HempFusion CBD Supplement Is Formulated For Mental Focus & Memory

CBD & Ashwagandha Are A Total Power Couple (For Chill Focus)

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At this point, most of us have probably run into stories about the beneficial properties of CBD, which range from helping people manage chronic pain to soothing cats with anxiety. Now, a new practice has entered the arena — using CBD to help alleviate stress and promote focus.

Hempfusion is a pioneer in the field of blending the multipurpose, hemp-derived compound with complementary ingredients to help achieve specific aims. It turns out Ashwagandha, a body- and mind-enhancing adaptogenic herb used in the Ayurvedic tradition for millennia, plays nicely with CBD — and anyone seeking a more balanced response to stress (hello, all of us) can celebrate that union.

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Now, Hempfusion and I will be the first to say that research examining the precise relationship between CBD and enhanced mental focus is currently underway. However, there is a growing body of evidence indicating that CBD has a positive impact on both brain function and stress relief.

First, what exactly is CBD?

In deciding whether you would like to do a little disco with CBD, it’s probably helpful to have a basic understanding of what it even is. So. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is a non-intoxicating compound found in the hemp plant — as opposed to its cousin, THC, which is the compound that gets you high and/or paranoid (CBD doesn’t do that). Within the human body exists the endocannabinoid system, which regulates many body functions such as “learning and memory, emotional processing, sleep, temperature control, pain control, inflammatory and immune responses.” CBD can have a positive influence upon that system.

How is Hempfusion’s CBD different?

What Hempfusion did is couple the potential brain-boosting, stress-reducing properties of CBD with the additional potential brain-boosting and stress-reducing properties of Ashwagandha, in order to double-down on the goodness.

Hempfusion’s Stress Support formula blends DNA-verified, heirloom hemp with organic Sensoril® Ashwagandha along with a blend of omega fatty acids in a liquid capsule that delivers 10mg of CBD and 125mg of Ashwagandha per serving. Reviewers of the product describe it as “really remarkable” and “a wonderful product that works.”

Other CBD products worth trying:

If you prefer to dip your toe into CBD on its own first, Hempfusion has you covered on that front, too. There’s a capsule-form available where each is loaded with 10mg of CBD from that good-good DNA-verified heirloom hemp, with omega fatty acids as well as MCTs. It makes for a nice introductory dose to the compound and its benefits.

And, if you feel more comfortable beginning with an even smaller dose, there’s a 5mg CBD tincture available (which has the added benefit of being able to be mixed into smoothies or the like). The tincture is rounded out with black cumin seed oil, a compound shown to have antioxidant properties.

Or, if you prefer to ingest your supplements in as candy-like a form as possible, Hempfusion also makes tasty gluten-free and vegan CBD gummies, because of course they do! These are infused with 10mg of CBD per gummy, and come in a lip-smackin’ cherry flavor or a version made with elderberry juice (which further promises an immune-system bump).

And lastly, in the case you don’t want to put the CBD in you, but rather would like to have it on you, Hempfusion offers a host of topically-applied products in the form of luscious CBD-infused creams and balms.

My favorite is the CBD body cream, which has 60mg of CBD per tube, and is suitable for daily use (and a very gentle CBD infusion to the bod). It’s richly hydrating thanks to the addition of aloe vera juice and peppermint oil.

And there you have it! Whether you want to see for yourself what the powerhouse pair of CBD and Ashwagandha can do when it comes to reducing stress and enhancing focus, or you have a growing curiosity about the world of CBD at large, there’s a high (but not that kind of high) likelihood Hempfusion has something with just your number.

For those interested in learning more about CBD and the latest research coming out about it, Hempfusion also has a thorough and informative blog as well. Your endocannibinoid system just may thank you for taking a little dip into the CBD sphere.

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