44 Genius Fitness Products Under $30 Reviewers Think Are SO Damn Good

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I can’t stay away from a good fitness trend, especially if it’s something a little out there. I’ve been known to invest in everything from Pilates rings to yoga dice, but the best feeling ever is when I find genius fitness products that are under $30.

Let’s face it: fitness gear of all kinds can get pretty expensive. And while I don’t want to buy junk that’ll break in two days flat, I also don’t want to break my budget on hand weights, either. That’s when I look to the reviews to guide me.

The thing about Amazon reviewers is that they aren’t there to play. You know if someone’s spending their precious time writing a review about a cheap fitness product, then its either a piece of junk or a hidden treasure. For example, look at what this reviewer said about these $10 core sliders: “Awesome turf work out with these sliders and they work well on the black and wood gym floor! They are larger than I expected and I love them!!!! Far superior to other sliders around the gym.” You know that person is willing to go to bat for these sliders. If you’re ready to find your next favorite exercise device, here are some of the best on the internet.

This Weighted Jump Rope That’s Completely Cordless

It’s easier than ever to get in a quick cardio workout with this weighted jump rope. Each hand weight comes with an extra metal alloy weight that you can tuck inside for more intensity, or remove when you’re aiming for more speed. These comfortable foam handles also feature weighted balls at the ends so you can get all the cardio benefits without getting tangled up in the rope.

Glowing Amazon review: “Tripping problem taken care of. And now all you need to concentrate on is the actual jumping, building up to sustain a beneficial workout that doesn’t require 12 foot ceilings! Love it!!”

This Wobble Cushion That Works Your Core

Whether you use it sitting or standing, this wobble cushion is a great for engaging your core. It’s filled with air and features a slightly unstable base, which forces your ab muscles to contract to keep you upright. You can balance on it for a full-body workout, or sit on it at your desk to keep your muscles engaged throughout the day.

Glowing Amazon review: “It magically enforces me sit right on the cushion and keep my spine in line. Highly recommend to anyone who has a sedentary job.”

These High-Waisted Shorts That Have Pockets

Not only are these high-waisted shorts super comfortable, but they have pockets, too. And not just a shallow, flimsy pocket — these pockets are deep enough to hold your phone in place while you exercise. They’re also made from stretchy, moisture-wicking material, and the wide waistband won’t roll down while you’re squatting and jumping.

Glowing Amazon review: “I don’t even know what say. These are AMAZING. Squat proof and run proof. Don’t have to constantly pull em up. The quality is awesome, the pockets are a plus. I highly recommend these.”

- Available Sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large

This Twister Board That Also Massages Your Feet

While this twister board is a great device for working your abs, it also features strategically-placed acupressure magnets to soothe sore feet. To use, just stand on top of this board and tighten your core muscles to twist this board from side to side. While you’re exercising, the magnetic nodes press into key trigger points in your feet to relieve pain and pressure.

Glowing Amazon review: “This actually loosens up the muscles in my back so that I can move again and seems to be strengthening my legs. I keep it in a handy location where I can step on it and twist for whatever amount of time or twists I happen to have available to me.”

This Yoga Strap That’s Great For Stretching

Whether you’re an advanced yogi or just looking for a good stretch, this yoga strap can definitely help. It features 12 loops along the nylon strap so you can choose the loop that works best for your flexibility right now, while still having room to push into deeper stretches. Plus, it’s super versatile, and you can use it to stretch out just about any part of your body.

Glowing Amazon review: “The best thing about this strap is the multi-loop. This enables you to put your feet or hands in the appropriate loop for your stretch. It also helps you to visually ‘mark’ your progress!”

These Resistance Bands That Intensify Glute Exercises

These resistance bands are a perfect addition to your home gym when you’re ready to amp up your workout. There are three in a set, and each one features a different level of resistance (light, medium, and heavy). You wear these while doing squats, deadlifts, donkey kicks, and more to build your glutes, and the best part is the extra-wide band ensures they won’t roll up.

Glowing Amazon review: “Soft fabric on the outside and elastic on the inside means it’s nice to the touch but won’t slip on your body. Nice variation of resistances. Very versatile.”

