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Feel More Relaxed — Physically And Mentally — With Furniture By Yogibo

5 reasons why Yogibo is the must-have furniture transformer of 2021.

by BDG Studios

Before March 2020, it was easier to value form over function. Maybe a chair wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was only used once or twice a week by a friend visiting or to put on shoes on our way out the door. Now that our homes have become all-in-one spaces, a new emphasis on warmth and utility has emerged. I suspect this is why trend experts are declaring that the ’70s are back — cozy and comfortable elements from that era feel extra desirable in uncertain times.

This all goes to say, flimsy plastic chairs or stiff, uncomfortable sofas are absolutely not where it’s at. Over the last few months, I’ve fallen in love with my Yogibo support pillow. This 6-pound accessory has supported me like nothing else through all the ups and downs this summer has brought, and best of all, it travels from bed to couch to floor to bed again. Here are five reasons why Yogibo is the furniture transformer you need to keep your home’s comfort at optimal levels.

1. Seating Should Be Comfortable

Our furniture has worked overtime as our homes continue to serve as offices, schools, gyms and entertainment centers. The main thing I think we’ve all learned over the last year-and-a-half is that where we sit should truly have our backs. Yogibo lets you lounge in any position you want, whether it’s the Yogibo Max or the Yogibo Support. They’re incredibly versatile, conforming to your body with zero pressure points as you game, read a book, or take a nap (something that is... dangerously hard not to do in these chairs.)

Most chairs have pressure points that target our back, hips, or sciatic nerves. Without those points, the entire piece adheres to your body’s shape. This takes pressure off the joints and feels like a soothing hug.

2. And Versatile!

A Yogibo bean bag might be the most versatile seating option that exists — it can be a bed, a chair, a love seat, or even used backward as a work desk. My support pillow follows me from room to room, offering lumbar support as I watch the latest hit murder mystery show or doubling as a desk if it sounds better to work from bed. The chair’s covers are durable, withstanding a visit from my friend’s hyper lab pup, and washable. All of their furniture has casual outdoor covering, as well as more luxurious, upscale covers in their Luxe Collection. Can’t make up your mind between a set? All of the Yogibo covers can be interchanged with the other kinds for an even more highly personalized space.

You can also change out the color, allowing me to switch up the look from hot pink (early-2000s bedroom vibes) to lavender for a more grown-up feel. I’m spending the summer at my family’s house, which means I don’t get a lot of privacy. One of my favorite things about the Yogibo is that it helps me squeeze in comfort where and when I can. Have I dragged it into a closet to flop on while I talk on the phone? Absolutely.

3. The Yogibo Is Durable

If you have in your mind a half-deflated bean bag from a college dorm room, clear your head of that image. Yogibos come with their patented combination of super stretchy, durable covers with high-end, quality frictionless beads. This means no deflating, no tearing, and definitely no spilling. So far, my Yogibo support pillow has survived months of me flopping on it, eating on it, and my 4-year-old cousin jumping on it. Plus, the covers are washable and as soft as a pair of yoga pants.

4. Yogibo Helps You Decompress

As someone who’s easily overwhelmed by sensory stressors, Yogibo’s pillows and bean bag chairs help me decompress by allowing my body to fully relax. Seemingly comfortable chairs can still create stiffness in our legs and pain in our lower back, but a zero-gravity chair evenly distributes body weight, which makes you feel like you’re floating. Yogibos are even used by therapists as a sensory product for kids and adults who can benefit from body awareness or as a compression tool that molds to your body.

5. It Encourages Socializing

Modular — or simply moveable — furniture makes hanging at home with friends much more appealing. With certain realities (cue “My Fall Plans” memes) making us more hesitant about meeting up in public, it might be time to dream up a lounge atmosphere inside this fall and winter.

With Yogibo’s body-conforming chairs, catch-ups can take place anywhere that’s comfy in the house. Being able to stretch out on the floor with the world’s best bean bag chairs and a cocktail with friends? Not even your favorite bar can beat that.