You Gotta Check Out The 40 Chicest, Most Inexpensive Home Decorating Trends Happening Now

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Trends are, by nature, of the moment, meaning we can always count on them to come and go, no matter if they’re an original or upcycled idea. They also span a vast array of topics, from fashion and design choices to color schemes, popular musicians or bands, and countless more. However, not all trends are created equal. Some end up being super expensive, inaccessible, or subpar quality, so the trend fizzles out as fast (or faster) than it started.

Some of the biggest and costliest trends one can give into are those that involve home renovations or upgrades. Many times, anything that’s going to involve construction can be quite pricey thanks to the cost of labor, parts, and more. This list provides you an incredible list of DIY at-home upgrades to give your home the revamp you’re looking for — without having to constantly worry about going over budget from unforeseen construction costs.

Switch up some of your lighting options with a set of outdoor string lights for a deck or patio area, add some party lights inside with multicolor smart bulbs, or show off beautiful and elegant tapers with an array of chic candle holders. If some of these ideas piqued your interest, the rest of the list is really going to wow you, so check it out now!


These Edison String Lights Perfect For An Outdoor Patio

Light up your outdoor space with these beautiful and elegant Edison bulb string lights. Aside from the 27 bulbs on the string, there are two spares that come with for when a replacement is needed. Each bulb is made from weatherproof glass, making them durable enough to last for years. You also have the option to connect three strings together if you want to illuminate a larger area.


A Set Of 12 Glass Jars For An Upgraded Storage Option

Store a wide array of items like spices, nuts, seeds, and more in these glass jars with cork lids. Each is capable of holding six ounces or 250 milliliters of whatever you end up deciding to put in it. Around the lip of the cork lid, there’s a silicone ring that provides airtight suction that helps contents stay fresher for longer, compared to other storage methods.


A Super-Soft Microfiber Duvet Cover With Zipper Closure

You’re going to fall in love with the lightweight breathability this microfiber duvet cover provides while you’re getting a good night’s sleep. In this 3-piece set you also get two pillowcases made with an envelope closure, so there are no zippers near your head you need to worry about while sleeping. There are 10 color options available and it comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee.


A Long-Burning Soy Candle With Beautifully Crafted Scents

This beautifully-scented, long-burning soy candle comes in a sleek, glass jar that looks great in any room of the house. With scents like eucalyptus and fig, cedarwood, fresh apple, and vanilla cake (to name a few), you can enjoy up to 75 hours of deliciously scented air. Almost 4,000 customers rated this hand-poured candle 4.5-stars.


These Rustic Wooden Pegs That Make Fun & Unique Wall Hooks

Bring in some simple and natural-looking decor to your home with these wooden wall hooks. They are a super chic way to hang items like coats, hats, bags, scarves, and more for easy access coming in or out of the home. One reason they’re so popular is the fact they take up zero floor space, and even require minimal wall space once installed.


This Plug-In Pendant Light That Really Makes A Statement

Add a modern, industrial feel to your home with the help of this plug-in pendant light that’s a great chandelier option for a kitchen or dining room. The lamp is crafted from black metal rods and has a large Edison bulb in the middle for a vintage touch. Easily turn the lamp on and off with the flip switch located directly on the cord.


This Self-Adhesive Decorative Wallpaper For Easy Home Renovations

Update walls and countertops to look gorgeous and professionally done when you use this self-adhesive decorative wallpaper to spruce things up. Doing a full demo and reno can not only be time consuming, but extremely expensive. These stick and peel panels make it simple and easy for you to do the work yourself.


An Outdoor Rug That’s Reversible For Different Styling Options

Make your outdoor living space as comfy and inviting as the indoor space by adding this reversible outdoor rug. The patterned design helps dirt and other outdoor debris blend in rather than stand out. It is made from a plastic straw material, making it waterproof and durable to withstand lots of foot traffic and weather.


These Vibrant Pillow Covers That Are Waterproof For Outdoor Use

Keep your outside throw pillows clean and fresh with the help of these textured, waterproof throw covers. Each throw cover has a simple checkered design woven into the fabric for a simple, yet sophisticated, attention to detail. You can choose from 11 different color options and four size options, depending on the size of your pillows.


A Pair Of Quality Water-Resistant Pillow Inserts

Wet, squishy, and smelly outdoor throw pillows won’t be an issue when you use these premium water-resistant pillow inserts. Each is made from a microfiber material, which makes it durable and long lasting. They are fluffy, so when they are being used as pillows, there is more than enough cushion to offer soft support while you’re sitting down.


A Comfortable Knitted Throw Blanket Great For Cozying Up On The Couch

Cozy, but make it fashion. That’s exactly what these knitted tweed throw blankets bring to your relaxation time. Made out of 100% polyester, you can rest assured the built-in softness will last throughout use after use, and wash after wash, for years to come. A simple but beautiful diamond pattern is woven throughout the whole blanket with tassel ends for a splash of chic elegance.


