Your Dog Would Be So Much Easier To Take Care Of If You Had Any Of These Genius Things

From brand-new puppies to senior dogs, there’s something for everyone here.

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If you’re a dog owner, you’ve just hit the holy grail of genius things that will make it so much easier to take care of your furry BFF. Whether you’re a brand new puppy parent or you have an elderly pet, there’s something for everybody on this list. From interactive toys to stimulate your dog’s mind and tools to make training easier, to grooming accessories and cleaning hacks, get ready to place a big ole Amazon order.


A Pet Dental Spray That’s A Great Alternative To Brushing

For those pets whose teeth aren’t the easiest to brush, get this premium pet dental spray. Just spray it along their gumline and it’ll eliminate bad breath while fighting tartar and plaque build-up. The alcohol-free formula doesn’t just freshen breath, it also helps prevent dental disease that’s prevalent in up to 80% of dogs by the time they are 3 years old. And if you’re a cat owner as well, the good thing is this product works on cats, too.


This Interactive Treat Puzzle That’ll Keep Your Pup Occupied For At Least A Little While

Anyone with an active dog will appreciate this interactive treat puzzle that comes highly recommended by more than 65,000 pet owners who have given it a five-star rating. If your pup enjoys getting into mischief and rarely sits still, get them this puzzle — not only is it a good way to keep them occupied for a little while, it’s a mentally stimulating toy that teaches them to focus and rewards them with their favorite treats. The interactive puzzle also works as a way to redirect destructive behavior or to help calm an anxious dog.


The Reusable Pet Hair Remover — With 131,000 Reviews — So You Don’t Have To Keep Buying Lint Rollers

If every trip to the store involves buying yet another lint roller to remove pet hair from your couch, duvet, and clothing, add this reusable pet hair remover to your cart right now. Roll it over the hair-covered surface, then press a button to open up the chamber and dispose of the collected hair. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and with an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 131,000 shoppers, you know it’s good.


This Dog Paw Wax That Helps Heal Painful Cracked Paws

This dog paw wax will give your poor pup’s cracked paws relief from pain and protect them from further drying and cracking. It’s made from a blend of waxes, oils, and vitamin E to provide year-round protection for your dog’s paws, so that they can walk comfortably whether it’s scorching hot or the ground is covered in snow. The moisturizing balm can also be used on hot spots and cuts, and one happy reviewer even wrote, “I have to say it's one of the best decisions I have made for my dog.”


This Seatbelt Harness If Your Dog Tries To Be The Co-Pilot Every Time They Get In The Car

Keep your dog safe in the car and make sure they stay in the back instead of trying to climb upfront to be your co-pilot by strapping them in this seatbelt harness. It’s fully adjustable for your pet’s comfort and has a 360-degree swivel clip to prevent any twisting or tangling. The harness also doubles as a leash once you get out of the car, and can also be attached to a fence or post so your dog can safely enjoy the outdoors.


This Cactus Chew Toy That Doubles As A Doggy Toothbrush

Improve your dog’s dental hygiene and get them to brush their teeth in a fun way thanks to this cactus chew toy. Spread dog-safe toothpaste in the grooves and as they chew the toy, it’ll clean their teeth, strengthen their jaw, and give them minty fresh breath. The squeaky cactus is also a helpful tool to relieve stress and redirect aggressive chewers. It’s made from strong rubber for durability and has a soft matte texture that makes it gentle on your dog’s gums.


This Silicone Finger Toothbrush For Gently Brushing A Pup’s Teeth

Pop on one of these silicone fingerbrushes and you can gently and easily give your dog’s teeth a good scrubbing. One shopper raved, “All in all - this brush is a gamechanger! I can now brush our dogs back teeth and even the back sides of her teeth, all in less than a couple minutes a day.”


A Dog Puzzle Ball That Dispenses Treats For An Engaging Playtime

Get this treat ball puzzle to stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them occupied and entertained. Open up the interactive toy and fill it with their favorite treats, then reassemble it and adjust the difficulty level depending on your dog’s age, size, and skill level. Besides creating engaging playtime, it’s also an excellent way to slow down a fast eater and a good alternative to a slow feeder bowl.


An Ultra-Soft Grooming Towel To Make Bathtime Easier On Everybody

Chances are giving your dog a bath is a little bit of a struggle — for all parties involved. If they can’t wait to get out of the tub and then proceed to run around the house drying themselves off on the walls and carpeting, you need this soft microfiber grooming towel. It’s highly absorbent for quick drying, and incredibly soft to the touch for ultimate comfort for your pet. Shoppers rave about how well the towels work and how quickly and easily they dry their dogs, plus they all love the adorable paw print design that adds a personalized touch.


