Meet Lauryn Hock

Getting fashion tips from Lauryn feels like chatting with your best friend. Totally stylish and super fun, her love of testing new trends through unexpected pattern pairings and pops of color makes her the perfect person to show us Salt Lake City style.

Lauryn Hock Shows Us What Real Salt Lake City Style Looks Like

by Elly Ayres

There’s something sunny in the Salt Lake City air, from its snow-capped peaks to its sparkling city center. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or hanging downtown, you’ll be inspired by the scene around you — wanting your look rise to the heights of this mountain-meets-city style scape.

In partnership with Walmart, we’re traveling across the country to see how different cities put their stamp on the new Time And Tru and Terra & Sky lines. We touched base with Lauryn Hock, a Salt Lake City style expert, to help three local women test the collections on their turf. We're two cities into the Style Squad tour, and with four more to go, here’s how Salt Lake City made the collections their own.

Style Squad Member:

Lauryn Hock

Hock wears a Time And Tru dress, shoes, and accessories.

"I like to wear really colorful outfits" she says. "[Salt Lake is] bright, it's clean, and I think that translates to people's style.”

Salt Lake City's local murals inspire Hock's style every day, too. "I've noticed there's a lot of pink and blue," which definitely plays into the hues Hock gravitates towards, she says — like this blue peasant dress. It's an effortless piece for shopping or work (Hock is a high school teacher).

"The look I'm wearing today is definitely more bohemian," she says. From the bell sleeves and flowy fabric to the poppy print, she says, "It fits my style.”

Salt Lake City Local:

Anastasia Furrow

The Spot:

The Utah State Capitol Building

Furrow wears Terra & Sky dress and Time And Tru shoes and accessories.

For Furrow, finding an easy, low-key look takes priority when getting dressed. "Comfort is first and foremost," she says. "Functionality!" Her look has to be no-fuss and easy to put on, whether she's headed to the office or grabbing fresh fruit and veggies from the farmer's market. But finding a look that's current plays a major part, too.

"I do like it to be on-trend, for sure," Furrow says, "and I like to have at least one bold statement piece.”

Hock kept this in mind when styling the look, especially when it came to the bold patterned dress. "That dress is really cute — love the print of it," she says. "It's really 'spring' and giving festival vibes, so I went with the braided shoes: The boho vibe."

Salt Lake City Local:

Bridget Michalko

The Spot:

Downtown Salt Lake City

Michalko wears a Time And Tru top, jeans, shoes, and accessories.

The Salt Lake temperatures still drop in spring and summer, Michalko says, which makes jeans her go-to style pick. They're easy to dress up or down, and for this look particularly, she says, "The shirt steps it up. I like how the green matches a lot of the green we have in the mountains — it's very Utah.”

Hock says, "I'd definitely say it's a Saturday-in-the-city type of outfit. But with the flats, that makes it more casual.”

Whether Michalko wears the look going out or catching up with friends at home, she points out, "It's casual, but it shows some effort.”

Salt Lake City Local:

Shelby Bennett

The Spot:

Mountain Top Lookout, Sugarhouse

Bennett wears Terra & Sky top, jeans, and Time And Tru shoes and accessories.

“I love trends,” Bennett says, “but at the same time, I need to feel that I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing, and that it suits how I’m feeling.” Versatility is crucial as well, she says, in case work is followed by an on-the-fly casting.

Taking note, Hock chose relaxed pieces that still make a statement. “We put her in white jeans,” she says, “because I think people are afraid of those, and we want to show anyone can wear white jeans.” Plus, a white denim pairs well with nearly anything.

“All of the pieces are so cohesive,” Bennett points out about the Terra & Sky line. “But at the same time, they can be worn separately and still be done so well.”

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Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Art Director: Bry Crasch; Hair and Makeup: Diana Torres; Stylist & Senior Editor: Jenna Wexler; Junior Art Director: Brit Phillips