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The Moments In Environmental Activist Model Angela Lindvall’s Life That Make All The Difference

By Audrey Williams

It may seem unlikely that a self-professed tomboy — more interested in design and photography than actual fashion — would become a world-famous high fashion model. But for Angela Lindvall, it’s no mystery how that happened; it’s her life. At the age of 15, she began her modeling career, and since then has gone on to grace the pages of notable magazines and walk down the most prestigious runways. Outside of modeling, Lindvall has become a vocal activist for environmental awareness and self-care, two causes that have always been passions of hers.

“From the beginning of my career, I became aware of our environmental problems,” she says. “It wasn’t in the mainstream at the time. Not many people spoke of this or were aware. It was my mission to help bring sustainability to the mainstream.”

Five years after her start as a model she founded the Collage Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to bring awareness to environmental causes and provide tools and resources for progress through pop culture and media.

Today, Lindvall has added even more to her already full plate: She’s a mother of two; the creator of a new platform, Peace Begins In Me; and spokeswoman for Citizen’s ongoing Get a Light, Give a Light program, donating solar-powered lights to disaster-stricken communities for each Eco-Drive watch sold.

“An Eco-Drive watch is powered by light – any kind of light – and never needs a battery,” Lindvall says. “Wearing one is convenient, because you never have to worry about a dead battery. Beyond that, I’m using a natural resource – light – and not throwing out batteries into our landfills.”

The collaboration was natural for Lindvall, who believes that even the smallest changes can make a difference, starting with what you wear.

“Start with your body and home,” she says. Your most immediate ‘environment.' Cultivate peace and beauty there. Choose products, supplies, and luxuries that are doing good and low impact. Shift your mindset. Live with more appreciation, gratitude, and optimism. Have hope in human potential. Be of service. Spread love and peace versus complaining, worrying, judging, and feeling overwhelmed. Care for yourself, others, and the planet.”

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