This Whistling Toy To Make A Game Of Fetch Extra Fun

If your dog loves a good game of fetch, get them this Chuckit! toy to make it extra fun because the ball whistles as it is thrown. Even if your pet is a chewer, the high-bouncing ball is made from durable rubber that’s not easily destroyed, but that also won’t hurt your dog’s gums or teeth. You can also purchase a Chuckit! launcher to go with the rubber balls so you can throw them even further and your pup can get some much needed exercise.


A Collapsible Dog Bowl That Makes Feeding On-The-Go So Much Easier

These collapsible dog bowls make feeding your dog on the go so much more convenient. The lightweight silicone bowl has three modes — collapsed for space-saving storage and easy carrying, halfway opened to be used as a water bowl, and fully opened when you want to use it as a food bowl. It comes with a carabiner clip so you can hook it onto your pocket or backpack.


This Tried-&-True Spray That Uses Enzymes To Remove Pet Stains

Remove pesky stains and eliminate unwanted pet odors with this enzyme cleaner. Simply spray it on pet urine and other stains and watch them disappear; the foul odor will be replaced with a pleasant fresh laundry scent. The spray works on multiple surfaces, including carpet, fabric, tile and more, and is safe to use around pets and children since it doesn’t leave behind a chemical smell.


This Teeth Cleaning Powder To Restore Your Pet’s Pearly Whites

Support your pet’s dental hygiene with a daily helping of this teeth cleaning powder you can sprinkle over their meal. The powder helps support gum health, prevents plaque build-up and promotes fresh breath, which is all something your pet could probably use in addition to their regular veterinary dental cleanings. For just $20, it’s a small investment in your pet’s health that’ll save you money in the long run.


These Biodegradable Poop Bags To Help You, Your Pet & The Environment

Do yourself a favor and stock up on these biodegradable poop bags that come with a handy dispenser. The green bags feature a cute little paw print design and have a water-resistant coating that also keeps odors in, which will make your dog walk much more pleasant. Lots of shoppers comment on their high quality and how sturdy they are, calling them their go-to bags.


These Hypoallergenic Wipes For A Quick Clean

For those times when your dog could use a little refresh but a bath isn’t quite needed, these hypoallergenic grooming wipes are just what you need. They are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to give your dog’s coat a soothing shine, and work well to wipe away dirt and get rid of foul odors. The wipes have a thick, textured feel and are perfectly sized for both large and small dogs. Customers comment that they are great for in between baths and one person even wrote, “My dog hates baths so these have helped cut down on bath time drama.”


These Folding Stairs For Easier Access

Whether your pet is getting older and is having trouble jumping up on the couch, or you have a young puppy with short legs, these folding stairs are a game changer. They’ll give them their independence and provide easy access to furniture, which will make life so much easier for you and free you from constantly picking them up. The stairs have carpeted treads for extra safety and rubber feet to prevent slipping, and they conveniently fold down for easy storage.


These Grooming Gloves That Are A Game-Changer When It Comes To Taking Care Of Pets That Really Shed

We all love our furry friends, but the pet hair everywhere... not so much. Get these grooming gloves and you won’t believe how much easier it’ll be to take care of your shedding dog. The universal size gloves are covered in gentle bristles that trap loose hair, help reduce shedding and keep your pet’s coat nice and shiny. The nubs on the gloves are smooth and flexible so they don’t cause any pain or discomfort, but actually massage and help calm your pet as you groom them.


A Fan Fave Elevated Pet Bed To Keep Your Pooch Cool & Comfy

Give your pooch a comfy spot to sleep with this elevated pet bed that’s made from a breathable mesh fabric to keep them cool. The cot-style bed sits 7 inches off the ground, which allows for good air flow. The lightweight bed is easy to assemble and is available in multiple sizes to accommodate various breeds, from an extra small size for chihuahuas or toy poodles, to an extra-large bed for dogs as large as great danes. This pick is a fan fave with over 46,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


This Smart Doggie Doorbell So Your Pet Doesn’t Scratch At The Door Anymore

If the paint on your door is peeling thanks to your beloved pet’s persistent scratching, you need this smart doggie doorbell, ASAP. Turn the door-scratching into a positive activity instead, and easily train your dog to use the doorbell thanks to its built-in treat holder. There’s no wiring or tools needed to install the wireless doggie doorbell, and you can even choose from 38 different tones to ring when your dog is at the door.


