Lazy Girl Workouts Are A Thing — Here Are 11 To Try

You can do some of these in bed.

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Lazy girl workouts are a thing and you can stream them on YouTube.
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Typically, one has to choose between lying on the couch in full relaxation mode and getting up to do a workout. These two activities fall on opposite ends of the movement spectrum. That is, unless you try a lazy girl workout.

Lazy girl workouts are the ideal way to have the best of both worlds. You get to remain horizontal in front of your Netflix marathon, but you also get your heart rate up and work a few muscles. It’s all about finding ways to move without the rigmarole of going to the gym. And if you can remain in bed, even better.

To meet the criteria for a lazy girl workout, an exercise routine should be low-impact — so no jumping or leaping — on the shorter side, you shouldn’t need any equipment, and it should be something you can do while either sitting in a chair or lying down. If you have to stand up, the workout needs to be as gentle as possible, lest you expend too much energy.

These lazy fitness routines work for a variety of situations. You can do them when you’re tired, if you’re getting over a cold, you’re brand-new to exercise, if you lack motivation, or if you feel like moving just a little while watching a movie, but not so much that you need to change out of your PJs.

Sound appealing? Then keep scrolling for 11 lazy girl workouts you can stream on YouTube.


7-Minute Floor Workout

This super short workout from Fit by Lys stays nice and low to the ground. You’ll do mat exercises like donkey kicks, glute bridges, and tricep presses to work your major muscle groups without having to stand up. Lys offers ways to modify each move to make them a little easier or harder, just in case you’re feeling inspired.


10-Minute Low-Impact Workout

This quickie workout from Grow with Jo is one you can do while lying in bed or on the couch. There’s no equipment, no standing, no jumping — just you, your pillows, and 10 moves that you’ll for 60 seconds each. You’ll do hamstring curls, swimmers, windshield wipers, and scissor kicks, and will definitely feel the burn by the time you’re done.


12-Minute Slow Workout

For an extra chill workout, go for this video from MadFit that flows from spine-lengthening child’s pose and cobra to standing hip circles and slow lunges. It’s meant to relieve PMS and period pain, but also works on the days when you don’t have a ton of energy. Each of the stretchy, low-intensity moves lasts for 30 seconds and focuses on quashing muscle tension.


10-Minute Lying Down Workout

Try this routine from Vicky Justiz when you’re just not in the mood to schlep to the gym. She’ll guide you through 10 exercises, including supermans to work your back and booty, leg raises for your abs, and fire hydrants for your hips. The moves are tough, but the workout will be over before you know it.


12-Minute Seated Dance Workout

Click on this dance-y workout if you’re in the mood to groove, but can’t quite summon the energy to sashay across the living room. It features choreographed moves that allow you to work a few muscles while boosting your heart rate. You’ll do things like marches, arm raises, knee raises, and more... without ever having to get up.


10-Minute Morning Workout

MonikaFit’s “good morning” workout is one you can do after rolling out of bed, so don’t even bother putting on your workout gear. Stay in your pajamas as you do squats, bird dogs, kneeling push-ups, and other no-equipment moves. Ten minutes later and you’ll feel much more motivated to take on your day.


12-Minute Full-Body Bed Workout

Dayana Wang is the queen of creating workouts you can do from bed. In this video, she guides you through angled leg lifts, bear planks, wide knee squats, and other exercises that are easy to do on the squishy surface of your mattress. Who knew cozy workouts existed?


10-Minute Pillow Workout

If you’re currently in bed surrounded by comfy pillows but also kind of want to work out, go for this routine from Cassy Ho at Blogilates. It’ll work your abs, thighs, and booty using nothing more than a pillow. Work through bridge pulses, froggers, toe drops, and diamond hamstring curls, then immediately go back to sleep.


20-Minute Seated Chair Workout

This workout from Coach Kim at Vive Health is the epitome of chill. She’ll guide you through easy-to-do chair exercises like marches, swimming arm motions, and spinal twists — all of which are very low-key, but sometimes that's exactly what you need.


20-Minute Bed Workout

Here’s a full-body workout from Emi Wong that allows you to remain horizontal while getting a workout in. The 20 exercises will work your abs, arms, legs, thighs, calves — you name it. There are moves like air bikes, leg scissors, and a Russian twist that uses a pillow instead of dumbbells (which actually sounds quite nice).


35-Minute Gentle Pilates

Slide off the couch and try this slow Pilates workout on the floor while watching a movie. Move with Nicole’s routine is perfect for those moments when you want to take it slow or simply can’t envision yourself breaking a sweat. That said, the workout is still effective: It starts with a relaxing reclined pose before moving onto gentle dead bugs, mellow leg lifts, and flowy arm raises that are totally doable — even when you’re feeling lazy.

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