pigmented (a must) and packed with different finishes, including matte, metallic, and even satin. Plus, all of these rainbow shades are packed into a travel-ready and sleek black palette.


A Pack Of Soft Velvet Hair Ties That You’ll Want Stacked On Your Wrist

These velvet scrunchies are an elevated hair accessory that will look seriously aesthetic with your outfit. In addition to looking so cute in your hair or around your wrist, the soft fabric will protect your hair from damage while giving your look some trendy ‘90s-inspired vibes.


An Odorless Coconut Oil That Comes With Travel-Ready Roller Bottles

This 16-ounce bottle of 100% pure fractionated coconut oil can be used on your hair or skin, and this pack has all of the accessories you never knew you needed. In addition to a handy pump bottle, it comes with four mini bottles with roller ball tops that are perfect for all of your on-the-go moisturizing skincare. There’s even a funnel and cap opener to make filling them easier. Plus, this high-quality oil is odorless, so you can add in your go-to aromatherapy scents.


A Soothing Facial Mask Kit With Egg Whites & Aloe Vera

Yes, this hydrating facial kit is called a zombie pack. But don’t let it scare you away. This kit is packed with eight brightening masks that remove dry skin and balance your skin’s pH levels. Each mask requires a little DIY mixing but don’t worry, it comes with a mixing brush. Plus, these masks are complete with aloe vera extract, lavender extract, and even egg whites for maximum soothing benefits.


This Gel Lip Stain With A Handy Key Chain

Clip this mini lip tint to your bag with the adorable key ring pouch. This moisturizing lip tint has a unique water-like gel formula that’s smudge-proof and can give you a graduated look, if that’s what you’re going for. The formula is also complete with apricot kernel oil to lightly exfoliate your lips.


A Coconut Hair Mask With A Mini Detangling Brush

Before you even comb your hair, the fig and shea butter in this deep-conditioning mask starts detangling your strands. This 10-minute mask is packed with plenty of other happy-hair ingredients that we love to see, like linseed, coconut, and argan oil. It also comes with a mini detangling brush to apply the coconut and vanilla-scented formula evenly, which gives this a serious one-up on other hair masks.

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