22 Zoom Halloween Costume Ideas In Time For Your Next Virtual Party

From Bridgerton, Squid Game, the Met Gala, and more.

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Halloween might look different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit a Zoom party in style....
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Halloween might look very different this year, with much of the world still social distancing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t slip into your finest costume and hit a Zoom party in style. Sure, you can always opt for Halloween classics — like a skeleton, witch, pumpkin, or the like — but you don't have to. Why not go for some of your favorite on-screen characters that take nothing more than an iconic top or a wig to pull off? Not convinced? Scroll through the below Zoom Halloween costumes for proof.

What exactly does it take to nail a Halloween costume on Zoom, you might ask? Well, besides incorporating makeup and hair into your look, you want to pay extra attention to your accessories. Think a cat-ear headband, a Wonder Woman-themed cuff, or a witch hat. They will all make a bold statement, even through your computer screen. Also, look for costumes that you can nail with just a top like Britney Spears from the "Oops!...I Did It Again" music video or a skeleton with a glow-in-the-dark, X-ray shirt.

You can even wear a Zoom Halloween costume inspired by current popular culture. There’s Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, the guards from Squid Game, and any of your favorite characters from Bridgerton.

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Squid Game Guards

The most popular Netflix show of all time will undoubtedly inspire many costumes, and with the Squid Game guard outfit, you can wear a mask that will certainly make a statement even through a computer screen.

Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne was known for embracing soft shades of blue with her wardrobe. Do her justice with a dreamy blue midi dress with Victorian-era-worthy puff sleeves. Add a crown, white gloves, and a bun for extra credit.

The Featherington Sisters From Bridgerton

The Featherington sisters were known for their bright and bold colors and patterns. Channel the famous trio with a red gingham puff sleeve dress from ASOS, and add all the accessories your heart desires and a couple more.

Marina Thompson From Bridgerton

Though her love life started out rocky, her wardrobe certainly wasn’t. Marina always looked ravishing in pale yellow shades and soft curls. Recreate her look with this dreamy Selkie dress, white gloves, a crown, and a cascading updo.

Kim Kardashian At The Met Gala

Wearing the outfit meme’d around the world, Kim Kardashian made a major statement at the Met Gala by going so incognito, fans couldn’t even see her face. Channel the Balenciaga-clad star with a unitard complete with a train, mask, and boots.

Wonder Woman

It doesn't hurt to feel like a superhero right about now. The Wonder Woman logo and bright red color on this costume make it totally Zoom-worthy.

Wonder Woman

For a Zoom-friendly splurge, pick up a glamorous cuff with the Wonder Woman logo to really nail your costume from the waist up.

A Bunny

If you're going to be home for Halloween, you might as well wear your pajamas. The cute bunny ears will make this look Zoom-appropriate.

Britney Spears from 'Oops!...I Did It Again'

One of the OG pop stars in the best music video of all time is the perfect costume to choose. Go for the vinyl jumpsuit or a red leather jacket to get the look.

Britney Spears from 'Oops!...I Did It Again'

Finish it off with teased blonde hair and a muted headband to really lean into the early '00s vibes.

Where's Wenda

The best part of this costume is, arguably, the top and accessories, meaning that even though your friends won't be able to see your bottom half, they can totally appreciate the whole costume this year.

Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

Go as Bette Midler's forever alter ego. Some iridescent eyeshadow and bright blush will help you nail this look to perfection.


Accessories are very Zoom-worthy and this headband and necklace are no exception to the rule.

Queen of Hearts

If you're going to be celebrating Halloween eve on Zoom, you might as well be comfortable in a spandex jumpsuit.

A Cheerleader from Cheer

Channel the Netflix show you still watch on repeat with this Fila cheerleader dress. Extra points for unmuting yourself and randomly mat talking your fellow Zoom partiers.

David Rose from Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek might be over, but you can still take a deep dive into David Rose's closet. And the good news is this look begs to be repeated post-holiday.

A Leopard

The classic cat look that never goes out of style! And all it requires is a leopard outfit (a catsuit if you're feeling extra festive) and a cat ear headband.

A Skeleton

As simple as it may be, you can take the skeleton costume to the next level with inspired makeup. Get creative on YouTube with nothing more than black eyeliner and white face paint.

The Twins from The Shining

A spooky costume to plan with your bestie. To really nail the look at a virtual party, Photoshop a picture together and make it your Zoom background.


Another excuse to be clad in all-black — and put your cat ear headband to use. You can easily create this look with a zipped-up leather jacket, or splurge on the full costume with gloves included.

A Witch

There's nothing quite like the official mascot of All Hallow's Eve. Splurge for this full look or throw a witch hat on with a prairie dress, and you're done!

Wednesday Addams

For those looking for a costume that works for everyday Zoom calls, a white and black collared Wednesday Addams look fits the bill perfectly.

1960s Poodle Skirt

The glasses make this look totally Zoom-worthy. And, when you ditch the costume post-Halloween, you might even want to slip the accessory on from time to time.

Maverick Flight Suit

From the waist-up, this costume packs just as hard a punch as it does from head-to-toe, making it a great Zoom-worthy Halloween look.

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