This Handy Device That Strengthens Your Wrists

Strengthening your wrists and forearms couldn’t be simpler with this convenient strengthening device. All you have to do is take a seat on your couch while flexing your wrists. The added resistance from this device helps to build muscle quickly while the padded armband helps to prevent soreness.

Glowing Amazon review: “I've been using this for a few weeks now and my forearms already look more fit/tight. I'm not spending hours on it each day because that wouldn't be realistic but I switch back and forth for about 10 minutes total. [I] can really feel the burn. Overall, I'm pleased with this purchase.”

This Foot Rocker That Stretches Your Calves

Even just a few minutes per day with this foot rocker can help relieve tight, sore muscles. All you have to do is place your heel into the back slot, then stretch your foot. The unique shape of this rocker allows the sole of your foot to stretch while it rocks, also allowing your ankles, calves, and hamstrings to unwind. This rocker also comes with a spiked massage ball to really get into tense muscles.

Glowing Amazon review: “If you have extremely tight calves, or medical conditions like myself this is definitely for you. It’s also great for a hamstring and glute stretch! Mix this deep stretch a couple times a day with yoga [...] and hopefully you will start to feel better!”

This Ab Wheel That Works Every Muscle Of Your Core

Just 10 minutes per day with this ab roller can make a huge difference in your core strength. To use this roller, all you have to do is grab the handles in a plan position, then roll the wheel in and out. Each time you roll it, you use your entire abdominal wall to control the wheel, so every muscle gets worked in the most efficient way possible.

Glowing Amazon review: “You will hit your core pretty hard with this ab roller. Even for an intermediate and advanced user, this ab roller will give your six pack a good workout.”

This Lightweight Yoga Mat That Doesn’t Slip

This high-density yoga mat is the perfect addition to your practice, no matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve done more that a few downward dogs. Although this mat is thin, it’s made from dense materials, which helps it to stay put while you’re in the middle of your practice. It also features textures on both sides so you can use either one, and it comes with its own carrying strap.

Glowing Amazon review: “Love this! It's not too thick or too thin. It provides enough cushion to protect my knees from injury. The quality of this mat is very good!”

These Handles That Perfect Your Push-Ups

Now you can perfect your push-up form with these ultra sturdy handles. They’re made from durable steel and feature a non-slip grip, so they won’t budge while you use them. They’re also specially designed to help you evenly distribute your weight while you’re doing push-ups, relieving pressure on the joints. Plus, they’re designed to deepen your push-ups to work your chest and upper back to the max.

Glowing Amazon review: “Deep pushups with the correct form are the single best exercise you can do. With these quality, comfortable handles, you will want to pump out those reps. When I began using these handles, I could barely do 20 push-ups. I can now do 50 slow ones. With good form. “

This Foam Roller That Helps To Relieve Tight Muscles

Over 14,000 reviewers rave about this best-selling foam roller. What makes this roller stand out from the competition is that it features a unique grid pattern that’s designed to trigger your muscles to relax. The small nodes throughout press deeply into your muscles while you roll so you wake up less stiff and sore the next morning.

Glowing Amazon review: “The TriggerPoint roller is a great tool, and it helps me to do a much better job stretching. As far as quality, it's a very strong tube, and the foam is firm but comfortable. It's a pretty simple product, but it works!”

These Sliders That Give You A Full-Body Workout

Although these disc sliders look simple, they promise to deliver a full-body workout. They feature smooth plastic on one side and felt on the other, so you can use them on any surface, including carpet. You can use them to deepen your core work with planks, pikes, mountain climbers, or you can use them for push-ups, moving lunges, and so much more.

Glowing Amazon review: “I would hands down buy these again! They work great on both carpet (even my longer-ish carpet) and my hard wood floors. They're exactly as described, the perfect size, and absolutely perfect (except that my abs are killing me).”

This Puzzle Mat That Pads Your Home Gym Floor

At 24-square feet, this puzzle mat is the perfect size to pad your home gym’s floor. It’s made from soft yet durable EVA foam that offers the perfect amount of give to relieve your joints and muscles while working out. The highlight of this mat, though, is that you can mix and match the pieces to create whichever shape you want.

Glowing Amazon review: “I'm happy to report that after 5 months of heavy use they still rock. They got a little loose in a couple junction spots, but nothing major really, they never separated, and I love that you can always add or remove pieces to fit your needs. They are really good quality, I highly recommend them.”

