I Tried It

An Honest Review of Woxer’s Baller Underwear

These are the gender-inclusive underwear I’ve been looking for.

by Natalie Schriefer
review of Woxer’s Baller 2.0 genderless underwear
Courtesy of Woxer and Natalie Schriefer
I Tried It
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Though the underwear brand Woxer was founded in 2019, I didn’t hear about it until recently, when a PR company reached out and offered to send me a pair. The brand claims its pieces are empowering, comfortable, and made for “people of all genders who were dissatisfied with their [underwear] options.” Though it seemed too good to be true, I liked the sound of it — because I am, in fact, dissatisfied with my current undergarment lineup.

In recent years, I’ve focussed more on examining my gender expression. In doing so, I realized that I prefer wearing men’s clothing. When it comes to underwear, however, I haven’t found the right style. I’ve seen ads for nonbinary and gender-inclusive brands, but I never quite felt like they were meant for me.

I am a masc-presenting, bisexual “tomboy,” yes, but I’m not gender queer, trans, or nonbinary. For a long time, I felt like these types of underwear were meant for those people, not me. Eventually, I realized that my bisexuality does make me a real queer and that “gender inclusive” includes me. It took some serious self-reflection — with the help of a therapist — to help me work through my queer imposter syndrome.

Because of this, I hadn’t explored genderless underwear. Full-coverage granny panties, boyshorts, bikinis — even men’s boxer briefs — all felt nothing like “me.” I was looking for comfort and fit, neither of which I could find. So when I had the opportunity to try a gender-inclusive brand, I decided to set aside my queer imposter syndrome and embrace my identity — through a pair of genderless boxers.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $22 for mid-rise; $24 for high-waisted
  • Best Under: loose-fitting pants
  • Sizing: S-3XL
  • My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Brand: Woxer
  • Style: Baller 2.0
  • What I like: comfy, stretchy, and versatile
  • What I don’t like: minor pilling

What Is Gender-Inclusive Underwear?

As its name suggests, gender-inclusive underwear is meant to be inclusive of identities across the gender spectrum. Woxer focuses on comfort, confidence, and empowerment. Their products come in multiple styles, ranging from standard bikinis to their signature boxer brief, the Baller 2.0. Designed to fit and affirm people with vaginas, the Baller is designed without the traditional front flap and excess fabric of mens boxers.

My Problem

As I explored underwear beyond traditional women’s styles, fit and price were my biggest concerns. Many brands were too feminine — the cut felt too revealing, or the fabric too lacy, or the color options too limited (usually pinks, flower patterns, or pastels). In those, I felt like I was cosplaying in someone else’s undergarments.

Although men’s designs offered more masculine options that felt truer to my identity, they didn’t fit my body well — and that didn’t feel great, either. They were too baggy in the crotch and the leg holes were too wide. The only thing that fit as intended was the waist.

Throughout my search, price point has also been a major factor. Research shows that LGBTQ+ adults are more likely to experience poverty than straight, cisgender people, and I’ve hovered just above the poverty line for most of my adult life. I don’t have a lot of disposable income, which makes it hard to find the right fit when a single pair of women’s panties can cost as much as $25.

The Product: Woxer Baller

I tried the mid-rise Baller 2.0, which has a 5-inch inseam. According to Woxer’s website, this is the brand’s most popular length. The waistband is elastic, and the fabric is 95% modal and 5% spandex, which makes them incredibly stretchy.

I ordered the “After Dark” print in a medium, based on Woxer’s size chart. Mediums run 29 to 31 inches in the waist (mine is 30) and 38 to 40 in the hips (I measure 38). Though I didn’t buy this pair (Woxer’s PR team sent me samples for this story), Ballers cost $22.

Courtesy of Natalie Schriefer
Courtesy of Natalie Schriefer

First Impression

The first thing I noticed was Woxer’s eco-friendly packaging. Though the outer envelope was a standard plastic mailer, the inner wrapping was compostable, which I appreciated. When I pulled them out, the fabric was smooth and soft. They felt fancy — something I’m not used to feeling when opening a new pair of underwear.

I loved the length as soon as I put them on. They fit and accentuated my body better than men’s boxer briefs but they were less feminine and revealing than the women’s styles I’d tried. I was immediately comfortable — in both the boxers and my own skin.

Testing My Woxers

Naturally, I started off wearing them around the house — the Baller was great to sleep in, and comfy during the day too, beneath jeans or slacks. They didn’t ride up my thighs or give me a wedgie, like my ill-fitting men’s boxers had done.

Courtesy of Natalie Schriefer

To test my Woxers under more active conditions, I wore them to hike in the mountains, while running, and during a game of ultimate frisbee. They were comfortable for all three, with no chafing or discomfort to speak of. They were also super sweat-wicking and breathable, especially compared to my cotton underwear. I didn’t think about them at all while I was working out, which might be the highest compliment I can pay a pair of underwear.

The only issue I had was when I wore them beneath my bike shorts; they bunched when I pulled up my tight-fitting shorts. Once I flattened the fabric, though, they stayed put.

After three months of regular wear, my Woxers still have plenty of life. The stretch in both the fabric and waistband is still strong, and the colors haven’t faded. They have some minor pilling, which is the only con, but it doesn’t affect the feel or function.

The Verdict

Woxer combined a more masculine undergarment style with a cut that better fit my body. The brand delivered on its promise: truly empowering, comfortable, and fun to wear. I liked them enough to purchase additional pairs (although I did wait for a 50% off sale to do so — highly recommend).

I don’t think underwear shopping will ever be a bright spot in my day, but I’m grateful to have found Woxer. It was powerful to finally experience a more gender-inclusive product than what I’ve typically found in department stores. This underwear feel incredibly affirming — and they even feel a little bit like “me.”