UK Resources For Trans People Seeking Support

23 organisations to turn to for medical and financial support, as well as help with mental health

by Alice Broster
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The past year has represented one of the worst on record for anti-transgender legislation and rhetoric in the U.S., the UK, and across Europe. In these regions and beyond, trans people are still fighting for acceptance and, in some case, for basic human rights. With this in mind, the list below highlight medical, financial, and emotional wellbeing resources in the UK that may be helpful for people who identify as trans or for their loved ones.

In 2021, the UK census included the voluntary question "Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?" This was the first time that trans and non-binary people were able to express their gender identity on the government document and will be a first step in determining how many people in the Uk identify as trans. However, Stonewall has highlighted that, because this question has never been asked before, it will be a long time before we have a clear indication of how many trans people are living in the UK. Right now, Stonewall estimates that the figure is about 1% of the population – or 600,000 people.

Social media has meant that trans identities are now more visible than ever before. However, data published by Galop in 2020 found that 4 in 5 trans people had faced a form of transphobic hate crime, with 1 in 4 saying they had been physically attacked as a result of their identity.

Below are some organisations working to ensure that trans and non-binary people in the UK are supported.

Medical Resources

Action for Trans Health

Action for Trans Health has a number of resources that outline how to find the right doctor for you and how to legally change your name. They also highlight sexual health services that support trans people.

Trans Health UK

Trans Health UK has produced a number of guides which answer frequently asked questions in relation to doctors appointments, hormone therapy, and finding a trans-friendly GP. has shared a comprehensive guide to hormone therapy produced by the NHS. It includes what the hormones are, the effect they’ll have on your body, and support through the change.

The London Transgender Clinic

The London Transgender Clinic isn’t just a leading clinic supporting trans therapies and surgeries. It also shares information on the steps of transitioning and what each mean.


GenderGP is an online clinic that specialises in transgender healthcare. Its mission is to bust stigma and ensure that trans and non-binary people can access the healthcare they need, free from prejudice and discrimination.

Gender Identity Clinic

The Gender Identity Clinic walks through the process of getting an appointment with your doctor, waiting times, the things you might need at your appointments, and help with travel costs.


Gtd healthcare and the LGBT Foundation teamed up to create Indigo. It’s a healthcare support network working to ensure that trans and non-binary people get the individual support that they need.

Welsh Gender Services

Welsh Gender Services has brought together resources from across the internet to one place to help trans and non-binary people feel empowered, informed, and supported when interacting with doctors.

Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust specialises in LGBTQ+ sexual healthcare. It advocates for people with HIV and has local centres across the country to help people at their point of need.

Financial Resources

The Outside Project

The Outside Project is run by LGBTQ+ people for LGBTQ+ people. It has a community centre that provides support for people in the LGBTQ+ communities who are homeless or need new accommodation.

Transgender Map

Transgender Map by Andrea James is a comprehensive walk through of what transitioning can look like, how much it can cost, and the different places where you can access financial aid.

Albert Kennedy Trust

The Albert Kennedy Trust is a leading organisation in the UK which supports LGBTQ+ young people who are in need of new accommodation. They have a support line and can also offer money advice.


Stonewall offers comprehensive advice across a number of topics such as money, financial support, and saving.

Trans Mutual Aid Manchester

Trans Mutual Aid Manchester was established by trans activists in Greater Manchester to directly financially support trans and non-binary people around the region.

Stonewall Housing

Stonewall Housing offers help and advice on employability and finances, as well as housing. It shares forms that you may need to access new accomodation and has a helpline if you’re in a difficult financial position.

Trans Unite

Trans Unite connects trans and non-binary people across the UK to support groups who can provide financial and money advice as well as being a general point of community.

Mental Health Resources

Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence was established over a decade ago to improve trans and non-binary people’s quality of life. It’s shared places that specialise in trans and non-binary therapy and counselling.


Galop is one of the leading UK organisations who support LGBTQ+ people who have experienced hate crime, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. They have a helpline and you can reach out to them online.

LGBT Health and Wellbeing

LGBT Health and Wellbeing shares resources and support to promote good mental health and wellbeing within the LGBTQ+ communities.


TPOCalypse is a group run for young trans or non-binary people of colour. It’s a safe space where people can discuss their experiences and build connections.


Switchboard is an LGBTQ+ helpline which can offer advice and support on a range of topics. It has a phone and message line, as well as an email.

Black Trans Foundation

The Black Trans Foundation is a non-profit which seeks to provide free therapy for young, Black trans people in the UK.

Transgender Therapy

Transgender Therapy has collated a number of resources and you can book a Skype call for a holistic therapy session.

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