These Ankles Weights That Are Totally Adjustable

These ankle weights are so popular for good reason: they give you a killer workout, but they’re still comfortable to wear. Each weight is made from soft, flexible fabric and features a velcro strap so you can adjust it to your ankles or wrists accordingly. It also features five separate slots for sand bags, so you can adjust the weight from one to five pounds.

Glowing Amazon review: “These are awesome. I like that you can increase / decrease the weight. Easy to make those changes. They are comfortable (at least for ankle weights) and stay in place.”

This OG Thigh Master That Tones Your Quads

There’s a reason why this Thigh Master has been around for decades: it really does what it says it will. This device targets your quads, inner thighs, outer thighs, and hamstrings to build and tone muscle. To use, all you have to do is squeeze the handles and the leverage in the center increases your resistance, making you stronger in the long run.

Glowing Amazon review: “This is the only thing I am really doing, and guess what?! My husband even asked me if I was working out because it has somehow helped my butt get firmer. I can definitely feel the difference in my butt and thighs.”

This Shoulder Pulley That Can Improve Your Range Of Motion

If you’re dealing with shoulder stiffness, this pulley system can help restore some of your range of motion. All you have to do is hook it over any standard door in your home, and then grab onto the handles. The latex tubes stretch to allow you to loosen tense muscles and work on your range of motion in a safe, sustainable way,.

Glowing Amazon review: “I am using this for my home portion of PT after a severe rotator cuff surgery and have to say that it has made all the difference! My doctor is shocked at my progress! Within days I have gained 30% mobility.”

This Pulley System That Works Out Your Upper Body

This pulley system is a great way to tone your upper back, arms, shoulders, and core. All you have to do is slip your feet into the “pedals” and grab the foam handlebar. You can use this device to do crunches on the floor or stand to work your arms and back. Plus, you can add or remove resistance tubes according to your strength-building goals.

Glowing Amazon review: “Really love this item. Strong and seems durable. Not cheaply made.”

This Step Platform That Amps Up Your Cardio Workout

If you’re ready to amp up your cardio workout, this step platform is a must. It’s made from ultra strong plastic that can hold hundreds of pounds with ease. It also features two bolsters that allow you to lift this platform from 4 to 8 inches for even more intensity, and the non-slip surface helps you to feel safe and secure.

Glowing Amazon review: “It was a great surprise when I received my box and realized it was the perfect size! I also love the fact that you can add height to match your level of fitness. Although I will keep it at the lower height for now, I am sure I'll be using the additional attachments in no time, so there will be no need to buy a new one!”

This Ab Trainer That Can Prevent Neck Strain

Instead of potentially straining your neck doing tons of sit-ups, this ab trainer helps to protect your neck and back so you can focus on your core. It features a soft pad to support the back of your head, and the lightweight aluminum frame wraps around you to provide additional support while you crunch. You can work your entire abdominal wall by crunching, or you can twist as you sit-up to target your obliques.

Glowing Amazon review: “It works my abs and lower back. Light in weight and portable are a good feature. Overall the exercise and the pain relief during the use of this device is well worth the cost of it.”

This Exercise Ball That ‘s Great For Everyday Use

There are a ton of different ways to use this exercise ball, and you’ll want to try out every one of them. It’s over 4 feet in diameter and can hold up to 2,200 pounds of weight. On top of that, it’s extremely durable and basically puncture-proof. Use this ball at your desk to engage your core all day, to deepen your crunches while you work out, or increase your balance.

Glowing Amazon review: “Exercise balls are an amazingly efficient way of building core muscle strength and this make is a very good reliable version. The ball comes complete with a pump, spare pin type plugs to retain the air in the ball and a small tool to remove the plug so it can be deflated and packed away for travel.It’s a great value.”

These Hand Weights That Have A Soft Neoprene Coating

Unlike other options, these hand weights feature a luxe neoprene coating that makes it way more comfortable to grip. On top of that, the coating adds the perfect amount of texture to ensure your hands don’t slip. These weights are an everyday home gym essential, and they come in a ton of different weights to choose from.

Glowing Amazon review: “These are no frills dumbbells that weigh what they say they do (I weighed them on my scale at home). They are very comfortable to hold, but I have very small hands.”

