Super Festive Kitchen Essentials For All Your Halloween Treats

BY Michelle Guerre

Some of our all-time favorite Halloween memories involve digging into heaps of sweets after trick-or-treating (only after our parents checked out our loot, of course). But even though the holiday is an obvious candy moment, we’re more into the notion of whipping up homemade treats this year. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up all the must-haves you need to make Halloween goodies that won’t require tons of kitchen time (or effort).

Even if you’re not a pro baker, putting together a ‘gram-worthy party spread can be as simple as reaching for a festive baking dish or adding some spooky sprinkles to your go-to cupcakes. For those wanting to up the ante, pumpkin-shaped silicone molds are perfect for shaping chocolates or fondant toppings. From crafting your treats to putting them on display, we’re sharing our tastiest go-tos for Halloween entertaining, all available at the best, affordable prices on Keep scrolling to see how to make this October 31 even sweeter.