Pfizer Gave An Exciting Update About Its COVID-19 Vaccine’s Effectiveness

The fight against the pandemic just logged a big win.

by JR Thorpe
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A vaccine on a blue backdrop with a drop of coronavirus vaccine.
Anna Efetova/Moment/Getty Images

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On Nov. 9, Pfizer and BioNTech announced their COVID-19 vaccine seems to be 90% effective, per analysis by an independent panel of experts — a major milestone in the fight against the pandemic. On Nov. 18, further data showed the vaccine appears to be 95% effective, and works in people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, per the BBC.

Anna Efetova/Moment/Getty Images

The vaccine — one of 10 being tested around the world — was studied in 43,500 people, with no reported safety concerns. Participants received either an active or a placebo shot. Two doses of the vaccine, three weeks apart, protects against COVID, Pfizer announced.