Everything I’d Wear To The Harry Styles’ Concert, From Someone Who Just Attended One

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Left, me having the time of my life at a Harry Styles Concert; Right, Harry Styles performing at Coa...
Amy Biggart / Getty Images / Kevin Mazur

If you’ve made the very wise decision to attend Love On Tour, Harry Style’s truly incredible 2022 tour, then you’ve probably arrived at one of the greatest challenges of your life (or at least it was for me): What should you wear to a Harry Styles’ concert? In part due to the way his tour has dominated so many of our TikTok feeds, you’ve probably noticed that his fans are taking their outfit choices seriously.

I have some good news: Having recently attended Harry’s tour date in New York City, I can tell you, you are in for a show. I can also let you in on the absolute best outfit ideas for a Harry Styles’ concert, having experienced extreme jealousy over some of the amazing clothes I saw there. So let’s go through it. What should you wear to Harry Styles’ Love On Tour? An investigation.

1. A Boa — Lights Optional

While you can buy boas on site (at least, I could at Madison Square Garden), I almost immediately regretted buying mine. The feathers fell out quickly and stuck to my clothes, the clothes of the people sitting around me, and I even think I swallowed one. The red boa I wore also turned my white shirt red throughout the night. So I’d advise coming prepared.

If you peep the reviews section of this feather boa you will see photos of Harry Styles wearing this rainbow feather boa at his concert. But this comes in more colors than you can count so you can find the perfect one for your outfit and style. And having just went to this concert, you will be in good company if you decide to sport a boa all night long.

To take it one step further, you could also get a light-up feather boa. These were all over the arena during the concert and when the lights turned down between songs or for the very dramatic performance of his song, “Sign Of The Times,” you’ll be lit up for him (or for his drummer Sarah?) to see.

If lights or large feathers are not your style, you could also opt for a furrier boa like this one. It’s a little more discreet, or at least as discreet as any boa could be, and comes in a bunch of fun colors, so you could also get one for everyone in your group.

2. A Cowboy Hat

The biggest hit of the night (in my honest opinion), were the light-up cowboy hats many people wore throughout the venue. When the lights went down, they were lit up and you could see them from so far away.

This light-up iridescent cowboy hat is super cute even before you activate the lights. Bring it with you to the show and then when the lights go down, you can pull the tab to activate the blinking lights which are powered by batteries. Easily change this from steady lights to blinking, based on your mood. And, since the batteries can be replaced, you can wear it again for another event (or for a second Love On Tour date, no judgement here).

Available in more colors, this light-up cowboy hat is similarly powered by batteries and has a similar mechanism inside the hat for shifting it from solid to blinking lights. If you’re looking to match your hat to your outfit, this would be an amazing choice. It comes in gold, blue, black, white, green, and a few other colors.

And finally, here’s one more cowboy hat with more sparkly details. This hat works similarly to the ones above, but comes in a bunch of color options. The main difference? This hat has shiny circular detailing along the hat that’ll catch the light (and Harry’s eye? I mean, possibly).

3. Sparkles, Fringe, & Sleeves

In your search for an outfit for the Harry Styles’ concert, going with something sparkly probably crossed your mind.

I wish I could say I was the only one sporting this rhinestone-trim crop top at the concert, but sadly it was a very popular look. It’s super stretchy and comfortable and comes in a bunch of colors. The rhinestones definitely snag though, so keep this in mind when planning the rest of your outfit.

  • Available sizes:
  • Available colors:

This skirt features fringe and sparkly details. Even better? It’s not the sort of skirt that screams “Harry Styles’ concert outfit,” so you could probably wear it again. It’s high-waisted and flares out, and is even made with some spandex so it’s super comfortable for sitting or, let’s be real, dancing harder than you’ve ever danced.

  • Available sizes: Large — 5X
  • Available colors: 2

Arenas and venues are notoriously chilly, which is why opting for a see-through long sleeve tee can be a great choice. This sheer one has sparkly details and a cute mock neck. Pair it with a tank or a bra underneath.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 4X
  • Available colors: 13

One of the best parts about having fringe on your outfit at a concert like this one is that you will be dancing. Every time you move, the fringe will move with you. Whether your seat neighbors are on board or not, this gives you another prop to use in the effort to make eye contact with Harry himself. This fringe halter body suit comes in a bunch of colors and is super comfortable to wear all night, or the better part of a day if you have pit tickets.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - 5X
  • Available colors: 15

I nearly wore these pants to the show and the high-waisted, opaque, and comfortable design makes me wish I had. They’re sparkly enough to catch eyes but easy to pair with brighter colors, prints, or accessories.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 2

On my way into the concert I saw someone wearing the most stunning puff sleeve top and felt immediate jealousy. This one comes in four different colors and has an off-the-shoulder design that still allows for a good range of motion for dancing in your seat or the aisles.

