The 21 hair, makeup, & skin care products that UK influencers & editors are most excited about for spring

The Pheromone Fragrance That Tailors Itself To You

"My favourite beauty item is a fragrance by Escentric Molecules called Escentric 01. It's a gender-neutral scent that smells unique to the wearer by blending with their natural pheromones and changes as the day goes on. It's a heady, hypnotic, and alluring fragrance that I fell in love with at the beginning of my transition. It becomes undetectable to the wearer after a while, so you don't get tired of it. However, I never fail to get compliments when I wear it and always get asked what I'm wearing." — Munroe Bergdorf, Model & Social Activist, @munroebergdorf

The Flawless-Coverage Foundation

"This is an all-new foundation from Dior, and I love it. It provides the perfect amount of coverage, with a radiant finish. It makes skin look so natural and healthy, but even and flawless at the same time!" — Tanya Burr, Actor & Influencer, @tanyaburr

The Matte Lipstick That Sticks With You

"As far as liquid lipsticks go, Too Faced is really up there in terms of formula, length of wear, and colour variation. With the Melted Matte lipsticks, you don't have to worry about it crumbling off halfway through the day or sucking up so much of the moisture from your lips that you practically turn into a prune. It's pigmented, reliable, and stays put. Plus, the 'Drop Dead Red' colour is truly the most beautiful deep burgundy I've ever seen. I get compliments on it every time I wear it, without fail." — Gena-mour Barrett, Writer, @poutgena

The Most Dependent On-The-Go Concealer

"MAC concealer, in a pot. That’s like my day-to-day, go-to, absolute essential. It’s a must-have as I am super busy and on the go, and it covers everything." — Maya Jama, TV Presenter, @mayajama

The Best Glow Stick For Subtle Sheen

"Being fortunate enough to have been given one of the 'transparent sticks' pre-product launch on January 25, I just can’t get enough of this easy-to-use makeup essential. It’s great when applied straight around the cheekbones and temples to illuminate a dull complexion, it turns a sad powdery blusher into a creamy shiny flush to the cheeks, it’s gentle enough to use on the eyes or lips for a dewy modern sheen, or it can be mixed with lipsticks and eyeshadows to make your makeup pop! Versatile and fun. Love it." — Maria Comparetto, Makeup Artist, @mariacomparettomua

The Finest Setting Powder For Oily Skin

"We always take Laura Mercier’s blotting powder with us wherever we go because we’ve both got oily combination skin, so we’re constantly powdering each other. We’ll ask each other, 'Do I need powder?,' and normally the answer is, 'Yes.' We’ll apply it with our little Malachite Kabuki brush, and it works perfectly to get rid of that shine." — Sophie & Hannah Pycroft, Co-Founders, Spectrum Collections, @spectrumcollections

The Life-Changing Spray For Unruly Hair

"If you battle with frizzy, unruly hair, this spray will change your life as much as it has mine. Since discovering it last summer, I've used it weekly. Essentially, it's the at-home equivalent of a permanent blow-dry, and leaves your hair looking smooth and shiny for at least two washes. It's genius." — Victoria Hall, Editorial Director at Victoria Health, Freelance Health & Beauty Writer, @vhallbeauty

The CBD Product For Stress Relief

"This blended mix of aromatherapy I take in my handbag anywhere. Feeling relaxed is my trick to looking fresh. When I feel a bit stressed, I’ll spritz the spray around me, breathe in the calming smells and feel my mind, face, and body relax a little more. I usually do this before I leave the house." — Poppy Jamie, Founder @happynotperfect & Co-founder @popandsuki

The Eye Base That Will Step Up Your Blending Game

"In terms of the product I cannot live without, I would have to say the P.Louise Eye Base in Shade 2. This product alone has taken my eyeshadow game from a wobbly 4 to sturdy 8.5! It has revolutionised how I use bright colours, and stepped my blending game up significantly! You don’t set it down with powder as you would with normal eye primers, so it makes your shadows far more intense. The consistency and opacity also lends itself perfectly to smooth blending and transitioning of colour. If you enjoy creative makeup, you absolutely need this product!" — Tess Daly, Fashion & Beauty Influencer, @tess.daly

The Liquid Eyeliner That Actually Lasts

"In terms of the beauty product I can’t live without, I would say it's my Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eye Liner. I’ve been using it for over 10 years and started using it in secondary school. I used to experiment so much with it when I was younger, drawing different shapes under the winged liner like stars or variations of dots. I loved it then and still love it now. It makes me feel like a bad bitch." — Tanya Compas, Youth Worker, Youth Engagement @ukblackpride, & Writer, @tanyacompas

The Full Coverage Foundation That Lasts Twice As Long

"It is the best foundation I have ever used as it’s long lasting and gives great coverage. I have tried lots of alternative foundations, but I always go back to Double Wear!" — Jessica Millichamp, Fashion & Beauty Influencer, @jessontheplussize