This Workout Tank With A Sewn-In Sports Bra

Over 30,000 reviewers swear by this ultra comfortable workout tank. It’s made from a soft spandex blend that offers tons of stretch, and it has a light-support sports bra sewn in so you can literally just throw on this tank and head to the gym. It even has removable cups, and the entire piece is made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry.

Glowing Amazon review: “I’m in love w this top! The material is thick and supportive. Tbh I’m surprised how good the material is for only $20. I’m totally going to be purchasing more.”

- Available Colors: 24

- Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large

This Mini Bike That Fits Under Your Desk

Now you don’t have to wait until after work to exercise with this mini bike. It fits perfectly under your desk, and it features the most essential parts of a full stationary bike to get your heart pumping: the pedals and a stable base. All you have to do is slip your feet into the pedals and start pumping. The digital display lets you know your revolutions per minute, calories burned, and more.

Glowing Amazon review: “This little exercise machine is so worth the money I spent on it. It's like a recumbent bike because you can just sit back on your couch or chair wherever you are comfortable and start peddling. You can adjust the strength on it. [...] I am so happy that we bought it.”

These Dice That Help Change Up Your Yoga Practice

If you’re tired of doing the same flow over and over again, you need these yoga dice in your life. You get seven wooden dice in one container, and each one features the image of a pose or a breathing technique. And there are a ton of different ways to use them. You could roll one die at a time and do all the postures on it, or you could roll all seven to create your own unique flow every time you practice.

Glowing Amazon review: “If you know yoga and have taken classes, this is a good way to vary your day to day routine. I was in a rut and had stopped practicing. These got me back on the mat. I roll all the dice at once then group standing poses, forward bends, back bends and core work.”

These Fitness Cards That Have 50 Exercises

With 50 effective exercises to choose from, these fitness cards are great for changing up your routine. Each card features an easy-to-follow illustration that shows you the correct form to follow. The exercises range from heart-pumping cardio to balance to strength-building techniques, and you can mix and match them everyday to find your perfect routine.

Glowing Amazon review: “I am a visual person and as a fitness instructor, these cards help me in class. I lay them out on a bench and when I’m teaching I can quickly look down to see what the next exercise is instead of trying to pick up a paper and read. These cards also help me stay organized with my class plans and keep things fresh for my participants. They will never get bored in my class.”

This Pilates Bar That’s Super Versatile

There’s a lot to love about this super convenient pilates bar. First of all, it’s extremely lightweight, and you can break down the barre to bring it with you on the go. It also features two natural latex tubes for added resistance, as well as straps for your hands, ankles, or feet. You can use this bar for everything from strengthening your core to toning your arms and more.

Glowing Amazon review: “During my 45 minute workout I was able to easily use the bar with my squats and other stretches. And the resistance band has a fun pink camo colored covering to protect the elastic. I love this kit and will be using it often! Great investment.”

This Weighted Hula-Hoop That Helps Tone Your Abs

If there’s a more fun way to work out than with this weighted hula-hoop, I haven’t found it yet. At first glance, this looks like a standard hula-hoop, but each of the eight sections is made from dense foam, making this option heavier than your standard plastic toy. And since it breaks down into small sections, you can easily store it between uses.

Glowing Amazon review: “Easy to put it together. Heavier than the common plastic ones I used as a kid. But maybe better workout since I get tired very fast.”

This Half-Gallon Water Bottle That Will Keep You Hydrated All Day

You can stay hydrated all day long with this half-gallon water bottle. Not only is it big enough that you won’t have to refill it, but it also comes with a convenient neoprene sleeve and strap. You can carry this water bottle around your shoulder to keep it close by, and it even has a mesh pocket on the side that’s big enough to to hold your phone or keys.

Glowing Amazon review: “Exactly as advertised! In fact, this exceeded my expectations. The material isn't cheap-feeling, and my galaxy s21 ultra actually fits in the pocket. I'm so excited about this!”

This Pull-Up Bar That You Can Hang In Any Door Or Use For Pushups

No matter where you are, this versatile pull-up bar makes it easy to sneak in a quick workout. It features a brilliant design and can hook to any standard doorframe in a snap — no hardware or frustrating installation instructions required. You can even take it off the door frame and use it add more leverage to your pushups, too.

