The 3 Best Weighted Jump Ropes

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For leveling up on your jump rope workouts, the best weighted jump ropes are designed with even weight distribution throughout the rope — and not just in the handles — in order to create full-body resistance, resulting in a more challenging workout. These fitness accessories come in a range of sizes and weights, and you'll want to choose one that's suited to both your skill level and height.

If you're new to working out with a weighted rope, you may want to opt for a lighter one (less than 1 pound) in order to get used to the resistance and learn the proper form. Otherwise, consider your fitness goals. Lighter ropes are typically better for speed and tricks during high-intensity cardio workouts, while heavier ropes (2 pounds and up) are more ideally suited for strength-building and muscle-conditioning.

You'll also want to ensure that a jump rope is properly sized for your height. A good rule of thumb is to take your height, then add three feet to it, and look for a rope that's near that length. While some weighted jump ropes come in a range of pre-cut sizes to cater to different heights, others are one-size only and may need to be manually shortened to fit your needs. Keep in mind that if you significantly cut down a weighted rope to make it shorter, you'll also lighten its weight. Also, note that the measured length of the rope only usually accounts for the distance between handles, unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer.

With all that in mind, it's your turn to find the best weighted jump ropes you can buy on Amazon below!

1. The Overall Best Weighted Jump Rope

While it's pricey, this CrossRope jump rope can appeal to both serious jump-rope enthusiasts and newbies. It comes with two separate weighted ropes (1- and 2-pounds), that can be used interchangeably with the rope's clip-on, textured handles. The weight of the ropes is distributed evenly throughout each PVC-coated cable, making this pick ideal for full-body workouts. The CrossRope is available in four different sizes, from small to extra-large, so it will work for a range of heights with no shortening of the rope's length needed. Investing in this pick means you'll also get another great perk: free membership to the CrossRope app, which offers streamable workouts, as well as activity tracking that can be synced to Google Fit or Apple Health.

For beginners or anyone who'd prefer a less heavy jump rope, you may also want to take a look at this lighter and slightly less expensive CrossRope Get Lean Set, which comes with .25 and .5-pound ropes.

Helpful review: “Holy Cow, what a difference! First and foremost, they do not kink! Not at all! Right from the get go. Secondly, for someone at my level, the heavier ropes make it easier to concentrate on form for when you do use a lighter rope. And third, the heavier ropes really do give you a nice upper body workout at the same time. I can still get up some decent speed with the 1 lb rope and even with the 2 lb, and the 2 lb really works the forearms and shoulders..”

2. The Most Affordable Weighted Jump Rope

There's a lot to like about this affordable weighted jump rope. With 1 pound of weight distributed evenly throughout, this jump rope is a great option for many people, since it can be used for either cardio or conditioning, depending on your fitness level. The thick, 9-millimeter rope is made with solid PVC material, which gives it a lot of flexibility and smoothness while in motion, and the aluminum alloy handles have a handy non-slip silicone grip. While there is just one length option (10 feet), it's easy to adjust the length to your height with the included screwdriver and clamps.

Helpful review: "Have been using 3-5 times/week for over a month now and the rope works great. I jump on concrete and though it’s scuffed a bit, it’s still strong. The whole rope is weighted and was easy to adjust length. Would buy again."

3. The Heaviest Weighted Jump Rope

If you're looking for a challenge, these Champion Sports weighted jump ropes range in weight from 1-pound to extra-heavy and intense 3- and 4-pound options. The ropes themselves are made of heavy, solid rubber with the weight evenly distributed, while the soft, foam-covered handles are designed swivel-ball bearings for a smooth rotation. Keep in mind that these ropes are priced according to weight, with heavier options being more expensive than the lighter ones. In addition, all Champion weighted ropes come in standard 9-foot length (including the handles) and are not designed to be adjustable, so this pick may not be suitable for all heights.

Helpful review: “WOW, who would have thought that 3lbs would give you a serious workout? ...but it does! My 1st day I could only do 5, but later built up to 25. Be careful and make sure you get the rope all the way hit my foot and almost took me out!”