How To Manifest An Awesome 2021, According To An Expert

You may not be able to speak a million pound bank-balance into existence, but there are some things you can do to shift your mindset for the year ahead.

by Alice Broster
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If you use any social media it’s likely you’ve come across the term “manifesting” over the last few months. It’s the wellness trend that’s gained ground in 2020, as things have felt especially uncertain. While some people argue there’s no rules when it comes to envisioning what you want, others see manifesting as a deeply spiritual practice. So, if you're interested in getting involved how do you start manifesting? I spoke to an expert, who explained that it’s so much more than a million-pound bank balance into existence.

“We are always manifesting, it doesn’t need to be over complicated. It’s when we bring attention and intention to what you want to attract in your life,” explains author and manifestation expert Sarah Prout. Manifesting is when you strive to make your dreams and goals a reality by doing concrete things to help you get there. However, there is a more mystical side to it too. Manifestation is linked to energy and the laws of attraction. This is the New Age idea that if you give out positivity into the world, positivity will come back to you. Likewise, if you give out negativity, you'll get negativity back.

However, if you find that you're a little sceptical about parting with money to find out how to speak your desires into existence then you're not alone. Manifesting is no longer just a spiritual practice, it’s big business. In Oct. 2020 Refinery29 explored some of the Instagram accounts claiming to be able to teach people how to manifest their dreams into reality. People parted with thousands of pounds in order to access teachings and “level up." However, they said they didn’t learn anything new and it left them in a difficult financial position.

So be wary of manifesting coaches or courses which encourage you to spend significant sums. If you’ve found an online course which says it’ll teach you about manifestation, be sure to do your research before parting with your hard earned cash.

If you're interested in finding out more about getting started with the practice, here's what you need to know.

Reflect On What You Have & Look Forward

Manifesting is so often presented as the act of looking forward but Prout says, “one of the main ingredients to manifestation is gratitude. Be grateful for what is good in your life and what’s showing up.”

By physically reflecting on what you have that’s positive or negative in a notebook or on a vision board you can work out what you’d like in the future. Prout then says you can add your dreams, wishes, and desires so you can fully set your intentions and start manifesting.

Start Looking Around You All The Time

According to Prout, manifesting isn’t the kind of thing you can designate one part of your day to before packing up and moving on. It’s not a one hour activity but a lifestyle change. “Play games with the universe. Ask the universe for signs or hints and take note of them,” says Prout, “You might see a rainbow or look at the clock at 11:11 and that’s a divine sign that you’re on the right track.”

11:11 is described as an angel number and means that it’s time to take action. Other signs associated with manifestation are 444 which is a sign of protection and encouragement. Rainbows signify that something positive is going to happen to you and hummingbirds may highlight spiritual or intuitive development.

Do Your Research

Learning the meanings of the signs associated with manifestations can be daunting, so Prout suggests reading articles and books about the law of attraction. And while manifesting is a very 2020 trend, you may end up seeking wisdom from much further back.

“I found a lot of the new thought teachers from the 1800’s have been a huge influence on me. The Game Of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel-Shinn was one of my first law of attraction books that made me fall in love with the idea of thoughts becoming reality,” says Prout.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Make It Happen By Jordanna Levin, and Good Vibes, Good Life By Vex King are all also popular options.

Connect With Other People Who Manifest Good Vibes

“Manifesting can be a lonely journey so it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people who will encourage you,” says Prout. Thinking about your goals and dreams can feel like a pretty self-driven task. However, if you’re surrounded by like-minded positive people you’re much more likely to be pushed forward to achieve your desires.

Be Open To Alternatives

If manifesting was as simple as speaking everything you’d want in life into reality with no complications then everyone would be doing it. It isn’t that easy. Prout explains that while it’s good to set intentions and desires you should be open to what comes your way. It might be better for you in the long run. She says, “there’s so much toxic positivity in the self help industry that tells you to sweep negativity under the rug but you have to look back to learn lessons.”

Dealing with past hurt can help free you for what you want in the future.

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