8 Benefits Of Pilates That Prove It's Much More Than A Core Workout

This workout has got your back — literally.

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8 benefits of Pilates that prove it's much more than a core workout.
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Pilates is a workout that uses small, repetitive exercises to build strength and flexibility. Though it’s known as a core-focused modality, it’s so much more — here, fitness pros share the wide-ranging benefits of Pilates workouts, from boosting your balance to easing pain.

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It’s Versatile

Whether you’re an athlete, new to fitness, or rehabbing an injury, there are endless exercises and modifications that allow you to personalize your Pilates practice, says bande founding instructor Amanda Jenny. And it can be done on a machine or without equipment.

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It Strengthens

You don’t always have to lift weights to get stronger. Pilates is a core-based workout that engages your muscles through precise movements to boost strength and endurance, no dumbbells needed, says Femi Betiku, a physical therapist and Club Pilates instructor.


It Improves Posture

An added bonus of all those ab-strengthening exercises? Better posture, says Jenny. A stronger core means that the muscles holding you upright all day are better able to do their job, so you can kiss that WFH slouch goodbye.


It Improves Balance

Just like stronger core muscles can help keep your posture upright, they can also improve your torso stability, says Betiku. And a more stable core makes it easier to balance on uneven surfaces, recover from stumbles, and stay mobile.


It Can Reduce Pain

Better core strength and posture can ease and prevent low back pain, says Betiku. Research suggests Pilates can also help manage pain from chronic conditions like arthritis by enhancing mobility and boosting mental health.

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It Boosts Your Mood

Research shows that a regular Pilates practice can reduce anxiety and depression and increase energy levels. The workout’s focus on breathwork can also improve oxygen levels in your brain to help you think clearly, adds Betiku.

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It Builds Flexibility

Pilates’ repetitive movements work to lengthen your muscles and boost your range of motion, all of which Jenny says can enhance flexibility throughout your body. The best part? No splits are necessary.

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It’s Low-Impact

And all these benefits don’t have to come at the expense of your joint health, adds Betiku. Pilates exercises are gentle, so your joints, tendons, and more can grow stronger without getting run down (AKA your connective tissue will thank you).

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