A Tarot Reading For Navigating Your Love Life This Fall

Grab the tissue box.

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Here's your tarot reading for your love life for fall 2023

Fall makes me want to cozy up with a sweater, a hot drink, and a sweetheart. For those of us navigating love this season, I created a community tarot reading. The advice applies whether you’re partnered or poly, single and seeking, or focusing on self-love. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

What Is Tarot?

Tarot cards were originally used as playing cards in 15th-century Italy. The Romani people were the first to use these decks as a divinatory tool. They brought the practice with them when they migrated from India in the 10th and 11th centuries and arrived in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, where they were met with persecution, which persists today. As such, fortune-telling and other traditional work became survival trades.

How I Read Tarot

I read tarot, palms, and tea leaves in my Romani family’s tradition, passed down from my grandmother, as an act of cultural resilience. This five-card spread addresses your embodiment (your current energy), your situation (what you’re dealing with), your obstacle (what’s in your way), your action (how to move forward), and a lesson (what you’ll learn from this experience).

A Tarot Reading For Your Love Life In Fall 2023

Embodiment: The Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords ushers in a breakthrough. You might understand your relationship styles (romantic or platonic) with new clarity. This realization might call for change, enabling you to break unhealthy patterns and cut ties with people who are no longer right for you. This card’s energy will help you with clear communication and focused problem-solving. If you’re in a healthy relationship, expect to move forward steadily.

Situation: The Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords acknowledges that understanding your needs is sometimes much easier than actually nurturing them. You might feel like you’re in limbo. However, being stuck is only an illusion. You are free to progress and grow, but first, you need to confront the beliefs and feelings that are holding you back without judgment. Shame keeps you stagnant. This is an opportunity to practice radical self-acceptance.

Obstacle: The Moon

The Moon is a card of emotions, the subconscious, and even psychic awakenings. This card invites you to examine yourself: What are the deep-seated beliefs you have about love, relationships, self-worth, and more that might need to be reframed? When this card appears as an obstacle, it suggests that you might be repressing some important fears or ideas that need to come to the surface. Intuitively, you probably already know where to shine a light in your heart.

Action: The Queen of Cups

Approach this emotional deep dive by just getting your toes wet first — there’s no need to cannonball into the deep end. The Queen of Cups has loving, playful, expressive, intuitive energy, so lean into that. When issues arise, treat yourself with compassion and curiosity. Push yourself to accept your feelings, no matter what they are. Regardless of your romantic status, bring this same approach to your communication with others (where appropriate). It creates a supportive environment for growth.

Lesson: The Wheel of Fortune

You are learning to roll with the universe. The Wheel of Fortune represents the interplay of fate and free will, especially pertinent in matters of love. We cannot change other people, or dictate how a relationship will go. We can’t change people’s feelings, and sometimes outside events will interrupt our plans. Whether The Wheel gives us a “good” or “bad” turn, the trick is to seek the silver lining. Orient yourself toward growth. This card teaches us that we can’t predict the future — we just have to show up and learn. A breakup might initially be devastating, but it can usher in a powerful new era. Don’t be afraid of change. It can deepen your love.

How To Use The Lessons of This Love Reading

Deep introspection can be uncomfortable, especially when you’re focused on exploring your beliefs about self-love and relationships. How can you make this experience more enjoyable? What are the creative, expressive, or joyful activities that make you feel in sync with your true self? Sometimes, feelings need to be written down or released through physical activity. (Journaling and axe-throwing are cathartic in their own ways.) Notice if there are songs, movies, stories, or TV shows that deal with relationships that resonate with you, and think about why that is. Embrace your truth so you can show up more authentically in your relationships with others.

For inspiration, consider the work of Roma-Bosnian artist Selma Selman. She is always digging deep into herself, her family history, and the world around her to create new, innovative artwork across multiple mediums, from canvas to cars. Her “Dear Omer” series is made up of bite-sized love letters detailing her grief, longing, transformation, victory, and empowerment. In the style of Selman, try writing short notes packed with raw emotion.

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