How To Help The COVID Crisis In India From The UK

The country is suffering with the world’s worst second wave.

Family members bring a relative suffering from the Covid-19 coronavirus to a hospital for in Allahabad on April 29, 2021. (Photo by SANJAY KANOJIA / AFP) (Photo by SANJAY KANOJIA/AFP via Getty Images)

In the past week, India has seen more COVID-19 cases than any other country and is said to be experiencing the world’s worst second wave. As of April 29, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says the country’s death toll has surpassed a devastating 200,000 and hospitals lacking in oxygen supplies have been forced to turn away COVID-19 patients. World aid is gradually arriving in the country but, understandably, people still want to know how they can help the India COVID crisis.

The harrowing scenes unfolding across India have prompted a response from governments around the world but, as BBC News points out, India is a country of 1.3 billion people, meaning the impact of overseas support will be limited.

From health service workers to community leaders to ordinary citizens, people across India are rallying to help those in need, but they are struggling. If you want to offer from help here in the UK, below are some organisations to be aware of.

The Hemkunt Foundation

The Hemkunt Foundation are working to deliver Oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients for free. They’ve asked for donations to help them reach more people across the country. The organisation tweeted last night: “We are still distributing truckloads of Oxygen Cylinders in Gurgaon and will continue to do so throughout the night to critical #covid_19 patients. Your small donation can help us reach out to more people.”

Donate here.

Khaana Chahiye

Khaana Chahiye is battling hunger as well as the virus and also needs donations. The foundation has been catering to “lockdown-induced food demands of the homeless, migrant workers, daily wage labourers, and other vulnerable populations in the city of Mumbai” since March 2020. It says it is currently “delivering 12,000+ meals daily across Mumbai” and with donations can increase.

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Goonj Rahat

Goonj Rahat supports migrant workers and neglected communities who have lost their jobs and livelihoods during the pandemic, especially during the deadly second wave. “With the country bearing witness to the second wave of Covid and one of the most serious health crises of all times, the situation on-ground has been grimmer as compared to last year,” they write on the website.

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HelpNow provides sanitised ambulances with ventilators across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bengaluru. The initiative is set up by students to help the countries overwhelmed health services. At the time of writing (April 29), they’ve currently raised £120,710 and have a target of £222,222.

Donate here.

Khalsa Aid

UK-based humanitarian aid organisation Khalsa Aid says it has a team “on the ground providing support to those affected.” The organisation is appealing for Oxygen Concentrators (OC) to be sent to India and has recently received a large donation from the British public.

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Give India

Give India is appealing for donations for its various covid missions, from raising money towards oxygen supplies, donating food to vulnerable families and women who have no access to sanitary towels.

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Care India

Charity Care India is working to provide PPE kits and critical medical equipment to hospitals as well as setting up temporary COVID hospitals and COVID Care Centres.

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Other organisations in need of help

On Instagram, illustrator @Sonaksa has linked to an helpful and comprehensive Mutual Aid India document featuring campaigns that need support as well as links to individuals in financial distress due to losing a loved one during the second wave. You can access the document here to find out where else needs donations and support.