These Collapsible Storage Bins With A Luxe Woven Rope Texture

You’ll love the fashionable functionality these collapsible woven storage cubes add to any room in the house. There are two cut out holes on opposite sides of the bins that function as handles so you can move or carry the bins around when necessary. Each measures 11 by 10.5 by 10.5 inches, making them an ideal size for multifunctional storage.


This Circular Area Rug With An Eye-Catching Pattern

Bring color and vibrancy to your home with the addition of this circular geometric print area rug. On the underside, there is anti-slip padding that not only keeps it in place, but also helps provide some support when standing atop it. If the rug happens to get dirty, you can easily spot treat or shampoo it without having to worry about damage to the carpet itself.


A Mirrored Vanity Tray For A Simple Touch Of Elegance

The top of your bathroom vanity will become instantly more elegant, in an understated way, with this mirrored vanity tray. All of your favorite beauty products will stay securely in place on the tray thanks to the fence of open golden rectangles that lines the outside of the mirror. You can easily keep the surface of the tray looking clean by simply using some cleaning solution to wipe it down so it’s spotless.


This Chic, Multifunctional Seagrass Basket

You’ll absolutely love the sleek but neutral design these woven seagrass storage baskets bring to your home decor. The basket comes in three different sizing options and two colors, either black or natural. You also have the option to collapse the basket down into a half basket, or expand it to its full size. Handles make it convenient to move this basket around as desired.


This Tidy Bamboo Vanity Tray With Glass Storage Containers

Keep some of your most used hygiene products in easy reach with this bamboo vanity tray. You get two glass canisters with wooden lids that match the tray. A small raised lip runs around the outer edge of the tray to keep the canisters or other materials in place.


A Tabletop Lamp That’s Battery Operated & Has A Timer

Save money on your energy bill and be more efficient with the help of this battery operated timer lamp. The shade is made from corrugated glass that gives fun texture to the outer surface. By using two AAA batteries, you can easily set the timer to save yourself effort, and money going towards electricity.


These Striking Bowls That Are Decorated With Faces

If you enjoy artistic and unique decor, these decorative ceramic face bowls are the perfect addition to your home. Each bowl is hand-crafted and made from a ceramic and metal blend so it has a beautifully smooth and polished finish, but also won’t break easily. Choose from black, gold, or white.


These Bubble Glass Vases That Make Colorful Accent Pieces

These fashionable glass flower vases add a great pop of flair while holding gorgeous bouquets around the house. They’re 6.5 inches tall, come in three colors, pink, orange, and blue, and have the option for a 3- or 4-ball design. The unique stacked look of this vase makes for an eye-catching piece that people will constantly be asking you about.


A Sizable Wicker Basket For An Elegant Storage Solution

The amount of different uses you can get from this woven storage basket with handles is just one of the many reasons you’ll love it. There are three different style options available including two-tones of white and natural. With a large opening and plenty of space inside, these baskets are great for storing toys, blankets, shoes, and more in any room of the house.


This Big, Decorative Grass Bouquet That Never Needs Replacing

Bring natural elements indoors with this decorative faux grass that makes an excellent vase filler. You can easily style these faux fronds alone, or choose to pair them up with some other fake plants and flowers to add extra flair. Each branch is equipped with 18 individual stems, ensuring a full and fluffy effect.


This Set Of Cement Pots Perfect For Succulents

Create your own personal cactus garden in or outdoors with this set of three cement succulent pots. Each little pot is distinctly shaped with different size options, so you end up with three complementary but unique planters. They also have a circular wooden base to sit on so the pots won’t scratch or damage the surface where they live.


A Hand-Woven, Natural Fiber Rug With Charming Circle Pattern

A minimalist color and simple design make this natural fiber round rug a perfect fit for a wide range of style preferences. With a 3-foot diameter, this rug will fit in almost any room of the house and its subtlety lets it complement a variety of decor. This rug is made from a blend of sea grass, sisal, and jute, so it’s very durable and great at absorbing dirt.


An Ultra-Modern Flower Vase Shaped Like An “O”

If you’re looking for a head-turning receptacle in which to store stunning bouquets, this circular white ceramic vase is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This makes for a great wedding, anniversary, birthday, or anytime gift for friends that love home decor that makes a statement. It is a great receptacle for displaying both silk and dried flowers.


A Set Of Sandstone Coasters With Unique Organic Designs

Keep the wood and glass surfaces of your tables free from condensation rings with these pretty sandstone coasters. The surface of the coasters has a beautiful swirl design that is naturally present in the stone itself. They are a standard 4-inches round, making them the perfect size for a range of different types of glassware.


This Cottage-Fab Hanging Macrame Decor

Spice up blank space on your walls with this unusual macrame wall hanging. The crocheted and braided pattern adds a pleasantly rustic effect to the room. It comes in a creamy white, so it will be able to work with a variety of home styling choices. Something like this always makes a great gift if you have friends or family with an eye for fashion.