The Best-Smelling Hair Products For Easy Brushing

"My favorite products are the L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing shampoo and conditioner. They make my curly hair feel so soft, to the point where my comb just glides through — not to mention they make my hair smell so great. I take them with me everywhere I go and can't imagine using any other product." — Asma Elbadawi, Basketball Player & Spoken Word Poet, @asmaelbadawi

The Long-Lasting, Light-As-Air Foundation

"My current most-wanted product is Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, for many reasons. Firstly, it feels amazing on the skin. It doesn't feel heavy and doesn't need powder. It also lasts a long time, both on your skin and in the bottle. But the other reason I love it so much is that it's the perfect shade for me. I never realised how hard it was to find foundation for my skin colour, because it was just how it was and I thought I was the problem, not the beauty industry. Fenty Beauty changed the game for everyone!" — Katy Jalili, Multidisciplinary Artist, Performer, & Writer, @katyjalili

The Face Wash That Makes A Difference

"This two-step face wash has changed my skin. I love oil cleansers, but I feel like they don't remove all my makeup. I was using micellar water, but that dried and stripped my skin into a barren wasteland. I'd be lying if I said I understood the science behind why this is so good, but I can tell you that after use, my skin feels totally clean and also highly moisturised. Win-win." — Charlotte Owen, Executive Editor, Bustle UK, @char.owen

The Most Effective Exfoliant For Sensitive Skin

"I read a lot of reviews before I made the jump and bought Pixi's Glow Tonic in 2017, but I've not looked back since. It's a chemical exfoliant, so it uses glycolic acid to remove the dead layers of skin rather than physical particles, something that I've found super beneficial for my sensitive skin. It's also packed with aloe, so the formula is nourishing and not at all stripping! I swipe a cotton pad of Glow Tonic over my face post-cleanse and pre-serum — it leaves my face feeling as clean as can be and totally prepped for the next step in my routine." — Charlie Mock, Social Media Editor, Bustle UK, @charlielouisemock

The Buildable Foundation That's A Dream To Apply

"I'm in love with Lush's Slap Stick foundations; not only are they 100-percent vegan and cruelty-free, but they come in a whopping 40 shades! Usually, I have to choose between being ethical or finding a foundation in my shade — rarely do I find a product that provides both. On top of all that, it's super pigmented, buildable coverage, and affordable. You can't go wrong!" — Niellah Arboine, Writer, Bustle UK & Lifestyle Editor, GalDem, @niellaharboine

The Eye Gloss For Dewy Lids

"In 2018, I decided I wanted to look dewy, namely on my eyelids. I'd read horror stories of people using clear lip gloss on top of eyeshadow and subsequently getting a nasty reaction. So I searched for a clear product specifically made for eyes and, lo and behold, found 3INA's eye gloss. Its pen applicator makes it super easy to use and lets you control the level of shine. Plus, it doesn't feel too sticky, which is a real godsend for anyone with hair." — Lauren Sharkey, Writer, Bustle UK & Author of Resisters: 52 Young Women Making Herstory Right Now, @laurensharkey_

The Super-Cheap Concealer That Works Better Than Expensive Ones

"This is one of the most long-lasting concealers I've ever tried, and bonus — it's only £4! The formula makes it wearable for long periods of time and offers a great balance between creaminess and mattifying coverage. I've tried a lot of concealers, and this one always trumps, even over its higher-end counterparts. It doesn't cake or dry out your skin and can go seamlessly from day to night without need for top-ups. What more could you want?!" — Liv Callaghan, Mental Health Advocate, @selfloveliv

The Perfect Cream For Frizzy Hair

"I’ve always found it really tricky to keep my curly-as-hell hair under control, so when I discovered this Frizz Ease touch-up crème about 10 years ago, it felt like a gift straight from God. It’s perfect for controlling flyaways without looking too greasy and gross. When I lived in the United States for a couple of years, it was really hard to find in shops, so I would stockpile about 10 bottles to take over with me from the UK. It’s that good." — Rowena Henley, Associate Editor, Bustle UK, @rowenahenley

The Cult Classic Oil For Dry Skin

"My skin is thirstier than the lawns of South East England during a hosepipe ban and, in winter, as grey as its skies. This hydrates and brightens like nothing else, and has spot-busting powers to boot. I only use a few drops before moisturising, so this chunky 50ml bottle lasts for months. It’s the elixir of life, as far as I’m concerned, and I would live in a tank of it if I could." — Aimée Grant Cumberbatch, Contributing Editor, Bustle UK, @aimeevgc

The No-Need-For-Makeup Tinted Moisturiser

"This has been my absolute saving grace this year. It is more of a 'skin care' tinted moisturiser than a makeup tinted moisturiser, but it is the perfect cream for throwing on after an exercise class or first thing in the morning to run out to the shops, as it nourishes as well as completely transforms your skin to look smoother, a little more tan, and way more glowy. It also has an SPF 40, so it's literally the perfect all-rounder skin care and makeup product." — Rebecca Fearn, Writer, Bustle UK, @beautyandtheb