You Need To Read This Gogglebox Star's Thoughts On Body Image

Reverend Kate Bottley has reminded us why it's not OK to comment on someone's weight.

by Alice Broster
Channel 4

Getting through lockdown has been tough and many people have had to find the little joys in life. Whether it's wine nights over Zoom or a lovely long walk each week, we all need something to keep us going. Journalist, media presenter, and reality television star Reverend Kate Bottley has a unique way of injecting happiness into her life: by dressing up in her best vintage gear to head down to Aldi. However, while the idea itself is joyful, Bottley has found the response to it can be slightly problematic. In the comments on her Instagram she’s reminded people it’s not OK to comment on people’s weight, no matter how well-meaning you are.

If the pandemic lockdown has taught me anything it’s that there’s no point saving an outfit for a special occasion, and Reverend Kate Bottley is testament to that. She has spent the last few weeks showing the amazing vintage dresses she’s found and then wearing them for the weekly shop on her social media.

Her looks have had some serious attention and praise, mainly about how cute the dresses are and how fun the idea is to wear them down to the shops. But in a recent post of Bottley donning a gorgeous pink dress, some followers commented on her weight, which the Gogglebox star decided to shut down sharpish.

In a now-deleted post, one follower said, “Gosh, you are so slim and lovely in that, wish I was.” Bottley replied, “I know you think you’re being kind but comments about weight aren’t ok. Slim isn’t necessarily healthier or more beautiful. I also don’t like anyone talking about my weight. (P.s you’re gorgeous, everyone is).”

In response to this, another person wrote: "You look gorgeous but not sure why you are so righteous when people mention your weight loss? You wouldn’t be modelling these dresses were it not for that reason surely (otherwise you would have done it previously)? Yes it is not about your weight per se. But addressing it could inspire someone else, instead of ignoring the real elephant in the room."

Bottley responded to this comment with: “Weight is not an indicator of health or beauty. And I have a right to set the boundaries about conversations around my own body.”

It’s likely that you’ll recognise Bottley for providing some seriously funny takes on TV with her husband Graham on Gogglebox. The pair were on the show from series three to series seven. She’s since gone on to appear on Celebrity Mastermind and Masterchef. She’s a regular on BBC Radio 2 and has also been on Songs of Praise.