  • Available sizes: Large — 4X
  • Available colors:

4. Bright Colors & Prints

Bright colors were all over the arena when I went to see Harry Styles, and this one-shoulder crop top would’ve looked incredible with the neutral white pants and jeans I saw a lot of people wearing. It comes in 32 colors for whatever color scheme you have in mind for your outfit.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 32

My sister rocked these pants and looked incredible in them. These flare pants come in more than 50 different colors and patterns, including paisley, marble, leopard, and floral. You could build a whole outfit around them.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 4X
  • Available colors: 52

In the spirit of Harry’s legendary crochet cardigan, this bright color-block crochet knit top would look perfect at the tour. Sparkles, fringe, and knit were the prevailing themes to most of the outfits I saw at the concert.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 38

The corset top is one 90’s trend I’m so glad came back into style. This one comes in a bunch of bright and neutral colors so you can add a pop of color to an otherwise black or white outfit, or style a neutral corset with printed or sparkly pants.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 11

Patterned pants were super popular at Harry’s show, and this checkered pair is trippy to look at but so fun to wear. This pair of pants comes in a ton of prints, including colorful 70’s-inspired designs and geometric prints.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 22

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of people at the Harry Styles’ concert wearing two-piece suits. This printed blue floral one comes in a bunch of different prints and solids, as well as options with pants and with shorts. Since these double as pajamas, they’ll be super comfortable all night long.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 32

5. A Sushi Costume?

Okay, hear me out. One row in front of me, two people dressed up in sushi costumes in honor of the huge bop, “Music For A Sushi Restaurant.” It was by far the most creative outfit I saw all night and lends itself great to a group costume.

  • Available sizes: One size only

6. Fun Sunglasses & Hair Accessories

Sure the concert is at night, but you’d be in good company if you brought a fun pair of sunglasses to wear. Some of the clear styles were super popular and didn’t inhibit anyone’s ability to stare deeply into the eyes of Harry’s guitarist Mitch.

These heart-shaped sunglasses come in 36 different colors including a bunch of gradient and solid styles. Because they’re clear, you’ll have no trouble seeing the stage with these on (which is a mistake I made, wearing polarized sunglasses indoors).

These checkerboard hair clips add a fun detail to your outfit. And, considering just how much geometric color-block clothing Harry Styles has sported on this tour, you’d fit right in with a few of these in your hair.

You could also opt for these star-shaped sunglasses which come as a single pair or in a pack of two to match a friend. They’re available in a bunch of colors and neutrals, including pastels and deeper-hue shades.

Go big or go home. These rainbow stone sunglasses are oversized and will turn heads (seriously). These shades are tinted, but they would look stunning propped on your head or worn throughout the show.

It goes without saying but, anything watermelon is going to be on theme. These fruit hair clips will keep your hair back and look super cute in photographs. The perfect accessory for the “Watermelon Sugar” stans.

I didn’t see these sunglasses at the concert, but they would’ve fit right in. These cloud-shaped sunglasses come in a set of two and they have three rhinestones hanging from each eye of the glasses. This two-pack comes with a blue and red pair, but they come in a range of colors.

Sparkles are the name of the game with the Harry Styles fandom. These sparkly cat-eye shades are easy to see through even if you’re at an indoor venue, and add a bitt of glitz and shine to your outfit.

7. A Statement Bag

Not only is this green beaded bag one of the most worn bags in my closet, it’s also the one my sister carried to the concert. This bag gets me more compliments than anything else I own, and it’s gone with me to two concerts so far and fits everything I need.

In contrast, I brought this sparkly evening bag which I have in the maroon color. It’s pricier, but it fit my portable charger, wallet, phone, and sunglasses easily, and it’s a great bag to have in the closet for any occasion you need to dress up for.

A bunch of people at the concert had fruit-shaped purses to hold their things. And while watermelon is the obvious choice, more than one person had a strawberry bag like this one. It also comes in watermelon, banana, lemon, or pineapple if that’s more your style.

Aside from sparkles, I saw a lot of crochet styles at the concert. Given Harry Styles’ proud love of crochet and knits, that’s not all too surprising. This rainbow crochet floral bag is super cute and can be worn beyond just the concert night. It also fits a cell phone, sunglasses, keys, and a wallet. Basically everything you need for the best night of your life.

Unsurprisingly, there were quite a few tote bags there, as well. While there are a few stunning tote bags in his merchandise onsite, you may want to bring your own as well to hold T-shirts or water bottles from his merchandise stand. This floral bag would be great for a picnic outside or for the Harry Styles’ concert. He’s a fan of a tote bag himself.