17 Funny Things To Text Your Friends When They're Having A Bad Day

Easy ways to make them feel better in the moment.

Funny texts are a great way to cheer your friend up.
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Being a good friend is less about having the right answers and more about just being there to listen. Whether your bestie is having trouble at work, is going through a breakup, or is pissed at their mom for throwing away their old pair of tie-dye Hard Tail yoga pants with holes in the crotch, knowing some funny things to text your friend when they’re having a bad day can help you give support, even over the phone.

"When someone we love is sad, it can be tempting to take it upon ourselves to try and figure out all the ways that we can help alleviate it," Shula Melamed, MA, MPH, relationship and well-being coach, tells Bustle. "This can be particularly tough for folks who have more of a tendency toward codependence."

If you want to fix all your friends’ problems, you may rush to solutions when you hear they’re having a bad day. While your friend may want your help, sometimes offering some light-hearted words can make them feel better in the moment. If you’re looking to brighten a friend’s day, here are 17 funny texts to send.

Remember when we thought boys in basketball shorts and socks with slides were hot? At least we’re not there anymore.

Growth is a beautiful thing.

They expect us to live, laugh, and love?

Standards on women are impossible these days.

I know wooden sign sayings are cheugy, but I do love you to the moon and back.

And I don’t care who knows it.

Remember listening to “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat and being like, this is a love song.

It starts in my toes baby.

I know you’re having a bad day, but remember, there’s still some guy from your high school trying to become a rapper.

When I find he’s SoundCloud I’ll send it over.

It might be five o’clock somewhere, but mimosas are forever.

Orange juice is basically a fruit.

Put your sheets in the wash, and I’ll swear you’ll feel like a princess tonight.

It’s the lavender scent for me.

Remember that guy I dated that didn’t have Wi-Fi and used tried to use Dr. Bronner's as lube? You could be him.

Frankly, any anecdote about an ex will do.

Want to do something fun? Want to go to Taco Bell?

I’m on an all carb diet!

I won’t tell you tomorrow will be *better*, but I will say tomorrow will be one day closer to the weekend.

That’s almost better.

Making you an “Angry Texting My Mom On My Pink Motorola Razr” playlist, stay tuned for lots of Ashlee Simpson.

You make me want to la-la. (What does that even mean?)

I love you even though you get oat milk lattes but then eat normal mac and cheese when you’re drunk.

We all have magnitudes.

Hey, you could be at a family member’s wedding being asked where your date is.

Wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Remember those layered skirts we wore in middle school? That’s it, that’s the text.

Forever21 opening was the biggest deal of my life.

iCarly is on Netflix. That’s bound to make you laugh for like, 20 minutes.

It’s the spaghetti tacos for me.

Do you ever realize you’re in amazing light and start taking selfies and then notice someone is watching you and then just slowly put your phone down? Just me?

We’ve all been there!

I need you to know I just tried to order you Postmates but sent it to my ex’s house. So there’s that.

Lucky me.


Shula Melamed, MA, MPH, relationship and well-being coach.