Glowing Amazon review: “The product itself is darned good and holds me at 250+ pounds, even if atm I can't do a full pull-up. The product [also] comes with cushions to go over the areas that contact the wood/paint/etc..”

This Sit-Up Bar That Fits Under Your Door

To use this sit-up bar, all you have to do is hook it under your door and tighten until you have a snug fit. That’s it! Then just slip your feet under the foam handles and get to crunching. The best part is that this bar is super easy to remove when you’re finished, and you can attach it to any door.

Glowing Amazon review: “Great quality & best price compared to other models out there. Comes with soft pads so you won't have to worry about damaging your door with the metal frame of this gadget. Worth the buy!!!”

This Phone Arm Band That Rotates

This arm band makes it simple to take calls while you’re on the run — literally. It features a soft velcro strap that you can place on your wrist, forearm, or even your bicep, and a secure case that holds your smartphone without budging. The highlight of this band, though is that the case can actually rotate so you can look at your screen from any angle without having to remove it.

Glowing Amazon review: “With this, I can secure my phone and use the app and take pictures on the fly. I don't need to stop and fiddle around my pockets to get my phone out then plunk it back down again. It also frees up more space in my pockets for others things.”

This Running Belt That’s Made From Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Not only does this running belt comfortably hold all your most important possessions, but it can help them stay dry, too. It’s made from moisture-wicking fabric, which helps to prevent it from getting totally drenched by rain and sweat. It also features a large central pocket that’s the perfect size for your phone or wallet, and a smaller pocket for other essential items.

Glowing Amazon review: “It’s lightweight and breathable. I carry my phone and chapstick in the main pocket, which also has a thin cloth divider inside so you could put your phone and keys in there without your keys scratching your phone. I bought the orange one so I’m more visible in case I’m out when it’s raining and others can easily see me. Good buy and I recommend this item to anyone!”

This Extra-Wide Headband That Keeps Sweat Out Of Your Eyes

This athletic headband is one of the rare headbands that won’t slide up. That alone is reason enough to buy it, but on top of that, it also features an extra-wide band on top to hold down all of those annoying flyaways that tend to get in your face while you’re working out. Plus, it’s also made from moisture-wicking material to keep sweat out of your eyes.

Glowing Amazon review: “This headband does a great job keeping my hair and sweat out of my eyes. I'm surprised at how much it can absorb and it also keeps me dry. It also helps keep my ears warm since it has been getting cold to work out in the outdoors.”

These Armbands That Keep You Safe On A Night Run

If you love to jog at night or before the sun comes up, these LED armbands are an absolute must. You get two in a pack, and each one features an LED glow light that majorly increases your visibility in the dark. They’re made from soft, stretchy material that won’t irritate your skin, and they come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Glowing Amazon review: “[I] wanted something light weight to wear on my arm/ankles when we walked that would make up more noticeable and more visible to cars/bicycles and this did the trick! I have used them two nights in a row so far and I feel so much safer walking down the street knowing I can be seen better!”

This Interval Timer That Can Help You Increase Your Speed

This interval timer is perfect for everything from speed drills to circuit training. It features multiple alarms and an automatic mode that will continue to circle through intervals for up to 99 times. You can also customize the interval length, and this timer even features both a chime and vibration to let you know when the time is done.

Glowing Amazon review: “Looooooove this!! I love that you can create continuous timed segments with any time you want while programming the breaks as well. I used it on the treadmill also. 30 seconds walk 30 seconds jogging for 3 minutes. I am excited to do workouts now because i don't have to worry about messing with a timer while i am doing exercises.”

This Fitness Tracker That Does Everything Name-Brand Trackers Do

You don’t have to spend a fortune to take your fitness into your own hands when you snag this activity tracker. It’s a fraction of the cost of some of the other name brands out there, yet it can still track your steps, calories burned, and so much more. This tracker even has a built-in heart rate monitor for a more accurate calorie burn reading during workouts, and it can also track your sleep health. Choose from five color options.

Glowing Amazon review: “This tracker got me good. I am absolutely blown away. The heart rate is accurate, it is water proof (dishes were washed with it on), I set a sleep alarm, I changed the brightness level on the screen. AND ITS IN COLOR.”

