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The 3 Best Couples Vibrators Of 2022

Grab your partner, do-si-do.

by Bustle Editors
Eva, TOR™ 2, and TIANI™ DUO on a podium

The secret to good sex is, we’re terribly sorry to say, communication. It really is! Sex is hotter and hornier and just plain better if you and your partner(s) are able to honestly tell each other what you want, desire, and need. The problem is that this is not exactly easy to do, so may we suggest an unconventional solution? The couples vibrator. So many brands are making fun and innovative toys intended for partnered play, and if you’re going to try these out together, you’ve gotta talk about the experience. It’s a low-stakes, easy way to talk about likes and dislikes, and to expand your horizons together.

Then again, maybe you don’t need convincing — you’re already down with partnered play; you just want to be pointed toward the best of the best. Sweet! Ahead, the best couples sex toys, according to Bustle’s lifestyle editors and sexual wellness experts.

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First Place: Dame Eva Couples Vibrator

A lot of couples vibrators tend to be C-shaped — an internal G-spot stimulator and an external clitoral stimulator. This one is only a clitoral stimulator, and if you’re only going to have one job, you’d better do it well. Luckily, the Eva delivers. The “arms” tuck under the labia to keep the little toy in place — where “in place” is vibrating deliciously on the clit. “It magically stays in place,” reports Kelsey Stiegman, Bustle senior fashion editor. “I really didn’t think it would work, but it sooooo does.” Also, Stiegman adds: “It’s adorable and looks like a tiny bug.”

Second Place: Lelo Tor 2

Everyone loves the Tor! The design is sleek and subtle, but don’t let the low-key design fool you. “If you're all about enhancing stimulation during sex, this discrete toy does the job for both of you via gentle vibrations that basically buzz the bliss into you and your partner's lovemaking,” says Bustle Senior Fashion & Lifestyle Editor Rachel Lapidos. “It's got six different settings, so you can opt for a subtle tzzzz or go all-out with some stronger, um, vibes” Plus, Lapidos adds, it's aesthetically pleasing and — most importantly — doubles the fun for you and your partner.

Third Place: Lelo Tiani Duo

This toy is so powerful that it can be overstimulating if you’re not careful, reports Melissa Dahl, BDG’s executive health director. “My husband and I tried this for the first time on our honeymoon (brag), and it almost worked too well,” said Dahl. “I literally needed a break.” It’s a C-shaped couples vibrator, with arms for external and internal stimulation, and is meant to be worn while you’re getting it on. The remote control is a fun addition — it can add a little bit of a dominating aspect, if you’re into that.