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Yara Shahidi Talks Fashion & Family On International Friendship Day

And the outfit she can wear over and over again.

Yara Shahidi poses in an orange shirt
Mike Pont/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s not every day you have a phone call with Yara Shahidi on your calendar, so when Bustle had the chance to catch up with the Grown-ish star recently one afternoon, the first topic on the agenda was her head-turning personal style.

Shahidi, who is working with Disney to kick off its official campaign Disney’s Mickey and Friends Stay True celebrating International Friendship Day today, approaches her wardrobe decisions similar to how she approaches her friendships: Comfort and accessibility are key. “I think especially in the times we’re living in, everything can feel particularly chaotic,” she tells Bustle. “I depend on the conversations with my friends to be grounding, and to feel like I have a community around me.”

So, what else does the actress, activist, producer, and all-around go-getter look for in her friends and in her fashion? Learn more about the trends she loves, the Disney character she most relates to, and who her BFFs are, below.

Describe your personal style in three words:

Comfort, vibrance, ever-evolving

What’s the most important part of any outfit?

I’m a big pocket person.

Who are your style icons?

My mother and Solange

What could you wear repeatedly and never get tired of?

I basically live in monochrome tracksuits.

Which fashion trends are you over right now?

Anything that’s not comfortable!

What’s your go-to style hack?

I usually do the robot or some sort of dance move in the clothes I try on to see if they’ll be comfortable.

How did you dress when you were younger?

I was the kid that shopped in the boys’ section for most of my life.

Favorite Disney character?

Goofy. I resonate with always being the random one in the group.

Who are your best friends?

My brothers

Top three traits in a friend:

Transparency, honesty, openness