Bustle's First Wellness Box Is Here & You're Going To Want Everything In It

be well. by Bustle is an editorially curated selection of the best health and wellness products.

Bry Crasch-Kolberg/Bustle

Wellness is an extremely personal topic. Even though I was already aware of this, it became even more clear as I started researching products to include in Bustle's first wellness box. Should I curate just the trendiest items like CBD and essential oil mists that promote a sense of calm? Or should I hone in on science-backed supplements that offer targeted solutions for your wellness routine? The answer, in short, is yes to both.

The idea behind our wellness box is to showcase the best products in the health and wellness space, so step one was to get a sense of all the products the internet has to offer. (Spoiler: There are a ton.) Step two was to narrow down that massive list to reflect Bustle's approach to wellness: feminist and inclusive, service-minded and science-backed, and never, ever scary. The result? "be well." by Bustle — a curation of health and wellness products that help you get the most out of your wellness journey.

Whether your personal wellness routine could use more sleep, more energy, or more meaningful time for yourself, check out the list below for products to help you on your journey to be well.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A Gratitude Journal To Encourage Mindfulness

Gratitude may be the most accessible wellness trend making headlines these days, and for good reason. With benefits of practicing gratitude including improved sleep quality, stronger mental strength, and increased self-esteem, it's totally worth setting aside time in your day for the practice. This journal makes it easy by providing simple prompts to help you reflect on all the good happening around you.


This CBD Salve That Smells As Great As It Feels

CBD seems to be popping up in everything from supplements to teas, but my favorite way to try out the trendy compound is via topicals. This all-natural salve combines relaxing lavender oil, rejuvenating eucalyptus, and a CBD extract that felt extra soothing when I tried it on sore muscles.*


A Water Bottle Helping To Change The World

I've proudly become that person who brings their own reusable cup to the coffee shop, and I'm loving these perfectly sized 12-ounce travelers from Welly. It not only lets you enjoy hot or cold drinks, but it's also made with bamboo, a renewable resource. Plus, Welly donates at least 1% of sales to clean water projects worldwide.


An On-Trend Instant Cacao Latte

What's so on-trend about it, you may ask? This "adult hot chocolate" is an adaptogenic latte, aka a blend of high-quality cacao and non-toxic plants (the adaptogens) that are known to help relieve stress and anxiety, calm the mind and body, and promote a sense of bliss*. Also, it tastes really good.


A Serum Deserving Of A Spot In Your Skincare Routine...

Take the guesswork out of putting together a skincare routine by relying on ingredients that are proven to work. This powerful Ole Henriksen serum contains 15% antioxidant vitamin C to help brighten skin, 5% PHAs for chemical exfoliation, and hyaluronic acid for hydration.


...& A Just-As-Great Eye Crème

Ideal for smoothing your skin before makeup application, this eye cream contains banana powder-inspired pigments to instantly illuminate your eyes. Just dab a bit around your entire eye area, then let brightening vitamin C and elasticity-boosting collagen* get to work reducing the look of dark circles and prepping your skin for improved concealer application and wear.


Wearable Vitamins That Can Boost Your Immunity

I'll admit: When I first heard the concept of wearable vitamins, I wasn't sure whether or not to believe the hype. But after a bit of research, I learned that certain vitamins can successfully be absorbed through your skin — one of which is vitamin D3. This wearable patch provides a continuous, slow-release delivery of the nutrient into your body, which may help support immune health, sleep quality, mood regulation, and bone and heart health.*


Chocolates (!) That Can Help You Get To Sleep

Yes, you read that right. These dark chocolate mints are the perfect pre-bedtime treat, and they come from one of the coolest new wellness companies on the market. Objective Wellness offers products with targeted health solutions, and every product page on their site includes a "clinical results" tab that helps you understand what's in your purchase and why. As for these chocolates: They contain calming GABA that relaxes you to sleep, plus saffron to improve your sleep quality and help you wake refreshed the next morning.*


A Probiotic Formulated With Skin Health In Mind

One of my friends recently introduced me to the beauty of probiotics as part of my wellness routine, and I've been a believer ever since. The microorganisms have been studied to benefit everything from gut health to heart health, and this complex from TULA Skincare is formulated with a blend of three different probiotic strains. The daily supplement aims to help decrease bloating and improve digestive balance, plus works to improve skin moisture retention, clarity and texture, and provides a dose of vitamin C.*


A Luxe Mist That's Great For Everything

Last but not least is this spicy-sweet blend of peppercorn, lemongrass, and other pure essential oils that combine to create an energizing mist you can use for anything. Pump a spritz or two on your face, body, yoga mat, work space… any place that could use an energizing boost.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.