A Pair Of Decorative Pillow Covers For The Couch Or A Chair

Add in some simple but lively pops of color to your couch and chairs with these slip-on decorative pillow covers. You can choose from 10 different color options, giving you the ability to find a match for the bedding you currently have. There is a built-in invisible zipper that makes the whole outer surface of the pillow cover smooth to the touch.


This Geometric Peel-And-Stick Deco Wallpaper

Create a fun accent wall in no time with this hassle-free peel-and-stick geometric wallpaper. The Deco-inpsired print is a repeating series of hexagons crafted with repeating lines. You can use this self-adhesive wallpaper to create an accent wall, upgrade a bathroom, or perk up the inside of your dresser drawers.


A 2-Pack Of LED Motion Sensor Lights For Easier Nighttime Navigating

Never fumble your way through the dark again thanks to these super convenient LED motion sensor lights. Easily install these light strips underneath cabinets, inside closets, and in other hard to see places that will automatically make your life easier. They charge via USB and have three modes if you want something other than the motion sensor effect.


This Sleek Container To Hide All Your Excess Cables

Make that tangled mess of wires disappear by using this cable management box. It’s great for concealing power strips, TV cables, speaker wires, and a plethora of other electrical cords in one small and out-of-the-way space. The lid and sides are purposefully designed with slots that make it easy to get the wires where you want them to go.


A Set Of Ground Solar Lights To Line Walkways & Driveways

No need to stress about constantly replacing batteries or using ghastly amounts of electricity for outdoor lighting when you upgrade to this 12-pack of solar ground lights. The lights are made with a stainless steel lamp shell that makes them incredibly durable to withstand all kinds of intense weather conditions. When the lights have gotten to charge between four and six hours, you can expect them to stay lit for eight to 10 hours.


This Vertical Hanging Planter That Lets You Make A Living Wall

Get creative with the way you decorate your walls by using some of these vertical hanging planters to switch things up a bit. There are seven separated sections that give you the option to grow several different plants in one planter, or many of the same. It’s great if you want to grow a small and convenient herb garden in your kitchen or create some living wall art in your house.


A Set Of Handy Refrigerator Organizing Bins

Keep all of your favorite snacks and drinks organized however you like with the help of these clear fridge organizers. They are great for holding drinks, fruit, yogurt, candy, string cheese, and more as they are basically tidied-up fridge storage. If they get dirty and need to be cleaned between uses, use some dish-safe soap and hand wash.


This 6-Piece Sheet Set Made From Silky Bamboo

You’ll never want to get out of bed when you switch over to these silky-soft bamboo sheets. The fabric is so smooth to the touch, they put cotton jersey or high thread count sheets to shame. In each set, you get one fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and four pillowcase covers. There are over 25 color options available, so you will definitely be able to find something that blends with your current bedding.


These Long-Stem Candle Holders That Are Functional & Decorative

Make any simple candle instantly more interesting when you display it in these gold candlestick holders. Each stick holder is a different size, so you can arrange them in a variety of ways for some easy design flair. They have a wide, circular base that will grab any excess wax that may drip down. For best results, use 7/8 inch candlesticks in these holders, but in a pinch, you can also use 3/4 inches.


A Set Of 6 Colorful, Ribbed Taper Candles

One of the main reasons people love these tapered ribbed candlesticks is the fact they add a pop of color to home decor, but are scentless so don’t add strong odors to the house. The ribbed texture around the candle adds a fun and simple eye-catching effect to make them stand out even more when on display. There are six candles in each pack that measure 10 inches long.


A Multicolor Smart Bulb That Will Transform Your Home Lighting

This multicolor smart light bulb is going to revolutionize how you light up your house. Not only does it give you the ability to change the light color with basically endless options, you also have the power to control how bright the light shines. You can control these lights from anywhere with by connecting it to the app on your smartphone, and they can also be paired to your smart home device to be controlled with audio commands.


This Large & Luxurious Turkish Cotton Beach Towel

Hit the sand for some rest and relaxation when you take this Turkish cotton beach towel out with you. One of the best things about this 100% natural cotton towel is that it’s larger than normal towels, but overall less bulky. There are over 15 color options available and each towel has fringed tassels on the end for a pop of pizzazz.


This Circular Paper Lantern That Is Stylishly Low-Key

Bring in a subtly unique design choice to multiple rooms of the house with this decorative paper lantern. It comes in nine different size options, as well as three color choices. That means you can use these shades on large and small bulbs alike all around the house for a cohesive look. If you just bring them out for a party or other festive event, they collapse for easy storage.


A Book About The Swedish Art Of Living Life With Balance

Learn how to create the life you want with the help of this book detailing the Swedish blueprint for living a happy life. Finding ways to stay balanced and focused in a society that’s constantly moving at lightning speed is something everyone could benefit from in their personal lives. The simple tips discussed in the book will have a big impact on the overall quality of your day to day life.