Meet Tami Reed

An award-winning fashion and beauty blogger, Tami’s a pro at sharing her favorite style trends with readers. Her aesthetic is eclectic but polished — mixing her comfy Ohio roots with Atlanta’s trademark flair. When not boating, you’ll catch Tami gardening or embarking on a travel adventure.

Tami Reed Shows Us What Real Atlanta Style Looks Like

by Elly Ayres

Atlanta is in full bloom, from the bright pink Azaleas blanketing neighborhood yards to the colorful prints dotting residents' springtime wardrobes. For creatives who call the city home, local style is a balance between dressy and casual for a cool-meets-comfy result.

In partnership with Walmart, we’re traveling cross-country to see how six cities style the new Time And Tru and Terra & Sky lines. We tapped Atlanta style expert Tami Reed for her take on the local look — getting her thoughts on the staple pieces, plus how to make the lines work for three local women. With two more cities to go, here's how Atlanta puts its Southern spin on the collections.

Style Contributor:

Tami Reed

Reed wears a Time And Tru jumpsuit, shoes, and accessories.

When the temperatures start rising in Atlanta, Reed says, "you can show your true personality — more colors, patterns, prints, everything." You'll see several variations in local style, from rugged wear and vintage-inspired looks to stylish takes on high and low fashion. "It's such a melting pot city," she says. "Everybody's coming from everywhere, so you see all these cool, different looks."

For Reed herself, it's all about a versatile look that can be dressed up or down, like a classic jumpsuit. "That is so me, girl, yes! It shows your shape, and you're showing a little skin," she says. Plus, it's easy to style. "If someone called you last minute, and you have an hour to get somewhere, you can grab it out of the closet and go," she says. "I call those 'in-between looks.' You can wear them anywhere, anytime of day — in between your dressy clothes and casual."

Atlanta Local:

Rashina Burch

The Spot:

Krog Tunnel

Burch wears a Terra & Sky top, pants, and Time And Tru accessories.

For Burch, Atlanta style is about standing out without sacrificing comfiness. "You can put together what you like that's cute and comfortable and still fit into the fashion world here," she says. There's a creativity to the dressing, which Burch says can be seen in the way locals mix patterns into their look.

Reed agrees, pointing out that the look's pant sets it apart. "I loved the print of the pant," she says. "If you just change out the heels and add a sandal, she can take that to the office and then drinks or dinner afterward." A waterside spin around Lake Lanier would be the perfect backdrop, too, says Reed.

Reed's final touch on Burch's look was a shimmery set of metallic earrings. "They hung just right on her shoulder and complemented her hair," Reed says. "She had an off-the-shoulder look, so it hit her shoulders just right."

Atlanta Local:

Elizabeth Kim

The Spot:

Piedmont Park

Kim wears a Time And Tru top, jeans, shoes, and accessories.

To find the best look for Kim, Reed focused on her cheery disposition first — landing on an equally bright coral top with a flutter sleeve detail. "I thought with her bubbly personality," Reed says, "that'd be great for her when out with friends kicking it, and it's casual and cute."

Kim's eye went straight to the footwear, though. "I love the shoes," she says, "the bow finish — it's very accenting, but also very versatile because it's chambray." Their added grip made all the difference when navigating Piedmont Park. A kick flare crop on her jeans put a surprising twist on a classic denim piece, while circular blue pom earrings finished the look with a pop of color.

Atlanta Local:

Riah Ivy

The Spot:

Woodruff Park

In the spring time in Atlanta, Reed says, it's all about fun accessories that are affordable. That made pairing a bold silver chandelier earring with Ivy's red cold-shoulder dress an easy choice — and one that dresses up the versatile T-shirt style. A simple white slip-on shoe keeps the look easy enough for running around town.

"I like the sneakers," Ivy says of her look, "because it looks casual, and you can switch it out with different shoes to make it flirtier."

Reed is on the same page, saying the sneaker and dress combo is comfy and cute. "It's very unexpected," she says, "because you can also dress that up for evening — just change accessories, like the shoes, and you're out for the evening. It's very effortless."

Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Art Director: Bry Crasch; Hair and Makeup: Janine Maloney; Stylist & Senior Editor: Jenna Wexler; Junior Art Director: Brit Phillips.