Everything You Need To Know About The Overose Croissant Candle

Including the next potential re-stock date.

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Overose Croissant Candle

The Overose Croissant candle has been making waves on Instagram since its launch in 2020. But what is all the hype about? And is it actually worth putting in the effort to buy one? Here’s everything there is to know about the beauty hit, including when the next re-stock will be happening.

Overose as a brand was previously most recognisable for its pink and purple pots, which housed a range of luxurious candles in varying scents. It launched in 2016 and hails from Paris, France. However, the brand really gained traction when they introduced their now-iconic Croissant candle, which is what we’re all here to talk about.

The Croissant candle does what it says on the tin: it quite literally smells like warm, buttery pastries, fresh from the bakery counter. It’s been described as the “Emily In Paris candle” by the Independent, and the brand’s words about Croissant read more like a poem than a simple product description:

“Overose Croissant captures the romantic air of Paris. The aroma of freshly baked Croissants from the bakery at the corner of the small street near the river Seine.”

Croissant has become so popular, it has been spotted all over Instagram, including on the feeds of influencers like Actually Skin, Skincare Steve, and fragrance expert Alice du Parcq, who wrote: “Welcome to the candle that broke the internet [and my blood pressure],” before proceeding to explain how long she attempted to get her hands on one. “Was it worth it? Yes, it’s a stunner,” she added. “Less overpowering than you think, [with] a deliciously bite-me bakery scent.”

Is The Croissant Candle Worth The Hype?

As du Parcq explained, the general consensus among those who have got their hands on a Croissant is that it’s worth the time, energy, and cash that come with actually buying one. As somebody who managed to nab one in the last re-stock, I can confirm that this candle is pure magic. Not only does it smell exactly as described (without being overpowering), it burns for 60 hours, and you can sniff it out across the room even when it’s not lit. In short, as well as the Instagram prestige attached to this one, it’s also just a genuinely lovely candle to own that fills the space with a delicious fragrance. And yes, you will feel as though you are in Paris.

When Will Overose Re-Stock The Croissant Candle?

So here’s the nitty gritty details about Overose Croissant. First, it costs £46, making it a bit of an investment, and is only available at Overose’s official website. Second, there’s a rather large asterisk attached to buying one when it comes to waitlists, time, and commitment. You see, Croissant has a habit of going out of stock within minutes (one of its latest drops sold through in 14 minutes), and it only comes back around every few months. Purchases have been limited to two per customer; it’s that popular.

I have reached out to the rep from the brand, but the last time I was in touch with the customer services team, they told me they are working on another drop as we speak, and this one will be larger than before meaning it’s less likely to fly out of stock. There was no official date given, but it was estimated at several weeks/months in future. I will report back from the official brand rep when I hear, but in the mean time, your best bet is following Overose on Instagram and signing up to their newsletter, which is where you’ll hear any news first. This will also allow you to get 10% off your first purchase.

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