Seattle's Carolyn Yuen Marino

When she's not crafting the perfect rainy day look, Carolyn’s empowering teens as a high school teacher.

Salt Lake City's Lauryn Hock

Super fun and totally stylish, Lauryn’s no-fuss Salt Lake City-inspired fashion makes getting dressed fun again.

Albuquerque's Chantelle Wagner

Chantelle’s love of travel, adventure, and southwestern style keeps the dreamy boho vibes going strong.

Atlanta's Tami Reed

Tami's eclectic style is polished but fun, combining her Ohio roots with Atlanta’s trademark flair.

Nashville's Tiana Lewis

Tiana’s laid-back style captures Nashville’s historic music influences while still staying totally on trend.

Providence's Bianca Charlotte

Bianca’s colorful, comfortable, and body positive style encourages everyone to feel included and celebrated when getting dressed.