Can A Gummy Really Lift Libido? I Tried maude x ASYSTEM’s, And My Verdict Is Yes... A Lot

Lust potion No. 9.

Fingers tousling my lover’s hair, sunlight dappling the skin of limbs intertwined in an easy embrace... a quiet repose after smashing till the cows came home. My mind keeps returning to the moment. Which, OK, is a fantasy. It’s been a long, pandemic-y three years. However, in a world where I’d decided to save my libido till later, some little gummies have sent it rocketing back to the forefront.

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I must admit, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to many supplements. So I was truly surprised by the lusty powerhouse in a tiny package that is the daily libido gummy from maude x ASYSTEM.

The Story Behind The Gummy

Created by research-based supplement brand ASYSTEM and thoroughly modern sexual wellness brand Maude (a woman-owned company with Dakota Johnson serving as co-creative director), these little gummies aim to build sexual arousal and confidence. A tall order, sure. Through a potent formula of clinically-proven ingredients, adaptogens, and botanicals, they fill it.

How Do They Work?

The gummies take a triple-pronged approach to boosting libido, focusing on elements of the body and the brain. There’s the physical factor of ingredients (like L-citrulline) that increase blood flow to the sensual regions — this enhances a person’s ability to become aroused and have intercourse. Then there’s boosting key hormones with natural augmenters like fenugreek and boron (hormones drive desire and sexual function, and naturally dip when in our 30s).

Finally, there’s a focus on stress reduction. Because, when stressed, sex is pretty much the last thing on anyone’s mind. So ingredients like L-Theanine and magnesium help soothe the mind and stimulate the connection with those gorgeous sex organs.

ASYSTEM points out that intimacy levels are at a low point in general right now, as depression and anxiety have been at a high point thanks to pandemic (you’re telling me!). This has, naturally, contributed to decreasing sex drives in both men and women. But that need not be the case.

My Experience

Like I mentioned, I view most supplements and their promises with a hefty bit of side-eye. For some context, I’m a single, female-identifying human who has been quite satisfyingly a “lone wolf” for a while. And, I figured my habitual singledom made a fine control situation for trying the gummies — lest my lustiness be swayed simply by the presence of a partner, if that were the case. I wanted to see just how the gummies would impact my physiology on any normal day.

And We’re Off

The first day I took the gummy I thought it tasted surprisingly delicious and figured that would be the end of it. Which, it kind of was. But then... the second day happened.

This is odd, yes, but the second day I had taken a gummy, I grabbed lunch at a table outside and found myself, like... really enjoying that sandwich. This isn’t to say I was being untoward toward my sandwich. I’m generally an enthusiastic sandwich eater. But I found myself somehow more fully engaged, like, enjoying the experience of this delicious sandwich from head to toe, and feeling extremely happy about it. Which is... unusual. It was exciting though, because I figured if I was this engaged with a sandwich, imagine how that’d translate to a good, old-fashioned roll in the hay.

Cruising Altitude

After taking the gummy steadily for a few days, I feel myself generally a little more keyed into bodily desire. As I mentioned, I’ve primarily shelved my libido to be pulled out at a time when things are a bit more footloose and fancy free.

Nonetheless, I am one of my own favorite paramours, and I realized I had been neglecting myself lately, as well as my small stable of pleasure devices... again, long pandemic. It actually just feels good to be feeling myself again, and experiencing a bubbly level of “down to clown” in general — it’s reminiscent of my 20s (hopefully tempered with added maturity). I’m a lot more exuberant about the prospect of a potential partner wandering into my purview than I have been. The confidence is there.

Sex is pretty objectively good for you, and it’s been pleasant dusting off that knowledge — and reaping the benefits of said goodness.

The Newlywed Experiment

I thought I would present a fuller picture of the maude x ASYSTEM gummy experience by sharing some with a bonafide couple, in this case by way of a buddy who’s half of a newly-married pair. He related that, for various reasons, his libido has dropped lately and he’s been really eager to try a supplement of this sort.

I passed some along, and though I was hoping to wrest out some salacious details, all I got was that after a few days of taking them, both he and his wife find the gummies “fun” and “cheeky.” For someone who doesn’t kiss and tell, that’s a pretty solid endorsement.

Are Libido Gummies Right For You (And/Or Your Partner)?

ASYSTEM and Maude got together in the first place after researching the wants and needs of thousands of customers. As it happens, nearly half the crowd (42% female-identifying and 55% male-identifying) expressed interest in trying a supplement to enhance arousal and performance. However, only 7% of ladies had dabbled in such things, while males had a much higher usage rate at 26%.

Most importantly, the survey discovered that the vast majority of men and women want to have more intimacy with their partners, and themselves, than they are currently having. If you’re in any of these clubs, Libido was created for you.

Final Thoughts: Yes, Gummy

I’m enjoying the “cheeky” levels of bodily bliss and greater openness to crushes — and I actually enthusiastically gobble a gummy every day because of how good they taste. I’m planning to ride this Libido wave for a spell, while also stashing at least some for a paired experience. Because if it’s this fun with myself (and sandwiches), I can’t wait to see how things fare with a friend to share.

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