The Cult Classic Kong Chew Toy

A Kong is a classic treat puzzle you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over when your dog (and you) could use a little down time. The rubber toy is available in six sizes to accommodate different sized and aged pets, and it has a hollow interior that you can stuff with peanut butter and other treats for a fun challenge for your pup. If your dog is a chewer and you can’t bear the thought of another destroyed pair of shoes, get this toy with over 57,000 five-star ratings to help solve the chewing issue. The Kong also helps with separation anxiety and teething, and works as a great training tool. Bonus tip: put a treat-stuffed Kong in the freezer for an hour or so and it’ll extend your dog’s interaction time with it.


A Dog Bowl With A Maze Design For Slowing Down Fast Eaters

Keep your dog from inhaling their food with the help of this maze-shaped feeding bowl that’s designed to slow down eating by up to 10 times. As you probably know, eating too fast can cause your pooch to suffer from bloating, vomiting, and being overweight. The ridges and valleys in this bowl help prevent this by slowing down your pup. If you’re wondering whether it really works, know that more than 83,000 shoppers give it a perfect five stars.


A Heartbeat Toy That Helps Soothe Anxious Puppies

Small puppies can be anxious and find it hard to calm down and go to sleep, which is why this heartbeat toy is an absolute must-have. The plush stuffed animal simulates a heartbeat thanks to the battery-operated pulsing effect that lasts for up to six hours. It recreates the physical closeness that a puppy would feel with its mother, and therefore reduces loneliness and separation anxiety to help puppies adjust well to their new home.


This Interactive Squeaky Toy That’ll Keep Your Pet Busy & Entertained

Give your pet hours of fun and entertainment with this interactive woodland friends toy that’s basically the canine version of hide and seek. Hide the squeaky squirrels inside the tree log and let your dog dig for them, and once they get all three out, hide them again. It’s a stimulating and enjoyable way for them to play, and thousands of reviewers write that it’s their dog’s absolute favorite toy.


A Silicone Mat To Prevent Food & Water Spills

Make cleanup after your furry best friend’s dinnertime easier on yourself with this pet food mat that has raised edges to keep food and water from spilling all over the floor. The silicone mat grips to any type of flooring and is large enough to fit two bowls at a time. As if that wasn’t helpful enough, the non-slip mat is also dishwasher-safe, so you can toss it in after every meal and it’ll be clean and ready for next time.


A Long Leash To Help You With Dog Training

Use this long nylon leash to train your dog and allow them to run freely while teaching them to come back. It’s available in five different lengths and the durable material and reinforced stitching ensure it’ll outlast any standard cotton leash, plus the metal clip prevents twisting. The leash is best suited for medium and large dogs, and thousands of shoppers write that it’s an excellent tool for recall training.


This MudBuster To Clean Your Dog’s Paws Anytime, Anywhere

This portable MudBuster is the solution to dirty paws — simply add some water, put your dog’s paw in and gently twist, then pat it dry. The container has silicone bristles that remove dirt and mud effectively so your pet doesn’t drag it inside the house or car. Take it with you on trips to the park or when you’re traveling, or keep it by your house door to clean your dog’s paws every time they come inside.


A Car Seat Cover So You Don’t Have To Spend Hours Vacuuming After Every Trip With Your Furry Friend

Do yourself a favor and get this car seat cover to keep your car cleaner and your furry friend safer in the back seat. The waterproof cover has buckles to secure it in place, so your pet can sit comfortably even if it’s a bumpy ride. It comes with a perfect five-star rating from more than 14,000 reviewers and this happy customer wrote, “It’s priceless. I only wish I bought this sooner. Looks great. Easy to put on and is saving my seats from so much damage.”


A Portable Water Bottle So Your Pooch Can Stay Hydrated On Walks & Road Trips

This portable water bottle is an absolute must-have for every dog owner, and you’ll soon wonder how you and your pooch ever lived without it. Take it on walks to the park and long road trips to keep your dog hydrated without the mess. Fill the plastic bottle with water and when your dog is thirsty, simply put the bottle in a horizontal position and press the release button that’ll fill the bowl portion with water. Whatever is leftover can be retracted back into the bottle with the same release button, so you never waste a drop, especially if you’re in the car and need it to last for a while.


A Nail Grinder For A Gentler Way To Trim Nails

If your dog run sat the sight of nail clippers, get this rechargeable nail grinder that’s incredibly quiet and safe to use on your pet’s paws. To prevent stress and anxiety, the grinder has a low vibration for a more gentle and effective way to trim nails, that everybody involved will appreciate. It also has glowing reviews from over 57,000 shoppers who say this little device makes grooming so much easier and faster.


