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The Finishing Touches That Complete Every Holiday Look

By Elly Ayres

Your holiday outfit is styled, your beauty look is set, and you’re almost out the door — just one more thing! The overall look calls for a final touch: a spritz of perfume and a few layers of shine, be they bangles, rings, earrings, or necklaces. That sublime balance of fragrance and sparkle adds a little glam to every holiday look, and no matter what your style preference is, there’s a winning combo perfect for you.

In partnership with Macy’s, we’re showing our three favorite ways to combine jewelry and perfume this holiday season. From classic and on-trend to over-the-top glamorous, find your ultimate match below.


You’re a fan of the classics, whether that’s a rose gold watch with sparkly face detailing or minimalist gold hoops that add polish without totally stealing the spotlight. Quintessential fragrances evoking bouquets of fresh jasmine, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, and more add a final layer of romance to your ensemble.

Glam Girl

Shine bright in all the jewelry statement pieces you please, starting with a multicolored necklace and ending with a stainless steel watch embellished with charm-like flowers, studs, and stars. Finish your look with a glamorous scent, whether you choose a high-heeled fragrance combining fiery notes of cinnamon, amber, and orange blossom, or the playful, festive scent of vanilla and caramel.


You’re not afraid to set the trends, which means eye-catching jewelry like acrylic geometric earrings and bold gold and black watches are your ultimate match. Let your signature scent take your look one step further, ushering in notes of spicy pink pepper, warm cedarwood, or a charming mix of violet leaves and wild strawberry.

Photo: Will Styer; Art Director: Molly Kugelmann; Prop Stylist: Jojo Li; Senior Editor: Jenna Wexler.