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5 Women On The Bold Makeup Looks They Rely On For Turning It Up

By Sarah Lakos

Nothing beats turning up the music, choosing the perfect outfit, and getting ready for a night out. Whether it’s with your friends, someone special, or you’re simply taking yourself out, this is the time to break out of your usual routine and crank up the makeup. It’s your excuse to go wild with the bold and shimmery shadows that spend most of their time untouched in the back of your beauty drawer. And if you’re the type of person whose usual beauty M.O. is more on the no-makeup makeup spectrum, we’re here to show you how easy it is to amp it up.

In partnership with Too Faced, we asked five women to share their ride-or-die bold makeup looks. From over-the-top dramatic lashes, to daring eye looks, they’ve dished on their fave going-out beauty tips, must-have products, and more. These looks will leave you feeling seriously inspired to plan your next night out. So turn up the music and work a few into your routine this year.

“When I'm on a night out, I want to look super glam. I get my lashes to look as long and thick as possible by applying a layer of mascara and and going in for a second (and sometimes a third and fourth) coat. My go-to night out look is a winged eye, tonnes of mascara to enhance my eyes, and a glossy lip. And, of course, LOADS of highlighter. I want to rival the dance floor’s disco ball.”

"For drinks with friends on summer nights and maybe a cheeky dance, this is my go-to look. It's all about glowing skin, which starts with flawless base and for me. I want my skin to be radiant and for my highlighter to pop. To perfect this luminous look, I use a sponge to blend my highlighter into the skin."

“Two things are a must when I’m going out: a show-stopping eye and statement earrings. It’s all about maximalism. That’s why I default to a vivid glitter gel eyeshadow, and a volumising, long wear mascara. My tip to creating this look for a night out is to prep my eyelids with some glitter glue to prevent fall-out. I go to town and layer Too Faced’s Damn Girl! Mascara on my top and bottom lashes. It thickens and lengthens my lashes to really make eyes pop (no fussy falsies here!). Most people only dust off their glitter palettes for festivals and holiday parties, I say it’s a year-round thing.”

“For the longest time I was really scared of using different colours on my eyes. I was always a neutrals gal. However, by using orange and red tones I think it really makes my eye colour pop and it's a little bit special for going out. I'd wear this kind of look for going out for drinks with my friends and then maybe on to a club. The main thing about this look is taking the time to blend out the eyeshadow. It can feel like a waste of time but it makes all of the difference.”

“Eyes are always the focal point of my big night out look. They’re my best feature so I want to make them look as bold and dramatic as possible. Here I’ve applied a gradient of a coppery rose gold, and a chocolate brown from the Too Faced Pretty Rich palette. Mascara’s the most important element and I’ve discovered the best way to apply to it for maximum volume and length: I wait about 10 seconds after putting on the first layer and let the mascara dry slightly (but not so it’s solid). It means your next layer won’t just move the first coat around; it’s adding a whole new level of intensity!”

Photos: Courtesy of Too Faced and contributors. This post is sponsored by Too Faced.