These Performance Socks That Are Extremely Breathable

Reviewers rave about how amazing these performance socks are. For one, they’re made from lightweight, breathable fabric with odor-busting technology, so you can wear them during the sweatiest workouts comfortably. They also feature a unique heel tab on the back to protect you from blisters, and they come in a variety of fun, eye-popping color accents.

Glowing Amazon review: “These are my favorite socks. They don't slip down in the shoes, but they're not too high on the ankle. I really can't praise these enough. They're incredibly comfortable! I wore them in warmer weather (70-80 degrees) and cooler weather (50-55 degrees), and I was comfortable in both.”

- Available Sizes: 5 — 13

This 15-Pound Kettlebell With Nearly 10,000 Five-Star Ratings

This 15-pound kettlebell is the perfect starter bell for just about anyone. It’s made of high-quality cast iron that won’t rust or wear down over time, and it features a durable vinyl finish. You can use this bell for swings, lifts, and so much more, making it one of the most versatile workout tools on the market.

Glowing Amazon review: “Great price for a very nice kettlebell. (Seriously, the quality is there, so why pay so much more, elsewhere?) Handle is wide enough for two hands, and the diameter of the handle--how large it is in the hand--is a good size for even my small hands to comfortably grip. The handle is also smooth, with no rough seams to chafe.”

This Wall Mount That Holds All Your Yoga Gear

This wall mount makes it extremely simple to keep all your yoga gear organized. It features three “hooks” that are the perfect size to hold rolled-up mats or a foam roller. It also features three hooks at the bottom that are perfect for yoga straps, resistance bands, and anything else you need to feel completely zen.

Glowing Amazon review: “I LOVE this! It was the perfect addition to my home gym and saves me precious floor space. [...] I have loaded this thing up to the brim. I have my 4 ft foam roller, my TWO yoga mats, knee support mat, my stretching ropes and my resistance bands on this thing and it could probably handle more weight if I hadn't run out of room”

This Digital Jump Rope That Counts Your Skips

This digital jump rope is sure to keep you on track during your workout. It features an LED screen that actually counts your skips as you’re jumping, motivating you to beat your own record. It even shows you how long you’ve been jumping and an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned during your session. On top of that, this jump rope is made from high-quality materials, including a steel rope that’s sure to last for a long time.

Glowing Amazon review: “This jump rope is perfect! Not only did it come with its own storage bag but it keeps tracks of every jump. I'm participating in a jump rope challenge and this helps me to keep track throughout the day without restarting the jump count until I hit the restart button. It is also super easy to adjust the length of the rope (for people of different heights). I highly recommend!”

This Workout Tank That’s A Cult-Favorite

Over 16,000 reviewers can’t say enough good things about this workout tank top. It’s made of lightweight, moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry, and it also features flat seams so it won’t ever chafe you skin. On top of that, it also comes in a ton of solid colors that you can mix and match with your other athletic gear. And for such an affordable price, you can grab more than one set.

Glowing Amazon review: “LOVE LOVE LOVE these tanks! They are exactly as expected and pictured. I order size small, they fit perfectly. I got these tanks for working out but they’re cute enough to wear around casually too!”

- Available Sizes: X-Small — X-Large

This Pilates Ring That Tones All Your Muscles

While this Pilates ring may look pretty simple, you definitely feel it in every last muscle when you use it. It’s made from pliable plastic that offers a ton of resistance when you push or pull on the padded sides. You can use this ring to tone your arms, upper back, and thighs, or you can place it between your feet and try to hold it in place for added intensity during core exercises.

Glowing Amazon review: “OUCH MY THIGHS!! This thing is awesome! It's comfortable and versatile.”

These LED Bike Lights That Increase Your Visibility

Before you head out for your next evening bike ride, grab a set of these LED lights first. They easily install onto the wheels of any standard bike, and they feature ultra bright bulbs that help you stay visible in the dark. They also have a really long battery life, as well as a lifetime warranty, so once you snap them on your rims you’re good to go.

Glowing Amazon review: “Great lights! I use these on my commuter [bike]. They fit perfect and we're very easy to install. The lights make you much more visible at night especially from the side. I feel more comfortable entering an intersection known that I am being seen from all angles.”

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