9 Feel-So-Good Hip Flexor Stretches Trainers Always Recommend

Raise your hand if your hips are tight.

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Target your hips with trainers' favorite hip flexor stretches.


There’s one muscle group in your body that gets super-tight whether you’re regularly working out or spending hours at a desk: your hips. To help you give that all-important area some tension-relieving TLC, fitness pros are sharing their favorite hip flexor stretches.

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World’s Greatest Stretch

This dynamic stretch is perfect as a warm-up before a workout, says Alo Moves trainer Roxie Jones. Start in plank, then bring your right foot to the outside of your hands. Lift your left hand to open your upper body to the side. Repeat on the other side.

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Kneeling Lunge

Kneeling lunges are a go-to hip stretch, says Youmie Jean Francois, founder of stretching company Flex-n-Fly. Start by kneeling on one knee. Then press your hips forward to deepen the stretch as much as is comfortable. Bonus? These can help ease WFH pain.

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Pigeon Pose

Start in downward-facing dog, then bring your right shin as close to parallel with the top of your yoga mat as you can, says yoga instructor Elinor Cohen. Hold there or lower your torso and left hip closer to the ground to deepen the hip stretch. Then switch sides.

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Put the soles of your feet together so your knees splay out. Jones recommends pressing your arms and legs into each other to create opposing force, then releasing your knees towards the floor to deepen the stretch.


Happy Baby

This yoga pose will release tight hips, says Francois. Lie on your back and grab the sides of your feet or the backs of your thighs. Then pull your thighs down towards the ground to feel it in your hips — you can even rock from side to side to massage your back.


Lizard Pose

Bring one foot to the outside of your hands, keeping that knee hugged in towards your arm, says Cohen. Hold with your back knee up or on the ground. Then switch sides. Drop to your forearms to deepen the stretch if it doesn’t push the position of your front knee.

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Lunging Quad Stretch

Do double duty in lizard pose by adding a quad stretch, says Cohen. Lift your back foot towards your butt. Grab that foot with the opposite hand to lengthen your quad and open your hip. Then switch sides. Use a strap to help reach your foot if you need.

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Standing Figure-4

Open your hips and test your balance all at once with this yoga-based stretch. Place your right ankle on your left knee and sit back like you're lowering into a chair, says Jones. Press your right knee down to deepen the stretch, then repeat on the other side.


Pretzel Stretch

Start lying on the floor. Bend your knees and drop them to one side. Draw the heel of your bottom leg towards your glutes to lengthen your hip flexor. Then switch sides. Pro tip? Keep both shoulders on the ground to get the most out of this stretch, says Jones.

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