Frenchie’s Flexible “Double Entendre” Vibrator Charmed My Pants Off

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There’s no time like the present for leaning hard into self-love. Exploring different modes of pleasure is an adventure that begets only upsides and helpful info — both personally, and for partners. For those of us tending vaginas, orgasms can be a bit of a Holy Grail. Romancing the clitoris is super important. But penetration also feels great... When the two unite? It’s divine. Meet the Double Entendre.

The Double Entendre

It’s a flexible, double-sided vibrator that serves up powerhouse titillation, internal and external, in a sleek, pretty package. It’s a creation of inclusive Australian pleasure brand Frenchie, who believe sex should be “fun, natural, simple and safe,” and have a host of thoughtful, gorgeously-designed products to achieve that aim. They give new meaning to bringing the thunder down under (wink).

A Liberated Self-Love

Anyone who has do-si-doed with a penetrative device (or person) while also finagling a vibrator knows what a challenge that can be. The Double Entendre sees that challenge and meets it with a slim, bendable vibrator that can be curved to hit just the spot(s), with powerful motors in each end. There are four speed settings — the highest of which is shockingly potent — and six vibration patterns, so whether solo or with a play partner or two, the sensual journey can be pretty customized. And as far as high-end vibrators go (aka a lifelong friend that redefines treating yourself), it’s pretty affordable!

Both ends of the silky-feeling silicone toy are curved, designed to cozy up to the G-spot when inserted, and are different sizes. I stepped into the pleasure zone by experimenting externally, playing with the vibration patterns and speed options (again, surprisingly robust). Once fully in the zone, I could play around with both ends, building up to the larger side (that’s where the control button is, though, so one must settle on a favorite mode before going in).

The bottom line: The toy is a pliable and willing partner, and when I discovered modes and positions that were right for me, The Double Entendre 100% delivered on a double-dose of good times.

Frenchie’s Bundles & Accouterment

The Double Entendre might be Frenchies pièce de résistance, but it’s hardly the only lust-worthy thing they have to offer.

The Mon Amour Bundle

Frenchie encourages being unapologetic and totally free when it comes to sex, and for a self-love session, that might look like trying things facedown, propping up on a pillow, humping said pillow, or anything that feels fun. I really resonated with that concept — after all, it’s my party! There’s no reason it shouldn’t it be as no-holds-barred as partnered sex. To facilitate a grand soirée, Frenchie offers a Mon Amour Bundle, which comes complete with tools for ultra-luscious body-lovin’.

Oh La La! A Water-Based Lubricant

In addition to The Double Entendre, there’s Oh La La Love Lube (a water-based lubricant safe to use with silicone toys and latex condoms). It’s pH-balanced and infused with aloe and Aussie botanicals in a formula that isn’t super thick — it’s easy to spread and provides long-lasting slip-slidiness that doesn’t require constant reupping. The Love Lube also comes in a luxe-looking package that plays nice with other bedside sundries.

Individually Packaged Oui Oui Wipes

Another part of the package are Oui Oui Wipes, individually-packaged personal wipes created for cleaning and pampering gennies post toy- or sex-event, during periods, or for general use as desired. They’re also excellent for wiping down The Double Entendre. Made from 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose, they’re infused with aloe and anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal botanicals. They’re pH balanced and lack any obnoxious scents. They unfurl into a nice size and the single sachets make them easy to keep on hand. I may have a couple stashed in my purse.

The Ultimate Lovers Kit

If it’s time to involve a partner in the double-sided, vibratory mix, Frenchie of course has something designed to delight. Enter their L’Ultimate Lovers Kit — in addition to The Double Entrendre, it’s chock-full of flirty little bits to get two (or more) amours in the mood.

Appearing here are the aforementioned Love Lube and Oui Oui Wipes, along with some fun new cheries. There are two varieties of their adorably-named Beret condoms, which, despite the cute name, are super smartly designed. All varieties come in buttercup packaging that only opens one way (easy-to-grab, with the tip up), and are ultra-thin.

An Ultra-Thin Natural Rubber Latex Condom

The Beret classic is made of 100% natural rubber latex, is vegan, shockingly low-odor and fragrance-free, and free of synthetic ingredients. It’s also just 0.0055 millimeters thin — I could see and almost feel the details of my fingerprint through it. It’s triple-tested for safety, and comes lightly lubed.

A Condom With Hyaluronic Acid

Then there’s the version with a little something extra — The Beret with Hyaluronic Acid. It enjoys all the same ingredients, features, and ultra-thinness as its predecessor, with the addition of a water-based, hyaluronic acid lubricant. Frenchie likes this for its added slickness (and still toy-safe) properties; I found the lube noticeable compared to the classic, yet not overdone at all. Also, I’m a big fan of hyaluronic acid for my face, so am all aboard for bringing it downstairs. One reviewer admired it for keeping their most sensitive skin safe and sound.

A Silk Eye-Mask

Also in L’Ultimate Lovers Kit is a sumptuous silk eye mask, appropriately named Le Masque. It’s made from 100% mulberry silk that feels sleek against the skin, with a wide, elasticated band for a comfy-yet-close fit. The mask itself is slightly plush, so there’s really no peeking! It’s so pretty and comfortable it could double as a sleep mask. There’s a cute carrying pouch too, so it’s easy to bring along discreetly should the need arise.

The Lover’s Kit & A Sexy Set Of Dice

Last but not least are a pair of cheeky Lovers Dice, where one die has “action items” along the lines of “suck,” “kiss,” and “bite,” while the other has “area items” — think “neck,” “thigh,” “mouth.” These are only available as part of Frenchie’s Lovers Kits selections like L’Ultimate Lovers Kit described above, or a version sans The Double Entendre, called simply: Lovers Kit.

Everything but the vibe.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dalliance through Frenchie’s garden of gorgeous, thoughtful, and — most importantly — ultra pleasurable delights. The main event, The Double Entrendre, is a welcome addition to my self-love arsenal. And when safer, freer loving is more possible, I see partners of any gender-ID or persuasion enjoying un petit rendezvous with the frisky little thing (and its Frenchie friends). Till then, it is enjoying prime real estate in my nightstand and is helping make these long pandemic nights... and days... more fun.

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