The Least Strenuous Workouts To Do While Hungover

Your body will thank you.



If you wake up at noon with a hangover — and still wearing last night’s outfit — you probably won’t be raring to get up and exercise. But after you sip water, eat a bagel, and start to come back to life, you might be ready for a slow, gentle, hangover-approved workout.



To get your blood flowing, don a pair of sunglasses, fill up your water bottle, and go outside for a gentle walk. Ellen Thompson, a trainer with Blink Fitness, recommends avoiding anything high-intensity but says light cardio will feel right.



Better yet, stay in bed and do yoga poses — like a supine twist — right there in your sheets to relieve aches and muscle tension, Thompson says. Aim for five to ten minutes of movement, then go back to sleep.


Bodyweight Exercises

If you’re feeling extra ambitious — or totally cured after eating brunch — opt for bodyweight exercises, Thompson says. Think lunges, glute bridges, a plank, or tricep dips off the side of your couch. No equipment or trip to the gym required.



Trainer Mike Tromello says to hop on a stationary bike, if possible. “Cycling can be a good option for a low-impact workout,” he tells Bustle. “You can adjust the resistance and speed to your comfort level.”

Remember to have a snack, sip water, and take it easy.

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Foam Rolling

Foam rolling totally counts as a workout after a night of drinking. According to trainer Michael Hamlin, it’s the perfect way to get some soft tissue work in during your day off. Try it while you watch TV and wait for your takeout delivery.

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Light Jog

If your hangover isn’t all that bad, go for a light jog. It’s low-impact, low-stress, and totally doable while nursing a hangover, says trainer Chrisi Moutopoulos. It might even help your hangover, too, thanks to the increased blood flow and rush of endorphins.



Trainer Alina Kennedy suggests floor pilates,. “You'll be lying on the ground throughout the workout, so it’s perfect to do at home on a Sunday in your pajamas,” she tells Bustle. “You can feel like you did a great workout — without needing to stand upright.”



When in doubt, get on the floor and have a good stretch. “Even just a few minutes can help relieve tension and improve your range of motion,” Tromello says. “Focus on gentle stretches that target your neck, shoulders, back, and hips.”