If You Live With Migraines, You Need To Know About Cove

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It’s a scene I’ve come to dread: My doctor prescribes a medication that I urgently need, and they send the request directly to my pharmacy (how convenient!). But when I call to check on the status, the pharmacist has no record of it. And when I follow up with my doctor, they insist they sent it in — or worse, I find out the doctor already left for the weekend. Is just the thought of this leaving you sweaty, too?

There can be so many unnecessary barriers to getting the health care treatment you need. Not to mention when you’re dealing with a condition that’s chronically under-diagnosed and misunderstood, like migraine. While studies are unfortunately still pretty binary, researchers do know that women are affected by migraine at a much higher rate than men.

A primary care physician is an essential part of any health care toolkit, but some aren’t fully versed in treating patients who experience the often debilitating symptoms that come with migraine. Or it may not be feasible to get an in-person appointment when you need it. And then there’s the matter of health insurance, and how much treatment will cost if you don’t have any. That’s why Cove can be a real game-changer.

What Is Cove?

Cove is a user-friendly telehealth platform that connects you with doctors who specialize in the treatment of migraine and allows you to get the medication you need shipped to your door when you want it (just check out Cove’s full list of medications, which ranges from acute to preventative and even dedicated anti-nausea options, and cites the price per month for each so there are no surprises).

Cove knows that everybody’s migraine experience is different, and that means there’s no one-size-fits-all path to relief. That intuitive approach seems to be doing the trick: 77% of Cove patients reported seeing an improvement in their symptoms after only three months. And another 81% of patients made fewer trips to urgent care for their migraine symptoms.

Best of all, pricing is incredibly reasonable — especially if you don’t have insurance and would otherwise be facing exorbitant out-of-pocket costs to see a specialist. (The initial consultation ranges from $30 to $50, depending on whether you have an eligible insurance plan, and $10 to $15 per month after that, with your first three months free).

So, How Do You Get Started With Cove?

The first step in your Cove treatment journey is taking a short quiz to help your future doctor understand more about your symptoms and current maintenance approach.

From there, you’ll be prompted to complete an online consultation, which consists of a more detailed questionnaire about your medical history, along with two quick diagnostic videos to help doctors understand the best treatment plan for your needs. If you’re already taking a prescription that’s working for you and just want to renew it, you can let Cove know that, too.

All Cove users get unlimited messaging access to a licensed doctor any time they need it (no waiting for an appointment or a referral or even appropriate business hours). As a Cove user, you’ll also have access to a handy migraine tracker, which is essentially a digital journal where you can log details like migraine duration, symptoms, and if you took any acute medication (and whether that medication provided relief).

What Else Does Cove Offer?

Another nice thing about Cove is that treatment goes beyond prescription medications. Among its offerings, you’ll also find a collection of natural aids that can assist with both migraine prevention and relief, like magnesium glycinate tablets, B-complex capsules, and even a roll-on essential oil blend.

One drawback: You do need to pay for an initial consultation before you can shop any of these offerings (even the essential oil tincture), and they are currently only offered on a subscription basis.

But if you’re ready for seamless access to migraine specialists and treatment without ever having to leave home, it seems like Cove may very well be worth it.

Ready to get started? Take Cove’s short quiz and get the hassle-free treatment you deserve.

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