A Super Useful Pooper Scooper To Easily Clean Up Your Yard

Make picking up after your dog and cleaning your yard way easier thanks to this handy pooper scooper — yes, that’s its real name. The set consists of a heavy-duty aluminum rake and a tray that you can use on grass, gravel and dirt without bending down, as it’s 36 inches tall for convenient use. It has a hanging loop at the top for easy storage. To clean it, just hose it down with water.


A Rechargeable LED Dog Collar That Glows In The Dark

Put this rechargeable LED collar on your dog to make evening walks so much easier. The waterproof collar glows in the dark and has seven colors you can choose from, making nighttime outings with your furry pal much safer since the LED light can be seen from up to 1,000 feet away. It comes with thousands of positive reviews, and shoppers say one of the most impressive things about the collar is how long it keeps a charge despite regular use.


A Leash Splitter So You Can Easily Walk Two Dogs At The Same Time

Walk two dogs simultaneously thanks to this tangle-free leash splitter. A 360-degree swivel keeps the two leashes from getting tangled and its two padded handles are comfortable to hold, even if you’re pulling two 150-pound dogs. The leash is made from nylon webbing that’s strong and made to last, and it has reflective stripes for added visibility and safety when you walk your furry BFFs.


These Automatic Feeders That Dispense Food & Water So You Don’t Have To

Make feeding time easier with these automatic feeders that dispense food and water on their own. The feeders can hold up to six pounds of food and a gallon of water, which is enough to last for up to five days for big dogs and up to nine days for small ones. They have an anti-skid bottom to keep them in place even around a rambunctious pup, and are designed with a wide mouth for easy access.


A Sling Carrier So You Can Carry A Small Dog Hands-Free

Carry a small dog or puppy hands-free in this reversible carrier sling. The cotton sling bag is machine washable for easy care, it’s very soft for ultimate comfort and it allows for maximum flexibility for you to work on everyday tasks. It features a safety latch and is designed in such a way so that your pet is secure and won’t fall out. Thousands of shoppers have given it a positive review and many say they love it because it comfortable for both them and their pup.


This Rubber Dog You Can Fill With Peanut Butter To Make Crate Training A Breeze

Make crate training much easier with this rubber training tool you can fill with peanut butter and slide through the wiring of the crate for positive reinforcement. This essential training toy has wide grooves and raised pellets so your pet can slowly enjoy their favorite treat. This shopper commented on the toy’s success, saying, “A schmear of peanut butter on top and/or bottom of this was perfect to crate train my puppy. She still loves it. The moment I pick it up, she happily trots into her crate, waiting for her treat.”


These Tasty Pill Pockets For A Hassle-Free Way To Give Your Dog Their Meds

If your dog struggles with taking their medicine, get a pack of these hickory smoke-flavored pill pockets to instantly solve that problem. The delicious Greenies treat has a built-in pocket where you drop the pill, then pinch it together to seal it and give it to your pet. They’ll gobble it up and enjoy their snack, and you can feel good about them taking their medicine. Best dog owner hack ever.


A Pouch For Treats & Toys To Help You With Dog Training

Fill this gray pouch with treats and toys to help you train your dog, whether you’re at home or out in a field teaching them new commands. The highly compact pouch features a mesh pocket for your essentials such as keys or your phone, zippered compartments for treats and a built-in poop bag dispenser. You can attach it to your belt or pocket using a metal clip or carry it over your shoulder, depending on where and how you’re training your puppy.


This Black Light Flashlight So You Can Spot Stains & Quickly Treat Them

It’s all fun and games until there’s a foul odor that lingers in your home. That’s where this UV black light flashlight comes in handy — it’s 70% brighter than other lights (which is why it comes with protective glasses) to help you locate urine stains quickly. Reviewers write that it has helped them discover stains they had never seen before and they highly recommend it for how bright and powerful it is.


A Stick Holder To Hold Your Dog’s Favorite Treat

Insert your dog’s favorite hard treat sticks into this stick holder to make it easier for them to grip with their paws. The holder is constructed from durable rubber and can also just be filled with peanut butter to switch things up a little. To secure the treat stick, twist it tightly into the rubber holder. Shoppers say this interactive tool also gives them peace of mind, as they don’t have to worry about the choking hazard a small end of a treat stick can pose.


A Soft Donut Collar That’ll Make Post-Surgery Recovery Smoother

Prevent your dog from scratching or licking any stitches or wounds post-surgery so they can heal faster and easier using this soft donut cone. It’s made from a soft, breathable cotton and doubles as a pillow, and the best part is that it still allows your pet to eat, drink and play as normal. The donut collar is adjustable to fit around your dog’s neck comfortably, and you can remove the jersey fabric cover to easily wash it.

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