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Hinge & Headspace Team Up To Tackle Pre-Date Jitters

“Clear your mind, calm your nerves, and be your best self.”

by Alice Broster

Dating is nerve-wrecking endeavour, no matter which way you look at it. Add a pandemic to the mix and it becomes all the more complicated and anxiety inducing. Dating app Hinge and mindfulness app Headspace have teamed up to help tackle pre-date jitters with brand new pre-date meditations.

Exactly as the name implies, their pre-date meditations are exactly as they sound: guided breathing exercises to do before you embark on a date. The "Pre-Date Nerves" meditation aims to manage nerves and doubt, while the "Your Inner Voice" meditation aims to boost your self confidence. Each is between five and six minutes long and is free to access via the Hinge website.

"We want our users to be calm and relaxed when connecting with each other, so it was a no-brainer to partner with Headspace to develop the first-ever meditations for daters,” said Hinge CEO Justin McLeod. "Having personally dealt with addiction and substance abuse, mental well-being is a topic I’m deeply passionate about for not only myself but our Hinge community."

Research conducted by Hinge found that one in three users have talked themselves out of having a good date because they were scared or anxious about the experience. And that was pre-COVID-19. Mental health charity Mind found that over 60% of adults and 68% of young people have said their mental health suffered during lockdown.

Eve Lewis, director of meditation at Headspace said of the collab: "We hope these pre-date meditations can help bring some calm, clarity and compassion during these stressful times."

Pre-date meditations are available on