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3 Friends & Couples Share Their Love Stories & We're *So* Emotional Right Now

By Sarah Lakos

Have you found the person whose texts make you goofy-smile at your screen or makes you double over with laughter? They might be your best friend (or your flatmate, as you’re about to read), your sister, work wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. It really doesn’t matter how you’re connected, only that you celebrate those special people in your lives this Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day.

In partnership with Pandora, we’re spreading the love by sharing the stories of three unique couples. From uni friends to old colleagues, we asked how they’ll be spending the holiday together and discover why the best gifts are the ones from the heart.

Rowena, 25, and Harry, 25. Currently flatmates and have been friends for nine years.

How did you meet?

Harry: We had a classic 'meet-cute' minus the carnal attraction. We were outside an audition for a play at our uni, Bristol (which weirdly neither of us got parts in?) and, afterwards, we realised we had to walk back to our halls together.

Rowena: Even though we were both dreading walking for 25 minutes with a total stranger, small talk turned into big talk, which turned into a life-long friendship.

What's the most thoughtful gift you've received from each other?

H: Row got me a pottery making lesson so I could live out my Ghost fantasy albeit with quite a strict German pottery teacher.

R: Harry always makes amazing handmade presents. The best one was for my 21st birthday, when he made me a scrapbook all about our friendship and love story.

What's your favourite thing to do together?

Both: We love dancing manically at tragic nightclubs and then having a hangover debrief in one of our beds the next day.

How will you be celebrating Galentine’s Day?

H: It’s my birthday so I imagine I’ll be spoiled rotten by Row and pretend as if I didn’t see it coming (poached eggs would be amazing, Row <3).

R: I’ll be making poached eggs for Harry.

What does your friendship and love add to your lives?

Both: A whole new jumper collection and a blooming, lovely support system that helps us get through any rubbish days.

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Abi McIntosh, 26, and Saffron Mackie, 27. Together for six years.

How & when did you meet?

Abi: When I first met Saff in 2013, she was in the year below me at university and I convinced myself that I wouldn’t like her. After a particularly messy night at football social, she ended up on my sofa. Saff spent many nights on my sofa and slowly but surely I began to get to know her as a person.

What makes you laugh together?

A: Saff and I have been in each other’s lives for so long that I think we have a weird sense of humour that only we share. Everything we do together makes me laugh. Whether it’s doing a grocery shop or watching TV together on the sofa, we always find the humour in everything.

What do you love most about your relationship?

A: What I love most about my relationship with Saff is how comfortable we are with each other. I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else with her. Whoever I am, she loves.

What's your favourite thing to do together?

A: Neither Saff or I are what you would describe as natural chefs so one of our favourite things to do together is go out for dinner. We aren’t particularly fussy and would actually be really happy eating the same meal for the rest of our lives as long as we could share a dessert afterwards.

How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day?

Both: We don’t normally make a big deal of Valentine’s Day — one of us is normally working — but this year we will be going to see a play together.

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Julie, 35, and Daniel, 31. Married for 16 months.

What brought you together?

Julie: We met at my previous job. I was his trainer. We both support Tottenham Hotspur and bonded over match stats. We’ve been to games together which is like date night for us and we often watch it together at home too.

What's your favourite thing to do together?

Both: Watching new series. We love nothing more than a chilled evening on the sofa with a new series to binge on.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

J: We will probably get a £20 meal deal! It's a tradition for us. We find going out to eat is always a hassle because we can never get a booking anywhere. I also get a box of my favourite chocolates every year.

What are you looking forward to doing together in 2020?

J: Travelling more! We want to go to Japan at some point as we both love sushi and the views in Japan are meant to be amazing.

What's the most thoughtful gift you've received from each other?

J: The best gift Dan got me would be my engagement ring. It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. The best gift I got him is a gilet for winter. He wears it all the time. I finally bought something that he likes, haha!

What does your relationship mean to each other?

Both: Knowing that you will always have someone that will support and back you 100 percent.

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